Two-Way Radio Policy


Beginning in the 2017 race season, USLCI made two way radios legal, but optional for all Legend and Bandolero competitors. The rule only applies if the radios are approved by the track holding races. Listed below is the rule for each track and any special requirements for spotter placement. 

A Receiver must be used by each driver at all times at each race track for race control communications to the drivers.  Failure to have a Raceiver will result in disqualification.

There are few guidelines for the use of the radios:

Racers using two-way communication must be able to hear race control through the normal Raceiver channel; accomplished through the use of the USLCI splitter ($29.99 from Racing Electronics) or the new Raceiver with the splitter integrated ($109). Your spotter must be in the designated spotters area at all times during competition (specified by each track in the pit meeting). Failure to have the splitter equipment if using the radio will result in disqualification.

**RMLRA Legends Radio Rules for each track:

Colorado National Speedway - Radios are optional  

Intermountain speedway - Radios are NOT allowed

Hi-Way 92 Raceway  - Radios are NOT allowed unless all drivers have them

I-25 Speedway - Radios are NOT allowed

**RMBRA Bandoleros:  2-way radios are not allowed at any track**