Schedule Update for the Next Two Weeks

posted May 18, 2020, 1:15 PM by Admin RMLRA

We received news that Intermountain Speedway is allowed to start holding races this weekend (tomorrow). A couple clarifications regarding their opening the next couple weeks:

Legends and Bandoleros have been invited to race.
This will not be an INEX sanctioned event, nor will RMLRA/RMBRA points will be awarded.

This is a regularly scheduled event on the original 2020 RMLRA/RMBRA tour. It will be an @us U.S. Legend Cars
International and INEX sanctioned event with national points up for grabs.

That being said, the club board(s) decided and communicated weeks ago to cancel our tour until at least May 27th due to unpredictable state regulations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. That decision stands and RMLRA/RMBRA points will not be awarded.

MAY 23rd REQUIRED BANDOLERO/ LEGEND ROOKIE ORIENTATION: We will hold a condensed version of our typical orientation day the morning of May 23rd, before the race at 9am. This is required by the short tracks to race if you are: A BANDOLERO DRIVER OR A LEGEND ROOKIE DRIVER. Our goal is still to start our season on Saturday, May 30th at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo, Colorado. We have to wait to see what restrictions will remain in the state of Colorado and if we are able to race under those guidelines. We will not know definitely until the governor announce the changes likely around May 25th. Have your cars ready and keep an eye
out for updates!

I appreciate your patience with us this season. Your board members are working hard to ensure a successful 2020 tour that is fair for everyone. See you soon! Please contact me with any questions or concerns,

Wayne Mathias Barlock Jr.
Wayne Barlock Jr
RMLRA President
Driver #3 Colorado Pro Legend
Direct: (970) 301-3138
Primary: president@rmlra.org

RMLRA Newsletter - 5/4/2020

posted May 8, 2020, 9:23 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated May 8, 2020, 9:24 AM ]

It is the early days in May and a lot of race cars have not been able to get on the track yet. I hope all of the car owners and drivers have been checking the US Legends national web page for rules and updates. Just posted May 3, 2020 was a new rule on tires rims and wheel weights. Take time and go to the web site and read this rule. If you are planning to just run Federal tires there are no rule changes. You must meet the rules on Federal tires listed below. There should be some information coming soon on when the tracks will be open for practice. Hang in there, it may be a long month, but flags may be flying soon. In the mean time make sure you have your INEX license and are ready to go racing.

We will have many new drivers this season and if you are new to legends take time to get a good feel for how your car is going to handle. Do pit during the hot lap practice and make adjustments to make your car fast and safe.

Latest News as of May 7, 2020

I was away from Colorado for six weeks when the virus hit the country. Since my wife and I flew we took no chances in flying back home. We spent six weeks in the Houston area and the highlight of the trip was walking around the neighborhood and staying healthy.

We will try to get the Newsletter back into the the RMLRA family. As of this morning INEX will start racing May 8, 2020. In a conversation with Wayne Barlock this morning he wants to let everyone know that the rules of the states are now in effect that govern gathering of crowds such as a race track. I know that you all want to get on the track and we will let you know if and when that information is available to pass along.

Just remember to get your INEX license if you have not received it yet.

Rule update #3220-1 (Legend Car / Tread Width)

RMLRA Newsletter - 3/10/2020

posted Mar 10, 2020, 9:11 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Mar 10, 2020, 9:12 AM ]

Very Good Turnout for set up class

Thanks to all of you from both classes of Legends and Bandoleros that showed up for the set up classes at Leary Racing Products. Here is hoping that you learned a lot and that the information helps you in setting up your race car. Thanks to Darrell L and Darrell J for helping with Legend car instructions. Jeff Groff from the TSR Bandolero Race team worked with the Bandolero parents. I left early and did not see if anybody else was helping. I am sure that several members of the TSR team helped with the class.

Please remember the Orientation class at Intermountain Speedway April 4, 2020 is mandatory for all rookie Legend drivers and all Bandolero drivers.

The photographs of paid membership drivers will be taken at the track hopefully in March during the hot lap practices. Scotty Scott takes these pictures and posts them on the web site. Here is hoping that he will be able to do this during the month of March before the season starts. It has been our practice to post only pictures of RMLRA members.

Hot lap and CNS track tech will be held during the month of March. There are three practice dates scheduled. March 14, 21, 28

Still looking for someone to take over the Raceceiver this season and take over the responsibility of keeping the race cars informed when the cars are on the track.

I will not be at the track during the month of March and do not plan to travel to many of the out of town races. Hope to make a few of the CNS races.

Do get your INEX license applications in the mail. The application for the minor license does take time to get. My advice is to get it in the mail now. Please try to get the applications in the mail now. I am not sure if I will be there to accept the applications on the first scheduled race date, April 18, 2020

The Rumble in the Rockies will be raced May 22-24 at Hwy 92 Speedway in Gering, NE, Intermountain Speedway in Cheyenne, Wy, and at Colorado National Speedway in Dacona, Co. Get your reservations in the mail for this three days of racing. There are many motels in the area and you should be planning ahead for The Rumble In The Rockies National Qualifier.

RMLRA Newsletter - 2/21/2020

posted Feb 24, 2020, 10:06 AM by Admin RMLRA

Orientation/Set Up Class and preparing to go racing with the RMLRA & RMBRA

Legends 10:00 AM Instructor Darrell J. Stewart Wildlife Racing
Bandos 12:30 PM Instructor Jeff Groff TSR Racing

Information on the RMLRA/RMBRA memberships are as of Sunday February 16, 2020 show Legends with thirty-six members and the RMBRA with twelve cars shown with driver memberships. We will accept memberships at the set up class February 22, Just want to let all the new drivers joining the RMLRA and racing for the the first season, and you are going to run for ROTY at CNS that they do have a form on their web site for those of
you who are going to race for that championship. The rule of eligibility for that championship and the RMLRA. Please read the CNS rule book for your information to assist you in your filing for ROTY.

Bandolero & Legend Rookies Mandatory Orientation April 4th, 2020 at Intermountain Speedway in Cheyenne, WY. All rookie drivers must attend this special day of instructions.

This class will start at 9AM and go throughout the afternoon until 5 PM We are hoping for a good turnout of drivers in both divisions of cars. Please have your car ready to go on the track at 9AM. You will need to have your Raceceiver for this Orientation class. A lunch is being organized as was held in April 2019. More information to come. Legend drivers this would be a good time to get some practice at this track if you need it.

There are a lot of new drivers coming into Legend Car and Bandolero racing this season and at times you will have to have some knowledge about the car running beside you. With so many new drivers on the track and trying to race, it will take a lot of practice on the track to familiarize your driver with all the movement that is going on.

For all you new drivers CNS is a very fast track and sometimes drivers have a tendency to over drive the car, loosing control, making contact with other race cars and damaging their cars. One big thing to think about is that if you loose control of your car and start to spin backward or up to the wall, make sure you keep the brakes on until traffic has cleared you. By rolling back down the track in front of other cars that are looking to avoid your car.

RMLRA Newsletter - 2/6/2020

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Legends & Bandolero Set up Seminar Feb. 22, 2020

For those of you that are coming into Legend and Bandolero racing, and drivers of all levels, this seminar or set up class is for you. You may have bought your car during the fall and winter and think you are ready to hit the track. If your racing experience is little to none, you will need this class. Eventually you will start picking up speed and the car becomes a handful to drive through the turns. This class will help you learn a lot about these handling problems and possibly a lot more. Be sure to try and attend this free seminar. Be prepared as the month of March is almost here and you want to be ready to go.

Legends 10:00 AM Instructor Darrell J. Stewart Wildlife Racing
Bandos 12:30 PM Instructor Jeff Groff TSR Racing

For new drivers we do need to get your picture with your driving suit on so we can post it on the RMLRA web site. We will pass along a lot of information to you at this class. As mentioned before do bring a seat to sit on as it does become a long couple of hours to stand. Definitely have paper and pencil to record the information you receive.

While you are at Leary Racing you may need to buy some parts before you leave. The RMLRA Newsletter will try to keep you advised with the latest news that is available.  New drivers please make sure that your INEX license has been purchased. Our national rule book states that all drivers must have a license to race. Make sure that you read the application correctly before mailing in your form.

If you are a minor, make sure page eight is filled out properly. Your license will not be sent to you if application is not filled out properly. Mail check and form to INEX. Address is on the application form.

The RMLRA application can be mailed to the address at the bottom of the form. Bandolero & Legend Rookies Mandatory Orientation April 4th, 2020 at Intermountain Speedway in Cheyenne, WY. All rookie drivers must attend this special day of instructions. This class will start at 9AM and go throughout the afternoon until 5 PM We are hoping for a good turnout of drivers in both divisions of cars. Please have your car ready to go on the track at 9AM. You will need to have your Raceceiver for this Orientation class. A lunch is being organized as was held in April 2019. More information to come. Legend drivers this would be a good time to get some practice at this track if you need it.

RMLRA Newsletter - 1/30/2020

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February Set up class for Legends and Bandoleros

Chilly Willy Races at Tucson

The RMLRA made a good start for the 2020 season as Chris Eggleston won three Feature races this past weekend to take home all the hardware during the big weekend of racing. DJ Stewart finished second and Travis Roe with a fourth place finish in the fifty lap feature race on Sunday. Darrell J. also won a feature race on Friday night.You can find the results at Tucson Speedway.com under results. All three days are shown
with the results from the three mains along with qualifying. Good job drivers. Nine drivers from our area made the trip to race The Chilly Willy weekend in Tucson.

Set Up Class

Set up classes to be held at Leary Racing February 22, 2020 This class starts at 10am New car drivers and owners should attend this set up class. Bring a seat with you if you think you may need one. The class usually runs around two hours.

Legends 10:00 AM Instructor Darrell J. Stewart Wildlife Racing
Bandos 12:30 PM Instructor Jeff Groff TSR Racing

Read the Rule Book

As we prepare for the upcoming season all drivers should take time to read the INEX rule book and have themselves with the knowledge of what the rule book says. Remember the main rule that if the rule book says that you cannot do it, it cannot be done. Tech rules are pretty clear and if a no-go gauge is used, there is no excuse for error in tech. Read the rules of replacing parts on your car. This is a spec-racing class. One of the new rules to be watched closely this season is what may appear on social media. Making complaints with profanity or hand gestures may find you on your way home very early with a DQ and nothing to show for the race date at the track. Race tracks are to report the problems to INEX and the guilty party may be paying the fine. Remember the driver is responsible for the pit crew and the driver will receive the fine and suspension.

CNS General Rules @ CNS Web Site

Please do read the rules for the race tracks that we race at, especially restarts, where you can accelerate and when you can pass the car in front of you when the green flag starts the race. The front row on the start of the race should be side by side. Penalty on the restart may send you to the rear.

Don’t forget the Tri-State Swap Meet February 8th & 9th. Also the Rumble in the Rockies coming this Memorial Day weekend in May.

2020 Membership Meeting

posted Dec 12, 2019, 11:42 AM by Admin RMLRA


The RMLRA membership meeting for Legend Cars will be held January 11, 2020 at O’Reilly Auto Parts in Denver, 5861 N. Broadway, Denver. Legend car drivers and owners meeting will start at 9:30 AM, Bandoleros will meet at 12:00 PM This is our annual business meeting and along with several officers being elected to serve on the RMLRA Board. Plans for the upcoming season will be discussed in preparation for the 2020 racing season. There is a good chance that the 2020 RMLRA racing schedule may be available to be handed out. Additional information can be found on the RMLRA Facebook site. A set up class is being organized and times and dates will be released soon. A good possibility that this may be held at Leary Racing Products. If so, this will be a good time to buy or order your parts from our Legend dealership. Your annual membership can be paid at either meeting. The yearly fee for this membership is $35.00 for the driver. To be eligible for the RMLRA points championship you must be a member. If you are not chasing the points, a membership shows to other members that you support and are helping promote Legend and Bandolero racing in our area.

Several items on the US Legends web site under the INEX Tech Area have addressed the fender policy for Legend cars effective 2020. Please also read the New Social Media Policy that is now in effect.

The Bandolero cars are being reorganized for the 2020 season. Since the Bandolero class was organized in 2018 the car count has been good at CNS but could use a few more participants at the other three tracks that we race at here in the Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska area.


Drivers that are planning to attend the Chilly Willy racing weekend are encouraged to contact Wayne Barlock to plan ahead for this event. There is a registration fee for this weekend of racing.

RMLRA 2019/20 Fuel Rule

RMLRA race cars Legends and Bandoleros will race with premium gasoline. The Yamaha Motor Corp. recommends the use of 89 octane unleaded gasoline. Please see 2019 INEX Rule Book page 31 for further information. This fuel can be obtained at CNS for about $4.00 per gallon. When buying make sure that you do
not buy the racing fuel that CNS has available for their Super Late Models and other classes. Fuel samples will be tested after feature races if needed. If you are traveling to race a INEX championship race, make sure that you have drained your tank before going to that track as sometimes what you buy at that track or designated place to purchase fuel may not test clean when tested.

Car Numbers for Legends & Bandoleros

We do have a rule in the organization about racing the same number that a member is racingthat you have on your car. Please check with Harold for a number to place on your car. Tracks that we race at with score boards cannot add a number or letter for your car. Please help us out when thinking of a number for your car. When you join the RMLRA your number is yours as long as your membership is paid. We also want you to race at least once a year. If by chance you sell your car I would like to know. Thanks for your help with this item. I try to keep up with email addresses and news releases and I need your address. If you have just purchased a car
and plan to race with the RMLRA in 2020, or the person that you may have sold a car to, to place them on the list. We would like to keep you informed.

RMLRA Newsletter - 11/29/2019

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RMLRA news and announcements.

Announced at the banquet on Saturday were some tentative dates for the RMLRA. The membership meeting has been scheduled for January 11, 2020 and the location has not been set. A set up class that has been held at Tim Coopers shop in Frederick has a meeting date for February 22, 2020. These dates as mentioned before aretentative and will be announced when everything is set.

An announcement for the Bandoleros 2020 racing season will be made known soon after a small meeting was held before the Awards Banquet began.

Awards Banquet Saturday Nov. 23, 2019

The Awards Banquet held at The Summit in Thornton was well attended and many trophies and four 2020 INEX memberships were given to four happy drivers. Along with the championship trophies that were given to the RMLRA champion in Legends and Bandoleros many giveaways were given to drivers in attendance. Champions, Darrell J. Stewart and Brody Moore received the championship trophies in their divisions. Some Bandolero trophies were taller than the drivers. You had to be there to appreciate all the good fun that was had. Photographer Joe Starr was on hand and took manyphotographs.

Legends Awards
  • ROTY; #37 Tanner Scarberry
  • Sportsmanship Award; Darrell L. Stewart
  • Most Improved Driver; Alfred Matthews
  • Harold Kraus Award; Jeremiah Witherwax
  • Hard Luck Award; Natalie Fox
  • Best Looking Car; #15 Danny Medina
Bandolero Awards
  • ROTY; #12 Bryanna Bruce
  • Sportsmanship Award #68 Wyatt Dent
  • Best Looking Car; #98 Sammy Haugen
  • Hard Luck Award; #77 Chasen Groff
  • Most Improved Driver #68 Wyatt Dent

2020 INEX Licenses available

As of this past week INEX has opened the window to purchase the 2020 license. You will need it to race when the calendar changes to 2020. Just a remember that sometimes the membership is not sent until the rule book is ready to be released. I will keep checking the list and pass along the memberships numbers to those of you whohave mailed their applications into INEX.

Bandoleros close season at Lake Havasu, AZ

Congratulations to the Bandolero drivers and teams that travelled to the WestNationals last weekend.

Several Bando drivers and race teams traveled to Lake Havasu AZ this past weekend and raced at the Bandolero West Championships. In looking at some of the results no one driver was able to capture the first place trophy. The race track looked nice and fast and I hope everyone survived this new event for Bandolero cars in the West. When the races were over, Brody Moore finished third in the Western Points Bandolero Outlaws West championship. Chasen Groff finished fourth, Zachary Morris fifth and Bryanna Bruce was tenth.

In the Bandit division Charles Starcher finished fifth and Wyatt Dent in their chase for the championship.

In both Legends and Bandoleros the points that you received on the RMLRA schedule go into the number of races required and the number of cars in the class that you are racing in. Congratulations to all of the drivers who raced this summer at the area tracks.

There are race tracks such as the Bullring in Las Vegas that offer a winter schedule for both divisions of cars and you might inquire about the road racing schedule. You might want to try it.

2020 Chilly Willy
Friday, January 24 - Sunday, January 26, 2020
3 races over 3 days!
Like Winter Nationals, all 3 legend races will count for 2020
Asphalt Oval points*
FRIDAY: $500 to win | $50 to start
SATURDAY: $500 to win | $50 to start
Sunday: $1000 to win | $100 to start
*Must have valid 2020 INEX Membership

Road Racing during the winter season

If you are interested in INEX road racing you might stay in touch with the USLegends web site and check out the tracks at Las Vegas and possibly Texas. Legends and Bandoleros race during the winter at some of these tracks. Both oval and road racing. Just remember that you may need to have your 2020 license when we switch to the year 2020. Next years license is now available for purchase. You can find the form on US Legends web site. Contact the race track or USLEGENDS if in doubt.

RMLRA web site & Facebook

When information is received to us to release to the members and readers, it is passed along to you on the RMLRA Newsletters, RMLRA web site and Facebook. If you would like to be placed on the mailing list contact Harold at ckar77@comcast.net We try to keep you informed on the latest news and information with what is going on in the off season and in preparation for the 2020 racing season. If you are new to the racing program you are part of one of the nations largest racing organizations. The rules that we race by are controlled by
INEX of the US Legend Cars International. All drivers must have a license to race in these sanctioned events.

RMLRA Newsletter - 11/13/2019

posted Nov 14, 2019, 9:04 PM by Admin RMLRA

Don’t Forget the 2019 RMLRA Awards Banquet November 23 at The Summit

The Awards will open the doors at 2 PM and the Dinner & Ceremonies will start at 3:30 PM.
Also, if you did not get in your RSVP and would like to attend, please let Wayne know today and we can try
and get you worked in tp attend the Awards Dinner.

The Bandoleros are racing this weekend at the Bandolero West Championships in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Legend cars are also on the schedule. If you are headed out to the races here is a copy of the schedule. Hopefully the weather will not be a problem.

If you have not noticed there are several cars on our Facebook Page for sale. Tell your friends that might be interested in racing a Legend or Bandolero next season. We also ask that you contact the RMLRA before you place a number on your car. We race as an organization and do not use duplicate numbers and letters. The RMLRA races at four tracks throughout the season and we would like you to join with us and race. At the end of the season an Awards Banquet is held with trophies and many awards given out to the drivers.

Just a reminder that the 2020 INEX memberships will probably open in December. Please keep that in mind as the 2020 season opens up. If you plan to race in Florida at the winter nationals, in Inverness, Florida Feb. 9-14, you will need a license. If your driver is a minor make sure you read the membership application before you mail it in. Page seven must be filled out and signed by a Notary Public. A copy of a birth certificate must be sent for a minor under the age of seventeen. An INEX license is required to race and we would prefer that you mail it to the address on the form.

See you at the Awards Banquet.

RMLRA Newsletter - 11/5/2019

posted Nov 14, 2019, 9:00 PM by Admin RMLRA

Just a short message today for the mailing list. The Newsletter has been down for over a month while I was visiting family in Houston, Texas. Plus the computer crashed and I just replaced it this weekend, so we are back in business.


If you plan on coming to the banquet, please send your RSVP to president@RMLRA.org by Saturday, November 9th, 2019 at 5PM MST.
**Payment is required by Monday, November 11th at 8AM**

**TOP 10 Legends will receive a trophy and a purse check
**TOP 5 Legends in Short Track Challenge will be presented
**TOP 10 Colorado National Speedway points championship trophies for Legends will be presented
**TOP 10 Bandos will receive championship trophies

Best Looking Car, Most Improved Driver, Hard Luck Award, Rookie of the Year, and the Sportsmanship Award will be given for both Legends and Bandos. The Harold Kraus Award will be given to one individual at the end of the banquet.

See you all there! Forward any questions and special requests to Wayne Mathias Barlock Jr.

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