RMLRA Newsletter - 4/23/2018

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Big Country Speedway Practice & BBQ this Saturday

This Saturday morning April 28, 2018 a guided practice for Bandoleros and rookie Legend drivers introduction to this short track in Cheyenne. This track will open up around 9 AM and the track closes at 5 PM. Here is your chance to get some instructions from our instructors on how to set up and drive this track. We hope to see many of you there. There will be a track appreciation BBQ for those who are in the pits.

The weather for the Big Country practice April 28 looks to be a little better looking as of Monday for Cheyenne.

If you have a car for sale, you should send me an email letting me know. I have had some phone calls and email with potential drivers looking for used cars. Let me know and I can have someone contact you.

Now that the season is officially underway, people help people in the pits and parts are lent to drivers to possibly make the feature later on in the evening. Make sure you take care of returning or setting up a replacement ASAP.

This past weekend several drivers Legend and Bandolero made the trip to Las Vegas to race the three day show at the Bullring. Check out our Facebook page for the results.

CNS Results - 4/14/2018

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RMLRA opens season at CNS with thirty -two cars in the pits @ CNS

The weather was sunny but the wind was brutal as the temperature warmed just slightly as drivers, mechanics and fans tried to stay warm throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Thanks to all of you who travelled a long distance to be with us.

As the sun was setting behind the mountains Kyle Clegg had a big smile on his face after winning the twenty-five lap feature, beating Chris Eggleston by just inches at the finish line. Thirty one cars started the feature and twenty-eight drivers took the checkered flag. One caution flag on lap one but after the restart it was green, white and checker to the end. Traffic played a big part as the finish neared an end and the drivers up front weaved their way through many cars to take the checkered flag. Danny Medina finished third and Blair Cooper and Nick Cooper rounded out your top five finishers.

Earlier in the evening Chris Eggleston had quick time while qualifying with a 18.673 In the first heat race Darrell L. Stewart won the trophy, with Zachary Witherwax finishing second and Christopher Saykally third. Fourteen cars started this Legend Dash. Kyle Clegg won the Legend Fast Dash, with Cody Dempster and Chris Eggleston in the top three.

I would like to thank all the rookies that showed up to race Saturday evening. We do have some good young drivers this season and it will be nice to see what happens to them after learning to drive a Legend car after a few weeks of driving experience. New drivers in their rookie season do check your cars for minor infractions such as ride height, wheel base and rear end off set. These are basic weekly checks after heat races. Read your rule book and know what has to be done and what you can do to help you and your car handle on the track. Ask questions and get answers about tech.

We are off for a couple of weeks before heading to Big Country Speedway in Cheyenne for our next scheduled race May 5th. The RMLRA will hold a Driver orientation class for Bandolero cars and for First and Second year Legend drivers April 28th at Big Country Speedway. Come and practice and learn how to get around this tough race track. More information to come later. INEX memberships that were collected at the track yesterday will be mailed Monday to USLegendcars. For a few of you who have not sent for your INEX license do it now, so you can get your national points right away.

We had some problems with some Receivers last nigh and they appear to be the newer version. If you heard me doing a Raceceiver test many times last night, that was the problem. If you have been with us for many years you know that I have been on the Raceceiver a long time. I need some help for somebody to fill in for me, as I am going to be away from Colorado several times this summer. Contact me please. One more thing, drivers car owners please make sure that you have a transponder in your car to keep track of you on the track. The only track that is not equipped with scoring tape is Hwy 92 in Gering, NE

CNS Legend 25 Lap Feature Race
1. 66 Kyle Clegg 18.738 72.406 MPH
2. 22 Chris Eggleston-0.032
3. 15 Danny Medina
4. 32 Blair Cooper
5. 05 Nick Cooper
6. 3 Wayne Barlock
7. 48 Cody Dempster
8. 25 Adam Pechman
9. 6 Scotty Scott
10. 03 Darrell L. Stewart
11. 13 Jason Hulvey
12. 16 Travis Roe
13. 23 Austin Radosta
14. 44 Alfred Matthews
15. 19 Larry Pachello
16. 96 Ryan Rudolph R-1
17. 46 Zachary Witherwax -1
18. 88 Paul Himler-1
19. 9 Terry McBride-1
20. 1 Dana Smith R -1
21. 33 Dean Kallas -1
22. 08 Krystal Faulkingham-1
23. 86 Travis Rudolph R -1
24. 27 Ray Oakley -2
25. 28 Adam Powers R-2
26. 43 Rob Sears R -3
27. 72 Cynthia Robb R -4
28. 10 Adam Romero -4
29. 62 Roy Dunlap -20 DNF
30. 20 Kynzer Riddell -25 DNF
31. 00 Christopher Saykally R DNF accident

First Legend Dash1.
1. 30 Stewart
2. 46 Witherwax
3. 00 Saykally R
4. 33 Kallas
5. 1 Smith R
6. 08 Faulkingham
7. 28 Powers R
8. 43 Sears R
9. 72 Robb R
10. 10 Romero
11. 9 McBride
12. 88 Himler
13. 62 Dunlap

Not classified
DNS 27 Oakley
DQ tech 96 Rudolph

RMLRA Newsletter - 4/9/2018

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2018 RMLRA Season Opener Saturday Night @ CNS

It is time for the green flag to fly for the RMLRA Legend cars. Saturday evening the season officially opens the 2018 RMLRA season, and the quest for the 2018 championship will begin. With twenty-nine racing dates which includes four racing double headers a total of thirty three features could possibly be raced.

Their could be a good turnout of cars for the first race. We have forty drivers with their INEX licenses as of April 8, 2018 We also have several drivers without their licenses showing on the USLCI web page. Included on the list are thirteen new drivers and all could be considered rookies. While on the track during hot lap practice please watch out for the yellow rear  umpers. These are first year drivers and may not drive in a straight line. All of our drivers that are not up to speed are reminded to stay low on the track and hold your line as race cars approach you from behind. Good luck to all of you on opening night. Drivers are reminded to sign in your car at the Pit Tower after entering the pit. Inside the tower you will find a clipboard with Legends on it. Please sign in so the track can follow the number of cars that are in the pits.

New Fuel Rule

Also a reminder that the new fuel rule will be in place as of the start of the season and fuel will be available at the track for sale so please use the Legend fuel and not the track racing fuel. The price should be around $4.00 per gallon. This fuel is replacing the racing fuel that sells for about $8.00 per gallon. The new fuel will be a lot easier on engines and should keep the engines a little cooler. Ask questions if you do not know where the new location for fuel is. The Raceceiver should be turned to channel 165 during practice and races. Weather
permitting we will see you in the pits Saturday afternoon. If you have a problem with your Raceceiver contact me. I will be in the pits for practice and then I move to the main scoring tower for the races. Remember to use good quality batteries in your Raceceiver. Also remember to turn your Raceceiver off while not in your car. The Raceceiver will drain your battery down if not turned off.

Two Way Radio

If your race team is using a two way radio the spotter must be in the designated spotter area in the pit side grandstands. Remember that the Raceceiver will override your two way radio and may interrupt your communication with your driver or spotter.
  • Pit Gates open 1:00 PM
  • Practice 2:30 PM
  • Races start 5:30 PM
Bandolero and Legend Practice at Big Country

The weather this past Saturday kept our young drivers in the Bandolero class and first year Legend drivers off the track at Big Country Speedway in Cheyenne this past Saturday. A make up date may be released soon.

Drivers seeking to get on the tracks at I-25 and Big Country can possibly find information on their web sites.

RMLRA Newsletter - 4/3/2018

posted Apr 3, 2018, 2:05 PM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA

Appreciation Party Ends Saturday Practices

Just a handful of Legends cars and Bandolero’s on hand Saturday for the last practice. CNS hosted their BBQ at the end of the day to say thanks to the drivers and crews for their support at the track.

A couple of cars made their first appearance of the season to practice and get their cars inspected. Cars at the track this past Saturday were:

#3 Barlock
#6 Scott
#9 McBride
#10 Romero
#20 Riddell
#25 Pechman
#27 Oakley
#28 Powers
#48 Dempster
#95 Dike
#96 Rudolph
#00 Saykally

If I missed someone I did leave around 3:30 PM so I don’t have a number for Bandolero’s on hand.

Bandolero/Legend RMLRA New Driver Orientation April 7th @ BCS

This coming Saturday at Big Country the Legend Cars will be at Big Country Speedway for practice. This practice will be very beneficial for Bandolero and first and second year Legends cars. The track will only be open for these cars. There will be a $25.00 charge per car by BCS to get in the pits. The session starts at 10:00 am and must be done by 4. PM for people that want to attend opening night at CNS. The weather is supposed to be very nice on Saturday. Open Hot Laps CNS Friday April 6, 2018 3PM til dark

RMLRA Newsletter - 3/27/2018

posted Mar 27, 2018, 9:01 AM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA

Nice weather for CNS Hot Lap Practice

Another nice day to come to the track and practice. We had nineteen cars in the pits and everyone had the opportunity to get on the track at least four times. I did leave after the third practice session. Next weeks CNS will hold their Appreciation Party at 3:30 PM. This will be the last time to get on the track at CNS before the season opener April 14th.

We have learned that two cars were bought and the owners live in Laramie, WY. They are going to try and be with us for practice at Big Country Speedway. If you have a car and plan to race please notify me of your number.

Just another reminder of the practice session April 7 at Big Country Speedway for Bandolero and Legend Cars. There will be a $25.00 fee per car at the pit gate. Please give us an indication of your intent to attend. Bandolero cars we need to hear from you.

This is the time for all first and second year drivers to come and see what this track has to offer to you in the way of practice.

INEX License & RMLRA Membership

The Legend Car count for INEX looks good, but the Bandolero count stands at three. Perhaps you have sent it in and have had a problem. They should have contacted you by now if there was a problem. Make sure your application is in the mail. Race season is getting close for Legends.

RMLRA Newsletter - 3/21/2018

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All drivers must have a Raceiver in their race car

Just a reminder that you must have a Raceiver or a two way radio with the Raceiver connection in your race car. They are available at Leary Racing Products. See you in the Pits on Saturday. In looking at the INEX drivers list a lot of drivers without a license as of Tuesday March 20, 2018 Also charge up those transponders and use them at practice. The My Laps scoring is usually on during the practice sessions at CNS. New drivers you can rent transponders at the track or you can by a new one on line. Ask me in the pits and I can give you some advice.

CNS and Big Country use the same transponder. I-25 has a different system.If you plan to do a lot of races this summer it might be cheaper in the long run to buy.

Bandolero scheduled practice

A newsletter was sent out to our Bandolero mailing list March 14, 2018 and I hope that you received it. If you know of somebody that is not on it please send me their email address. We just received information from CNS that the Bandoleros are welcome to come to the track this Saturday March 24th. The information we have received is that the Bandolero cars can get on the track and practice from 4:40-5:30 this Saturday March 24th. We do want you to respond to us and let us know if you can make the practice at Big Country Speedway in Cheyenne on April 7th. Also try to let us know what your plans are for the upcoming schedule this season. Send me an email with information regarding your plans. It is early in the season and many car owners are busy getting their cars ready.

Get those membership applications in the mail to USLCI. And do consider joining the RMLRA

A few Highlights from CNS Saturday March 17, 2018

There were thirteen Legends cars in the Pits on Saturday that went through CNS track inspection and about eleven cars were on the track for a short hot lap practice. We had a car lose an engine during that time and we had some loose oil lines I heard. We laid some oil down on the track and caused a delay for practice. Just a reminder to go through your car weekly and make sure nuts, bolts and oil lines are tight. We also signed up a couple of more drivers. Driver’s please go on our web page and get your RMLRA membership and get it in the mail to Tim Cooper. Thank you

#00 Chris Saykally
#86 Travis Rudolph
#1 Dave McCray

We will be back at CNS for the next two weeks. Don’t forget the April 7th date at Big Country Speedway for Bandolero drivers and first and second year Legend drivers. We need to know how many of you may be attending. Hope to see you there.

Cars on hand Saturday,
#3 Wayne Barlock
#9 Terry McBride
#13 Jason Hulvey
#28 Adam Powers (new driver)
#33 Dean Kallas
#41 Greg Lee
#44 Alfred Matthews
#46 Zach Witherwax
#53 Ryan Scott
#78 Ashlyn Himler (new driver)
#88 Paul Himler
#95 Jesse Dike (new driver)
#00 Chris Saykally (new driver)

CNS Hot Laps Update - 3/17/2018

posted Mar 19, 2018, 9:09 AM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA

A few Highlights from CNS Saturday March 17, 2018

There were thirteen Legends cars in the Pits on Saturday that went through CNS track inspection and about eleven cars were on the track for a short hot lap practice. We had a car lose an engine during that time and we had some loose oil lines I heard. We laid some oil down on the track and caused a delay for practice. Just a reminder to go through your car weekly and make sure nuts, bolts and oil lines are tight. We also signed up a couple of more drivers.

Driver’s please go on our web page and get your RMLRA membership and get it in the mail to Tim Cooper.

Thank you

#00 Chris Saykally
#86 Travis Rudolph
#1 Dave McCray

We will be back at CNS for the next two weeks. Don’t forget the April 7th date at Big Country Speedway for Bandolero drivers and first and second year Legend drivers. We need to know how many of you may be attending. Hope to see you there.

Cars on hand Saturday,
#3 Wayne Barlock
#9 Terry McBride
#13 Jason Hulvey
#28 Adam Powers
#33 Dean Kallas
#41 Greg Lee
#44 Alfred Matthews
#46 Zach Witherwax
#53 Ryan Scott
#78 Ashlyn Himler
#88 Paul Himler
#95 Jessi Dike

Legend / Bandolero Hot Laps - 4/7/2018

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Legend/Bandolero Hot Laps Big Country Speedway April 7, 2018

Saturday April 7th, 2018 the Rocky Mountain Legends Racing Association will be hosting a driver orientation at Big Country Speedway. Bandolero and ONLY Legend drivers entering their FIRST or SECOND season are encouraged to participate. The guided practice will be lead by RMLRA champion Darrell Stewart and assisted by the board members. The focus of the event is to get young or inexperienced drivers acclimated with their cars, teams, and the track. This day is intended to improve driver ability and increase comfort level at the track with zero pressure before race day. Race day expectations and on track procedures will be covered in detail. There will be veteran drivers in attendance that are very willing to help and answer any questions.

**A Raceceiver is required to participate. This is a race day requirement as well for all drivers**

The cost at the pit gate is $25 per car. We would like to thank Big Country Speedway management for letting us host this beneficial event at their facility!

If you are interested in attending, please let us know so we can estimate the number of cars to expected. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your board members. Scotty Scott's (RMLRA President), Wayne Barlock Jr.'s (RMLRA Vice President), and Darrell Stewart's (Instructor) contact information is below:

Bandolero cars will not be on the track this weekend at CNS. This was a track decision
and may possibly held on a later date.

Scotty Scott

Wayne Barlock

Darrell J. Stewart

RMLRA Newsletter - 3/11/2018

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Bandolero class notes March 10, 2017 @ Colorado National Speedway

Saturday morning the Bandolero Class of 2018 met at CNS for a brief meeting with the officials from the RMLRA. Many officers were on hand and introduced to the young drivers on hand. Thanks to Jim Nordhougen for our drivers and their parents to attend this day at the track at no cost.

Discussed to parents were the INEX memberships and RMLRA membership. All drivers must have a INEX membership when the season starts. One parent must join as an associate member. We instructed the parents to read the INEX application carefully, as a membership may need it legalized by a notary. Parents and drivers it was nice to meet everyone.

Darrel J. Stewart was introduced to the drivers and parents. Darrell was the RMLRA 2017 points champion and a former Quarter Midget driver. The drivers also introduced themselves to each other. After some basic talk about the cars and race track, they then climbed into their cars and went onto the track.

Several drivers have more experience and might be a little faster then others. Learn to drive the car before you try to go fast.

The weather Saturday was windy and cold and not good for standing along the fence watching them move around the track. Darrell asked me to tell you that he did not have a lot of time to speak to the drivers on everything that he needed to pass on to them. He will cover it at the next practice when it is scheduled.

Many cars have been purchased and not ready for the track yet. We hope to see more of them soon. As time permits photos of drivers will be taken and placed on our web site. It will be just like the Legend car drivers site.

Colorado National Speedway practice and inspections, March 17,24,31

This Saturday, March17 CNS will be open for three Saturday’s for all classes to go through the track inspection and also the RMLRA inspection. CNS will place a decal on your car that tells track personnel that your car has been inspected and the car may go on the track to practice. With a lot of classes showing up and each session lasting around fifteen minutes, you may not get on the track more than three to four times to practice. Again it really is the car count from all the classes that dictate the amount of time you get on the track. The hours the track is open is 11-5PM

RMLRA Newsletter - 3/3/2018

posted Mar 4, 2018, 9:05 PM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA

Here are two articles from the RMLRA Facebook plus an item of mine.

I counted twenty-eight people in the shop attending the set up class yesterday. Kyle Clegg did a great job talking about basic set ups for drivers and showed how to make corrections on a chassis that may have been damaged on the track. Class time was spent on rear end and front end alignments. He also went through many items on what to do during the week such as weekly maintenance.

Several drivers joined the RMLRA yesterday. As of yesterday morning the INEX membership shows quite a few drivers to not have their licensee processed through USLCI.

The cars will be on the track at CNS March 17, 2018 weather permitting and look forward to the first practice and car inspections. 11AM-5PM Bandolero Announcement

Rocky Mountain Legends Racing Association shared this on Facebook:

To get the season rolling for the highly anticipated entrance of the Bandolero class to the 2018 RMLRA schedule, we will be holding an orientation and setup class. There will be on track access during this time.

**WEATHER PERMITTING** March 10, 2018 11:00 AM

Darrell Stewart, 2017 RMLRA Champion, will be leading the class with the intention of getting the new young drivers comfortable with their cars on and off the track. He will outline the basics of oval track racing, safety,
general setup, and what they can expect behind the wheel. This is a great time to get your kids on the track accompanied by several experienced drivers they can learn from with zero pressure.

We are making every effort possible to have a successful start to the season. We would love to see everyone there and meet all of the new members. If your car is not yet ready, or do not have one yet, we still encourage your participation.

Great turnout for the legends setup class! Thanks to everyone who attended; we hope it was a positive learning experience. Thank you Tim Cooper for letting us use your shop, Jason Hulvey for the use of your cars,
and Kyle Clegg for leading the class.

If you have questions you need answered, feel free to reach out to board and club members!

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