RMLRA Newsletter - 2/17/2021

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Elections were held at the RMLRA membership meeting February 6, 2021. Those returning and newly elected officials will help promote Legend Car racing in our area.

President: Wayne Barlock
Vice President:  Cynthia Robb
Treasurer:  D L Stewart
Board Members:
    Austin Hackenberg
    Terry McBride
    D J Stewart
Board Alternate: D L Stewart

Please work with the club officials to make this a great season. Remember that the policy of the RMLRA/RMBRA is to promote the Legend and Bandolero racing in our area. Let us work together.

A rules package and many other items were handed out to the membership at the meeting.

Please make sure that you have seen and read these rules.

The Chilly Willy is scheduled to run at Tucson Speedway February 26-28 If you plan to race make sure you have sent in your INEX license application. You will need them to race.

Please make an effort to get your INEX license now.

The Board will meeting soon and make additional plans for the upcoming season.

RMLRA Newsletter - 2/1/2021

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2021 RMLRA/RMBRA meetings this Saturday February 6, 2021

The 2021 membership will be held this Saturday morning and we hope to see any people in attendance.

This will be the annual membership and business meeting for both divisions, Legends and Bandoleros.

2021 schedules may possibly be handed out and you can start planning your summer of racing.

I hope that this newsletter finds everybody healthy and getting ready to go racing. Please support the club with your membership.

Membership applications will be taken at this meeting. Please make sure that the email address that you place on the RMLRA membership form is current. We will have a sign in sheet for all to sign in on when entering the building. If you don’t plan to attend please do me a favor and send me your intent to race and email address. We do this to stay in contact with everyone and pass along information as needed.

Face masks are not mandatory to attend this meeting but everyone should possibly be careful with a crowd of people in attendance. Stay safe.

Date: Saturday, February 6th, 2021Time: Legends 10am, Bandos 12pm
Location: Billy Green's Shop (Same place we had the banquet)
Address: 2152 East i-25 Frontage Road Erie, CO 80516

RMLRA Newsletter - 01/05/2021

posted Jan 8, 2021, 1:51 PM by Admin RMLRA

2021 RMLRA/RMBRA Membership meeting

Hello everyone, I have some information for the upcoming 2021 racing season. While it is three months or more until we can get on the tracks, it is time to start preparing for the upcoming season. Below is a bit of information passed on to me to inform my mailing list. I personally hope to be able to be more involved this season.

Hopefully we will get a break with the covid virus this summer and the staff will not have to keep changing the racing schedule as often as they did last season.

INEX memberships are now available to be purchased. You should have your membership for the first sanctioned race that you plan to race in.

Your Legend or Bandolero number is secure for the 2021 season with your 2021 RMLRA membership. You will be able to purchase memberships at the meeting. Thank you for supporting the RMLRA.

Date: Saturday, February 6th, 2021
Time: Legends 10am, Bandos 12pm
Location: Billy Green's Shop (Same place we had the banquet)
Address: 2152 East i-25 Frontage Road Erie, CO 80516

We will be having elections, releasing the schedule, reviewing the rules and other stuff I am sure I am forgetting that we usually do at the meeting.

We will try and arrange for someone to host the meetings on zoom for those who cannot make it.


RMLRA Newsletter - 12/24/2020

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Just a short newsletter to say thanks to all of you who attended the Awards Banquet a couple of weeks ago. A lot of trophies and recognition were presented to Legend and Bandolero drivers. During the awarding of the championship trophies several drivers in both divisions gave special thanks to their sponsors and to their parents allowing them to have a great season of racing. Championship trophies were handed out to Bandolero Bandits champion Huston Wells and Outlaws driver Sammy Haugen. There was a hint that several drivers might be moving up to the Legend Division.

Special awards handed out to the Legend drivers were:
  • #30 2020 RMLRA Champion Darrell J. Stewart
  • #71 Colton Crocker Best Looking Car
  • #37 Tanner Scarberry Most Improved Driver
  • #6 L. Scotty Scott Sportsman Of The Year
  • #87 Tim Trostel III Rookie Of The Year
  • #3 Harold Kraus Award Two people awarded Wayne Barlock Jr. &
  • Wayne Barlock Sr.
  • Hard Luck Award Driver Zach Witherwax
RMLRA Top Ten 2020 season

1. DJ Stewart
2. L. Scott
3. DL Stewart
4. Tanner Scarberry
5. Alfred Matthews
6. Tim Trostel III (R)
7. Tessa Marine (R)
8. Natalie Foster
9. Jim Bowman
10. Brett Reid (R)

Bandolero Best Looking Bandolero Car #75 Makena Crocker
Bandolero ROTY; #78 Gracie Crocker

2020 RMBRA season champion Outlaws;
1. Sammy Haugen (also was the Outlaws West Champion)
2. Zach Morris
3. Chasen Groff
4. Bryanna Bruce
5. Gracie Crocker (R)
6. Andrew Jones
7. Makenna Crocker (R)
8. Casey Wiggins ®

2020 RMBRA Bandits, season champions
1. Huston Wells
2. Dillyn Kellogg
3. Wyatt Dent
4. Ryker McConahay
5. Ricky Holbrook
6. Madilyn Lange
7. Lexi Scott
8. Aspyn Lange
9. Tyler Quintrail
10. Ryker Gastineau

I will let you know when the Board has come up with a place to hold the 2021 membership meeting.
2021 INEX License ready for purchase.

While reading the US Legends web site this morning I do see where you can apply for your 2021 INEX membership now. Just remember  that you should have it before you race a sanctioned race. All drivers are required to have a license to race their Legend or Bandolero.

News and information will be passed along to you as it is received.

Wayne Barlock announced to those on hand that the 2021 Membership meeting has not been set up yet. In talking with him onMonday, he mentioned finding a site to hold many members. There are still restrictions with the covid virus, as to the amount of people present in the meeting room. He also announced that there will be set up classes for both divisions. These dates will be set up and announced to the membership. Please remember that being a member in the RMLRA helps promote the racing in our area.

I have been told that the #86 & #96 Legend cars of Travis and Ryan Rudolph are for sale. I have no prices on their cars. If you know of someone that might be interested in Legend racing, have them contact these drivers.

RMLRA/RMBRA Banquet - 2020

posted Nov 10, 2020, 3:20 PM by Admin RMLRA

RMLRA and RMBRA teams, 

Your board members have been busy the last several months trying to figure out the best option  for a banquet with the given circumstances. We have finally found a venue and solidified a date  for the combined RMLRA / RMBRA Banquet. Details below: 


Please send your RSVP to Wayne Barlock Jr at president@RMLRA.org. We will  electronically invoice you for the event. All tickets MUST be paid in advance. We will not  sell tickets at the door! 

Also, please be sure to cast your vote for: 

Best Looking Car 

Most Improved Driver 

Hard Luck Award 

Sportsmanship Award 

Harold Kraus Award (Worked exceptionally hard for the RMLRA and had the most positive  influence on the club in 2020) 

You can cast your vote at the following link: 


1FAIpQLSdSU_exafkry7PrMe8e0NaIuo9xopIixVpkpW2qnf7LuR6bYQ/viewform DEADLINE TO VOTE IS: SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 15th, 2020 @ 6PM 

Along with the above awards, we will be presenting: 

RMLRA Championship Tour top TEN with trophies and purse checks 

RMLRA Short Track Challenge traveling trophy and purse checks for the TOP 10 


Please submit your RSVPs to Tiffany Lange at tlange303@gmail.com. We will  electronically invoice you for the event. All tickets MUST be paid in advance. We will not  sell tickets at the door! 

Bando teams have already submitted their votes for the special awards 2020. Along with the special awards, we will be presenting:

RMBRA Championship Tour Outlaws top EIGHT with trophies 

RMBRA Championship Tour Outlaws top FOUR with trophies 


Sunday, December 13th, 2020 


2152 East i-25 Frontage Road 

Erie, CO 80516 


Cocktail Hour: 11am 

Lunch: 12pm 

Awards: 1pm 


$20/ Person 

We will be having a Mexican buffet for lunch with soft drinks included. Please personally thank  Billy Green for letting us use his space to host this event. Without the hard work and dedication  of your boards and Billy Green, we would not be able to host a banquet.

RMLRA Newsletter - 10/7/2020

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2020 Season ends with good car count and lots of promising drivers.

The season came to an end Saturday evening with Darrell J. Stewart taking the checkered flag in the second fast feature of the evening. Chris Eggleston won the first fast main. In the regular Legend main the second group of cars racing in the Legend first main was won by rookie Colton Crocker. By winning the race he was moved to the second fast main where he finished fourteenth. The second regular Legend main was won by Jeremy Brett Reid of Cheyenne, Wy. Congratulations to the winners of these races. Several of these drivers may be headed out to Las Vegas for the Asphalt Nationals.

A car count of thirty-five cars were on hand to start the Legend features. Thanks to all the new drivers that joined up with us to make this a successful season with good car counts especially at Colorado National. Hwy 92 and Intermountain Speedways also enjoyed good car counts this season. A lot of race cars travelled many miles to race with us this season. Let us hope that the Pandemic virus is gone by next spring and I25 Speedway is able to reopen their doors and race cars will be back on the track in Pueblo. I would like at this time to remind all of you that several of you did not receive any national points this season because of not being an INEX member. The national rules say that you must be a member and renew your license every season. We had several Legend drivers that did not have a license and I will stop right there.

Bandolero drivers were also in the same classification trying to race without a license. To all drivers, get your license early and avoid coming to the track and not have your license to race. Bandolero feature winners were Ryker McConahay and Huston Wells in the Bandits West division and Bryanna Bruce won the first feature race for the Bandolero Outlaws West division. Sammy Haugen drove his #98 to the checkered flag in the second feature.

I was told late this afternoon that the #66 Legend had been DQ”d for the races Saturday evening.

Announcement for the Awards Banquet will be released when information is available.

D J Stewart RMLRA Champion 2020
Driving the #30 Legend this season Darrell raced in twenty-four RMLRA races and captured the 2020 RMLRA championship. The father-son Wildlife Race team travels to many tracks during the summer and when the RMLRA is not racing, Wildlife Racing may be out of state looking for a race track to race on. Darrell also won the 2019 RMLRA points championship. Congratulations to this outstanding achievement.

ROTY for 2020 goes to Tim Trostel III a first year Young Lion fromThornton, Colorado. Tim finished ahead of at least five drivers looking to claim the ROTY award. It also looks like he may have ended up in sixth place in the points race.

Tessa Marine, Hayden Moody, Bret Reid and Martin Gatzulis were among the top five

Legends Fast Main #1 20 laps (unofficial results for all races)
1. #22 Eggleston
2. #6 Scott
3. #30 DJ Stewart
4. #15 Medina
5. #37 Scarberry
6. #00 Saykally
7. #87 Trostell III
8. #46 Cooper
9. #44 Matthews
10. #91 Gatzulis
11. #03 DL Stewart
12. #18 Sanders
13. #28 Powers
14. #45 Tuttle
15. #04 Foster
16. #5 Wegener
#66 Clegg DQ”d

Legends Fast Main #2 25 laps
1. #30 DJ Stewart
2. #22 Eggleston
3. #6 Scott
4. #15 Medina
5. #37 Scarberry
6. #46 Cooper
7. #5 Wegener
8. #03 DL Stewart
9. #00 Saykally
10. #44 Matthews
11. #91 Gatzulis
12. #87 Trostel III
13. #71 Crocker
14. #18 Sanders
15. #28 Powers
16. #75 Hackenberg
17. #04 Foster
18. #45 Cole (DNS)
19. $66 Clegg (DQ’d)

Legends Regular Main #1 20 laps
1. #71 Crocker
2. #75 Hackenberg
3. #69 Moody
4. #2 Reid
5. #50 Wiggins
6. #36 Prosser
7. #78x P. Himler
8. #97 Blevins
9. #10 R. Romero
10. #42 Bowman
11. #17 Birney
12. #39 Hanger
13. #95 Dike
14. #72 Robb
15. #99 Marine
16. #79 Brady
17. #78 A. Himler
18. #32 Milan

Legends Regular Main #2 25 laps
1. #2 Reid
2. #69 Moody
3. #50 Wiggins
4. #99 Marine
5. #78x P Himler
6. #97 Blevins
7. #17 Birney
8. #39 Hanger
9. #10 R Romero
10. #42 Bowman
11. #79 Brady
12. #95 Dike
13. #72 Robb
14. #78 A Himler
15. #36 Prosser (DNS)

Intermountain Speedway Results - 9/26/2020

posted Sep 30, 2020, 9:42 AM by Admin RMLRA

Travis Roe closed the season at Intermountain Speedway Saturday evening winning the thirty lap main event. Travis won the main at Intermountain Speedway May 30. Travis also races in the Pro Truck series at CNS.

Seventeen cars were shown in the pits Saturday and all cars started the main with the top thirteen cars inverted. I was told it was a good race. The top five consisted of Scotty Scott, Colton Crocker, Tanner Scarberry and D. J. Stewart Trophy Dash was won by Travis Roe, and DL Stewart and Tessa Marine were the heat race winners.

Dillyn Kellogg won the Bandolero Bandits West Main, and Sammy Haugen was victorious in
the Outlaws West main event.

Both divisions will close their RMLRA and RMBRA seasons this Saturday evening at Colorado National Speedway. It has been a long season and many things came into play this season.

Good luck to all of you who are headed out to the Nationals.

Legends 30 Lap Main @ Intermountain Speedway (unofficial results)
1. 16 Travis Roe
2. 6 Scotty Scott
3. 71 Colton Crocker
4. 37 Tanner Scarberry
5. 30 D J Stewart
6. 44 Alfred Matthews
7. 25 Tim Trostell III
8. 33 Cassidy Hinds
9. 03 DL Stewart
10. 04 Natalie Foster
11. 99 Tessa Marine
12. 97 Bill Blevins
13. 2 Brett Reid
14. 17 Holly Clark
15. 10 Robby Romero
16. 12 Bryanna Bruce
17. 42 Jim Bowman

Bandolero Bandits West (unofficial results)
1. 33 Dillon Kellogg
2. 03 Ryker McConahay
3. 88 Huston Wells
4. 68 Wyatt Dent

Bandolero Outlaws West (unofficial results)
1. 98 Sammy Haugen
2. 77 Chasen Groff
3. 22 Andrew Jones-Crull
4. 75 Makenna Crocker
5. 89 Zachary Morris
6. 78 Gracie Crocker

HiWay 92 Speedway Results - 9/19/2020

posted Sep 22, 2020, 4:04 PM by Admin RMLRA

Legends and Bandoleros end season at HWY 92

Darrell J. Stewart won the Legend feature Saturday evening at HWY 92 Raceway Park. Top five finishers in the race were Tanner Scarberry, Scotty Scott, Tim Trostel III and Natalie Foster. My results show fourteen cars started the feature race.

Dillyn Kellogg won the Bandolero Bandit feature race and Sammy Haugen won the Bandolero Outlaws feature race.

The RMLRA and RMBRA made their last trip to HWY 92 for the 2020 season. A total of ten racing dates at the Nebraska track this 2020 racing season. With the track at Pueblo unable to open this season, give thanks to John Ulander and the crew that were able to put a schedule together to make up for the lost dates this season due to the Pandemic Virus. Again I say, thanks to all of you who made the trips to Nebraska to race. I hope that all of you stayed healthy throughout the season.

On September 10, 2020 the Legends raced three feature races. INEX points were awarded to the first two races. As of now no points were awarded for INEX. RMLRA & CNS points were awarded to the drivers that raced For those of you who are missing INEX points for the season please let me know and I will contact INEX and follow up on them. We have one Bandolero driver missing points and I am working on it right now.

Legends & Bandos September 26, 2020 @ Intermountain Speedway

In an announcement made last week, races at I-25 Speedway have been replaced with Intermountain Speedway. This will be a double points race for both divisions. Hope that you can make the last two dates on our schedule. The season ends for the RMLRA, October 3, at Colorado National Speedway.

HWY 92 Legend results (unofficial results)
1. #30 D. J. Stewart
2. #37 Tanner Scarberry
3. #6 Scotty Scott
4. #25 Tim Trostell III
5. #04 Natalie Foster
6. #44 Alfred Matthews
7. #91 Martin Gatzulis
8. #71 Colton Crocker
9. #2 Brett Reid
10. #39 Zeke Hanger
11. #99 Tessa Marine
12. #78 Ashlyn Himler
13. #03 D. L. Stewart
14. #69 Hayden Moody

Bandolero Bandits results (unofficial results)
1. #33 Dillyn Kellogg
2. #88 Huston Wells
3. #03 Ryker McConahay
4. #68 Wyatt Dent

Bandolero Outlaws results (unofficial results)
1. #98 Sammy Haugen
2. #77 Chasen Groff
3. #12 Bryanna Bruce
4. #78 Gracie Crocker
5. #75 Makenna Crocker
6. #89 Zachary Morris

RMLRA Newsletter - 9/11/2020

posted Sep 14, 2020, 4:00 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Sep 14, 2020, 4:01 PM ]

Unofficial results are still being looked at and Scotty Scott won the feature race at Hwy 92 last Friday night. Wayne Barlock won the Saturday night feature. A small field of cars raced at the Nebraska Speedway. Thanks to all of you who made the trip to race. DJ Stewart and DL Stewart finished second and third. Wayne Barlock Jr and Timothy Trostel were your fourth and fifth place finishers. These results for Saturday nights race have not been released yet, nor sent to INEX yet because of the finish in the feature on Saturday night.

Bandolero races were held also last weekend and on Friday evening Huston Wells of Greeley won the Bandits West main, and Zachary Morris took the Outlaws West main. On Saturday night, with two different winners taking home the trophies Dillyn Kellogg of Denver won the Bandits West main and Chasen Groff was the winner in the Outlaws West main. In total, thirteen Bandolero cars made the trip to race.

Legends and Bandoleros race at CNS Saturday September 12.

The RMLRA and RMBRA schedule shows three more racing dates as a club for the 2020 season. Racing next Saturday at Hwy 92. If you want to travel and continue racing this season they are available on the US Legends web site. The Legend Nationals will be held October 15-17 at the Bull Ring in Las Vegas, Nevada.

RMLRA Newsletter - 9/1/2020

posted Sep 1, 2020, 2:25 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Sep 1, 2020, 2:25 PM ]

Kyle Clegg & D J Stewart win Legend Mains at Colorado National Speedway

Another good turnout of Legends at CNS on Saturday night. for the two fast mains. Approximately thirty-three cars took part in the races. The two features were set up as the fast main and the second half of the cars race in the Legend Car Feature 1& 2 Al Matthews won those two features. You can find the results of the Legends features on the Colorado National Speedway website.

Saturday evening at Intermountain Speedway, Zach Morris won the Outlaws West feature and Dillon Kellogg won the Bandits West feature.

The Bandolero class has had a good season with the addition of several cars to both classes. Please note that if you are short on the national points, please send an email to Brittany Beck at US Legends. You do not receive National points until your INEX license is posted. Sometimes the driver is slow to register for their license. Basically it is the drivers responsibility to have a license to race.

Legends & Bandoleros at Hwy 92 September 4 & 5

Another two days of racing this weekend in Gering, Nebraska. Safe travel to you on the highways this Labor Day weekend.

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