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# 5 - Randy Haynes



My name is Randy Haynes. I was born and raised in Cheyenne, WY. I am also a graduate of Cheyenne East High School. I grew up watching some of the greats (Rick Carelli, Ed Hunt, Dean Wich, Bruce "The Moose" Yackey, Chris Leaf and the list goes on). I knew I wanted to race after seeing them run.

I have had a successful career in racing, spanning over half of my life and have proven myself to be a quick learner both on and off the track. I have many wins, top 5, and top 10 finishes throughout my racing career. I have experience racing in the Super Stock, Modified, Sportsman, and Legend series. I also have experience with being a crewman, crew chief, and spotter for multiple competitive race teams.

I have always loved to compete. I have been involved in racing in one form or another since I was old enough to hold a wrench. For me, the best part of racing is putting on an exciting show for the best fans in the country!

Career Stats-

1999: Began driving in the Super Stock Division.
·         17 top 5 qualifying (11 qualified 2nd)
·         5 Trophy dash wins
·         4 Heat race wins
·         8 Top 5 Main event finishes
·         10 Top 10 Main event finishes
·         Finished 6th in Championship Points
·         Earned Rookie of the year

2000: Second year in the Super Stock Division
·         18 top 5 qualifying (15 qualified 2nd)
·         4 Trophy Dash wins
·         6 Heat race wins
·         5 Main Event wins
·         9 top 5 Main event finishes
·         9 top 10 Main event finishes
·         Finished 3rd in Championship points

2001: First year in the Sportsman Division
·         10 top 5 qualifying (6 qualified 2nd)
·         6 trophy dash wins
·         4 heat race wins
·         15 top 5 main event finishes (8 2nd place finishes)
·         5th in Championship points

2002: Second year in the Sportsman division
·         18 top 5 qualifying (8 qualified 2nd)
·         3 Trophy dash wins
·         6 Heat race wins
·         3 Main event wins
·         4th in Championship Points
·         Earned Driver of the Year award

2003-2007: Drove part time in the Super stock and Sportsman Divisions
·         12 combined starts
·         6 combined trophy dash wins
·         5 combined heat race wins
·         2 combined main event wins

2008-2013: Crew Chief and Spotter
·         2008 Crew Chief for a Super Stock team (won track Championship)
·         2009 Crew Chief 10 wins, 8 fast qualifier, 3rd in Championship points
·         2010 Spotter for a Late Model team, 4 wins, 3 fast qualifier, 5th in points
·         2011 part time spotter/crew chief
·         2012-2013 Crew Chief for Hondel Motorsports

2014: First year driving in the Legends series
·         5 starts
·         4 top 10 qualifying starts
SPONSORS- Rocky Mountain Towing, Napa of Cheyenne, CanMan Recycling, Buds Wrecking, Hondel Motorsports

Crew- Tommy Gess, Jace Packard, Cody Helbert, Dave Hondel

Special Thanks- My wife Danielle, Z, Bella, Jeremiah, Dave, Jace, Tommy, and Cody