HiWay 92 Results - 8/11/2018

posted Aug 14, 2018, 1:25 PM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA

DJ Stewart sweeps three feature races at Hwy 92

Your reporter was not on the road this past weekend so this will be a results report with just a little news to pass on.
Fifteen Legend cars made the trip to Gering for the weekend and approximately eight Bandolero cars on hand for the races.

In the Legends features it appears that Wildlife Racing has figured out the new FZ09 three cylinder engine, and took the checkered flag three times over the weekend. Three main event wins for the young pro is quite an accomplishment. Darrell L. Stewart had a good weekend also with two second place finishes. Lots of points were up for grabs with these three races. The points are in the process of being posted on the RMLRA web site.

Again thanks to all the car owners and drivers who took time out to race this past weekend.No more doubleheaders on the schedule for the rest of the season.

Legends & Bandolero races Saturday August 18, 2018 @ CNS

No rest this weekend as the racers for both divisions will be back at Colorado National Speedway. Legend National points have been posted. A nice group of local Masters in the top ten.

Friday Nights Double Points Legends Main (unofficial results)
1. #30 DJ Stewart
2. #3 Wayne Barlock
3. #6 Scotty Scott
4. #05 Nick Cooper
5. #1 Dana Smith
6. #18 Kyle McCartney
7. #03 DL Stewart
8. #16 Travis Roe
9. #13 Jason Hulvey
10. #88 Paul Himler
11. #28 Adam Powers
12. #08 Krystal Faulkingham
13. #53 Ryan Scott
14. #78 Ashlyn Himler
Quick Time #05 Nick Cooper 14.83
Heat #1 #30 DJ Stewart
Heat #2 #3 Wayne Barlock

Bandolero Feature (unofficial results)
1. #10 Lilli McAfee O
2. #55 Greg Rayl O
3. #78 Brody Moore B
4. #03 Isaac Almaswari O
5. #06 Mahkrysta Hilton B
6. #07 Aubrei Hilton O
7. #05 Solomon DeBauche O
8. #63 James Starcher B

Bando quick Time #55 Greg Rayl 17.131(unofficial results listed for Bandolero Races
Heat #1 #10 Lilli McAfee
Heat #2 #78 Brody Moore

Saturday Night Legends Double Feature Main #1
1. #30 DJ Stewart
2. #03 DL Stewart
3. #05 Nick Cooper
4. #18 Kyle McCartney
5. #88 Paul Himler
6. #16 Travis Roe
7. #13 Jason Hulvey
8. #08 Krystal Faulkingham
9. #28 Adam Powers
10. #78 Ashlyn Himler
11. #1 Dana Smith
12. #6 L. Scotty Scott
13. #53 Ryan Scott
14. #3 Wayne Barlock Jr
15 #01 Phil Peconi

Legends Quick Time #30 Darrell J Stewart 14.830
Heat #1 #30 DJ Stewart
Heat #2 #6 Scotty Scott

Saturday Night Legends Double Feature Main #2
1. DJ Stewart
2. DL Stewart
3. Wayne Barlock Jr.
4. Nick Cooper
5. Kyle McCartney
6. Travis Roe
7. Dana Smith
8. Paul Himler
9. Adam Powers
10. Jason Hulvey
11. Krystal Faulkingham
12. Ryan Scott
13. Ashlyn Himler
14. Scotty Scott DNS
15. Phil Peconi DNS

Bandolero Main Saturday August 11, 2018
1. #55 Greg Rayl O
2. #10 Lilli McAfee O
3. #78 Brody Moore B
4. #03 Isaac Almaswari O
5. #05 Solomon DeBauche O
6. #06 Mahkrysta Hilton B
7. #07 Aubrei Hilton O
8. #63 James Starcher B

Bandolero Quick Time #10 Lilli McAfee 16.84
Heat #1 Greg Rayl
Heat #2 Aubrei Hilton

CNS Results - 8/4/2018

posted Aug 8, 2018, 2:56 PM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA

Jason Irwin wins K&N Filters Racing Heritage Night @ CNS

Race cars gathered Saturday evening at Colorado National Speedway in Dacona, Colorado to race with twenty-eight Legends cars on hand. Jason Irwin from Albuquerque, NM has made the trip to try and end the winning streak of Kyle Clegg. Kyle who had won six straight Legend features at CNS was going for his seventh win. For the start of the race the lineup had the faster cars starting in the fifth and sixth rows. It was great race as the top four cars worked their way to the front. In the end Jason Irwin took the checkered flag beating Chris Eggleston. Kyle Clegg, Danny Medina and Cody Dempster. A couple of caution flags during the race but it was a great race to watch as the action was great for the cars racingfor the lead.

Kyle Clegg led all drivers with a 18.692 in qualifying. Chris Eggleston won the Legends Fast Dash and Travis Roe won the Legends Dash.

Billy Blevins had some problems with his car and could not qualify

Legends/Bandolero Cars Head to Nebraska August 10-11

This weekend the Legends and Bandolero cars will be racing at Hwy 92 in Gering Nebraska. Fridaynights race will include special events for both divisions in the RMLRA. Saturday night will be adoubleheader for the Legend cars. Bandolero cars will race a normal event. Make sure to book a motelroom early. There are many motels to choose from.

Nine more racing dates remain on the 2018 Legends racing schedule. The last race will be held at Big Country Speedway, October 6. The Bandolero cars will end their first season at Colorado National Speedway on that same date.

The Legend cars have now reached the twenty-two best races and elimination of lower point finishes will start taking place. It will be important for those who are chasing the points to attend the double pointraces left on the schedule.

I will probably not be in Gering at the races and we could use somebody on the Raceceiver for thoseraces. For those of you traveling to Gering, make sure you book a motel room ASAP.

I did find a great place to eat at when we were in Gering the last time. It is called The Steel Grille. 2800 10th St, Gering Check it out on the web site. It is a large sports bar with a great menu. My wife and I really enjoyed it. It does close at 10:00 PM The only problem I see with that is we are at the track during the evening hours.

We have had some movement at the home office in North Carolina and several license numbers have been cleared and opened. Thanks for your help in this important matter. Several times this season we have been handed results after the races and we take them trusting that the computer has not erred. We have tried to work with you and the track to correct the race results. Don’t give up on the system.

Legend Main 25 Laps (unofficial results)
1. 9X Jason Irwin (18.779)
2. 22 Chris Eggleston
3. 66 Kyle Clegg
4. 15 Danny Medina
5. 48 Cody Dempster
6. 3 Wayne Barlock Jr
7. 05 Nick Cooper
8. 30 Darrell J. Stewart
9. 6 L. Scotty Scott
10. 32 Blair Cooper
11. 46 Zachary Witherwax
12. 16 Travis Roe
13. 21 Ryan Jones
14. 96 Ryan Randolph (R)
15. 08 Krystal Faulkingham
16. 9 Terry McBride
17. 20 Kynzer Riddell
18. 86 Travis Rudolph (R)
19. 19 Larry Pachello
20. 27 Ray Oakley -1
21. 95 Jessilyn Dike -2 (R)
22. 43 Rob Sears -2
23. 10 Adam Romero -2
24. 5 Gary Wegener -3
25. 88 Paul Himler -3
26. 78 Ashlyn Himler -4 (R)
27. 03 Darrell L. Stewart -13 DNF
28. 97 Bill Blevins DNS

Legends Fast Dash 10 Laps
1. 22 Chris Eggleston
2. 9x Jason Irwin
3. 66 Kyle Clegg
4. 15 Danny Medina
5. 3 Wayne Barlock Jr
6. 05 Nick Cooper
7. 48 Cody Dempster
8. 21 Ryan Jones
9. 30 Darrel J. Stewart
10. 6 Scotty Scott
11. 32 Blair Cooper
12. 03 Darrell L. Stewart
13. 46 Zach Witherwax

Legends Dash 10 Laps
1. 16 Travis Roe
2. 08 Krystal Faulkingham
3. 19 Larry Pachello
4. 86 Travis Rudolph (R)
5. 88 Paul Himler
6. 5 Gary Wegener
7. 96 Ryan Rudolph (R)
8. 20 Kynzer Riddell
9. 9 Terry McBride
10. 27 Ray Oakley
11. 95 Jessilyn Dike (R)
12. 43 Rob Sears
13. 10 Adam Romero
14. 78 Ashlyn Himler (R)

I-25 Results - 8/4/2018

posted Aug 4, 2018, 11:42 PM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA   [ updated Aug 4, 2018, 11:43 PM ]

Medina wins Legend 30 lap Main at I-25/Rayl wins rain shortened Bando Main

I have made two trips to I-25 Speedway this year and it has rained both times. I would probably make the farmers in the area very happy if we raced a lot of weekends in Pueblo. We had sixteen Legends and ten Bandolero’s in the pits for Saturday nights National Qualifiers. The Bandolero feature was cut short when the rain began to fall. Greg Rayl driving his number fifty-five was in the lead with Brody Moore racing close behind. The cars left the track and we sat and watched it rain for an hour. During the rain the I-25 track personnel had trucks on the track trying to make it possible to continue the racing program. The rain eventually stopped and the track was ready to race on right after the track became dry and ready for racing. Thanks to the staff at I-25 Speedway we were able to run our NationalQualifier.

In Bandolero Heat races, Greg Rayl won the Trophy Dash and James Starcher also won aBandolero heat race.

Danny Medina had a great night of racing with quick time, winning the Trophy Dash and thethirty lap National Qualifier. Danny will take his car to Las Vegas to compete at the NationalAsphalt Championships later this season. Wayne Barlock who is having a very good year finished second. Scotty Scott who had ignition problems earlier in the evening, corrected the problem and finished third in the main event. Nick Cooper and Zachary Witherwax finished fourth and fifth.

Legend Heat races were won by Travis Roe and Scotty Scott. I think that we were sort disappointed with the low turnout of cars for this race but, thanks to those who traveled to race with the RMLRA in Pueblo. There was an attempt to have at least twenty cars on hand for a bonus payoff. Other than two cars not being able to start the main, it was a good night of clean racing. Michael Anderson who has been racing with us the past several weeks made contact with the wall and will have some work cut out for him to return to the track. Mike thanks formaking a commitment to race with the RMLRA.

Kyle McCartney was on the track Saturday evening making his season debut. Kyle has been racing Legends for many seasons but has had to take time off the past several years. The number eighteen ran pretty good for the first time out. Hope to see you at more races.

Upcoming Schedule

The Legend cars of the RMLRA will be at Colorado National Speedway Saturday August 4,2018 Both divisions will then travel to Gering, Nebraska for two nights of racing August 10-11This will be a Friday-Saturday weekend of racing. Try and plan this weekend of racing.

Legend National Qualifier 30 Laps
1. Danny Medina
2. Wayne Barlock
3. L. Scotty Scott
4. Nick Cooper
5. Zachary Witherwax
6. AJ Canada
7. Dana Smith (R)
8. Travis Roe
9. Kyle McCartney
10. Paul Himler
11. Eric Hipkins
12. Chris Saykally (R)
13. Krystal Faulkingham
14. Jason Hulvey
15. Ryan Scott (R)
16. Michael Anderson DNS
16. Adam Powers (R) DNS

Bandolero Main
1. 55 Greg Rayl O
2. 78 Brody Moore B
3. 22 Andy Jones O
4. 63 James Starcher B
5. 06 Mahkrysta Hilton B
6. 10 Lillian McAfee O
7. 03 Issac Almaswari O
8. 92 Riley Smith B
9. 2 Cale Smith B
10. 07 Aubrei Hilton DNS O

CNS Results - 7/21/2018

posted Jul 26, 2018, 2:58 PM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA

Kyle Clegg wins two main events at the Elite V-Twin Saturday Showdown

Kyle is almost unstoppable this season at Colorado National Speedway. In winning both feature races Saturday evening Kyle’s winning streak is at six straight feature wins at Colorado National Speedway. Twenty eight cars were on hand for the Elite V-Twin Saturday Night Showdown. It was a great night for the races and the only bad thing that happened at the track was four Legend cars were removed from the track by the tow trucks after a big accident inturns three and four during the first feature. The cars did not return for the second main race.

The past few races at Colorado National have shown some hard heavy racing involving a lot of contact and damage to the cars. With a lot of work the cars have been able to return to thetrack. Only the drivers that are involved in these accidents can comment on these conditions.  My comment to the drivers would be know your cars ability and drive within those limits.Speed will come with more experience and possibly changing your set up.

With twenty eight cars in the pits Danny Medina was the top qualifier with a time of 19:01.
Scotty Scott and Kyle Clegg were dash winners.

The number thirty car of Darrell J. Scott showed up with the new FZ09 engine in his car. They were in Wisconsin last weekend for two races and the car raced well. The second night of racing, a flat tire ended their evening early. Darrell had some engine problems with the engine Saturday evening and did not race in the twenty five and thirty lap main races. It may take a few races to work out the problems with the new equipment, but should return soon with a setup and good speed. Several other drivers are awaiting their engine to be delivered.

National Qualifier @ I-25 Speedway July 28. 2018

The RMLRA Legends will be in Pueblo this weekend for the National Qualifier. A big purse with $500.00 to win. The track owner will pay that amount if twenty Legends are on hand to race. Try to make this race if possible. The Bandolero’s will join the Legends this weekend accordingto the schedule on our web site.

Legends Feature #1
1. Clegg
2. Medina
3. Gallegos
4. Barlock
5. B. Cooper
6. Jones
7. Scott
8. R. Rudolph (R)
9. DL Stewart
10. Witherwax
11. Matthews
12. Roe
13. Pachello
14. Anderson (NV)
15. Riddell
16. P. Himler
17. Saykally (R)
18. Powers (R)
19. Savage
20. Robb (R)
21. McBride
22. A. Himler (R)
23. T. Rudolph (R)
24. N. Cooper
25. Hulvey
26. Dunlap
27. Dike (R)
28. DJ Stewart DNS

Legends Feature #2
1. Clegg
2. Medina
3. Gallegos
4. Barlock
5. Jones
6. B. Cooper
7. N. Cooper
8. R. Rudolph
9. Roe
10. DL Stewart
11. Anderson (NV)
12. Pachello
13. P. Himler
14. Riddell
15. Powers (R)
16. McBride
17. Matthews
18. Savage
19. A. Himler (R)
20. Robb (R)
21. Dike (R)
22. Scott
23. Saykally (R)
24 T. Rudolph (R) DNS
Hulvey DNS
Dunlap DNS
DJ Stewart DNS

Legends Dash
1. Scott
2. Roe
3. P. Himler
4. Riddell
5. DJ Stewart
6. McBride
7. Robb
8. Savage
9. T. Rudolph
10. Dike -1
11. A. Himler -1
12. Saykally DNF
13. Anderson DNF
14. Powers DNF

Legends Fast Dash
1. Clegg
2. Medina
3. Jones
4. Barlock
5. Gallegos
6. N. Cooper
7. B. Cooper
8. Hulvey
9. R. Rudolph
10. DL Stewart
11. Witherwax
12. Pachello
13. Matthews
14. Dunlap

CNS Results - 7/6/2018 & 7/7/2018

posted Jul 10, 2018, 3:13 PM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA

Clegg a double winner at CNS

Kyle Clegg won both main events this weekend taking home the winning trophy on both nights. Jason Irwin, Chris Eggleston and Danny Medina chased Kyle just about all night on Saturday but could not catch up to him during the twenty-five lap main event race. Just as in Friday nights race, he found his way to the finish line to take the checkered flag in front of the other Legends chasing him. The sixty-six car has been dominant this season at CNS. Thirtyfive Legend cars on hand to race, with thirty cars starting the main. A last chance race
narrowed the field before the fifteen lap last chance race could be completed. The races leading up to the main were the fast dash which was won by Kyle Clegg. The seventeen cars that started this dash were automatically in the main. The other Legend dash had eighteen cars that was won by Dana Smith. The top seven cars moved to the main from this race. The last chance race was was called after five laps with many caution flags and the top seven that were still running, were moved to the main. This race was a disaster from the start with a lot of banging and cars involved in accidents. Drivers were warned throughout the evening to take it easy as it was becoming a wreck fest on the track. Several damaged cars did not return from Friday nights races. Thanks to all the drivers with cars that supported the two nights of racing. There was no time trials or qualifying either night for all classes except the King of the WingSprint Cars. Hot lap practice times were used as qualifying times.

If you have not received your INEX license yet please call down there and see what the holdup is. Thanks for your help in this minor problem.

Clegg takes thirty lap main event @ CNS 7/6/2018

Kyle Clegg survived several restarts and collisions to win the feature with a lot of good cars inthe field that chased him to the checkered flag. The race saw several out of state drivers making the trip to Colorado to race.

A great turnout of Legends and Bandolero race cars on Friday evening at CNS and put on a great show for the fans. Several cars at the track for their first time of the season. Chris Cooper a former RMLRA champion was back home from California and drove the number eighty-car of Paul Himler. Chris had a eighth place finish on Friday night and a thirteenth place finish on Saturday. Jim Stevens driving his number eighty-eight placed a number one in the middle for the number eight eighteen. For many of you who do not know Jim, he started racing his Legend in 1996 and recently retired several years ago but came back to race on Friday night. Good to see you again Jim. Mike Gallegos also out for the first time this season. Nick Knudsen a friend of Ray Oakley from White Fish, Montana also was on hand to race his number fortythree.

With approximately forty Legends on hand a decision to run a last chance race or a B-Mainwas raced and several drivers commented positive things about the last chance race. The topsix drivers moved into the Feature race. The races had some contact and possibly will be readyfor Saturday nights races. It was a very hot afternoon and Saturday was a little warmer.The Bandolero cars filled the pits with twenty cars on hand. The drivers drove a little to hardat times during the races and had some contact, but this is beginners learning how to drivetheir cars. Thanks to all the parents who have made this possible this season. Support these young drivers and wish them good luck as they learn to drive their Bandolero.

Their was no qualifying Friday evening for Legends, as the track used the times recorded during practice to stage the races. Heat or Dash winners for the Legends were Jason Hulveyand Chris Eggleston. In the Bandolero Heat races, Hutson Milligan, Aubrei Hilton, Isiah Scottand Chello Milligan were winners.

RMLRA Legends, Bandolero’s @ Big Country July 14, 2018

The Legends and Bandolero race cars will be back on the track together this Saturday eveningat Big Country Speedway. This will be a doubleheader for the Legends. Plan your weekend ofracing and if you can, come and race with your fellow drivers. I personally will not be inattendance this week as my grandson is getting married. Have fun racing and I will lookforward to seeing the Legend cars back at CNS, July 21, 2018. Bandolero cars will have aweek off after racing at Big Country.

Legend 25 Lap Feature (unofficial) 7/7/2018
1. 66 Clegg
2. 9X Irwin (NM)
3. 22 Eggleston
4. 15 Medina
5. 98 Scheidemantle
6. 48 Dempster
7. 05 N. Cooper
8. 3 Barlock
9. 32 B. Cooper
10. 21 Jones
11. 6 S. Scott
12 96 R. Rudolph (R)
13. 34 C. Cooper
14. 03 DL Stewart
15. 46 Witherwax
16. 16 Roe
17. 13 Hulvey
18. 44 Matthews
19. 19 Pachello
20. 86 T. Rudolph (R)
21. 25a Anderson (Nevada)
22. 5 Wegener (Washington)
23. 1 Smith
24. 28 Powers (R)
25. 08 Faulkingham
26. 95 Dike (R)
27. 53 R. Scott (R)
28. 9 McBride
29. 20 Riddell
30. 33 Kallas

Legends Dash (top seven to main) 7/7/2018
1. 1 Smith
2. 9 McBride
3. 20 Riddell
4. 44 Matthews
5. 33 Kallas
6. 25a Anderson (Nevada)
7. 08 Faulkingham
8. 43 Knudsen (Mont.)
9. 5 Wegener (Wash)
10. 28 Powers
11. 72 Robb
12. 13 Hulvey-1
13. 95 Dike-1
14. 27 Oakley -3
15. 97 Blevins-3
16. 8 Hipkins-3
17. 53 R. Scott
18. 86 R. Rudolph DNS

Legends Fast Dask 7/7/2018
1. 66 Clegg
2. 05 N. Cooper
3. 22 Eggleston
4. 48 Dempster
5. 98 Scheidemantle
6. 9x Irwin (NM)
7. 15 Medina
8. 21 Jones
9. 3 Barlock
10. 32 B. Cooper
11. 34 C. Cooper
12. 6 S. Scott
13. 96 R. Rudolph
14. 03 D. L. Stewart
15. 16 Roe
16. 46 Witherwax
17. 19 Pachello

Legends Last Chance 15 Laps top seven to main 7/7/2018
1. 13 Hulvey
2. 5 Wegener
3. 86 T. Rudolph
4. 8 Hipkins
5. 28 Powers
6. 95 Dike
7. 53 R. Scott
8. 43 Knudsen
9. 97 Blevins
10. 72 Robb
11. 27 Oakley

Legends 30 Lap Feature (unofficial) 7/6/2018
1. 66. Clegg
2. 22 Chris Eggleston
3. 9x Jason Irwin
4. 15 Danny Medina
5. 3 Wayne Barlock Jr
6. 30 D J Stewart
7. 6 Scotty Scott
8. 34 Chris Cooper
9. 32 Blair Cooper
10. 05 Nick Cooper
11. 21 Ryan Jones
12. 96 Ryan Rudolph
13. 44 Alfred Matthews
14. 86 Travis Rudolph
15. 1 Dana Smith (R)
16. 20 Kynzer Riddell
17. 19 Larry Pachello
18. 33 Dean Kallas
19. 00 Christopher Saykally (R)
20. 16 Travis Roe
21. 46 Zachary Witherwax-1
22. 43 Nick Knudsen-1
23. 08 Krystal Faulkingham-1
24. 9 Terry McBride -2
25. 5 Gary Wegener -4 DNF
26. 06 Mike Gallegos -16 DNF
27. 98 Brent Scheidemantle -16 DNF
28. 62 Roy Dunlap -16 DNF
29. 13 Jason Hulvey -23 DNF
30. 48 Cody Dempster -27 DNF

Legends B Main 15 laps Top 6 advance to Feature
1. 44 Matthews
2. 20 Riddell
3. 62 Dunlap
4. 9 McBride
5. 08 Faulkingham
6. 43 Knudsen (Montana)
7. 28 Powers
8. 27 Oakley
9. 95 Dike
10. 72 Robb
11. 78 Himler
12. 818 Jim Stevens DNS
13. 10 Romero DNS
14. 25a Anderson DNS

Legends Dash 10 Laps
1. 13 Hulvey
2. 00 Saykally
3. 33 Kallas
4. 1 Smith
5. 5 Wegener
6. 44 Matthews
7. 43 Knudsen
8. 08 Faulkingham
9. 20 Riddell
10. 62 Dunlap
11. 9 McBride
12. 27 Oakley
13. 72 Robb
14. 95 Dike
15. 818 Jim Stevens
16. 78 A. Himler
17. 28 Powers-1
18. 10 Romero -1

Legends Fast Dash
1. 22 Eggleston
2. 66 Clegg
3. 15 Medina
4. 9x Irwin
5. 3 Barlock
6. 48 Dempster
7. 21 Jones
8. 05 N. Cooper
9. 06 Gallegos
10. 30 DJ Stewart
11. 32 B. Cooper
12. 96 R. Rudolph
13. 46 Witherwax
14. 34 C. Cooper
15. 19 Pachello
16. 16 Roe
17. 86 T. Rudolph
18. 6 Scott -6 DNF
19. 98 Scheidemantle-9 DNF

Bandolero Fast Feature (official results)
1. 3 Nandini Breggin O
2. 16 Cullen Lewis O
3. 55 Greg Rayl O
4. 03 Isaac Almaswari O
5. 06 Mahkrysta Hilton B
6. 10 Lilli McAfee O
7. 7x Kate Morse O
8. 22 Andy Jones O
9. 78 Brody Moore B
10. 18 Chello Milligan O

Bandolero B Feature (unofficial results)
1. 51 Hutson Milligan B
2. 82 Tiegan Scott B
3. 2 Cale Smith B
4. 17 Cooper Lewis B
5. 07 Aubrei Hilton O
6. 92 Riley Smith B
7. 8 Danielle Walbaum B
8. 99 Isaiah Scott B
9. 29 Ashlee Richard B
10. 05 Salomon DeBauche O
11. 52 Nic Wall B

Bandolero Heat Races

First Heat Race
1. 07 Aubrei Hilton
2. 51 Hutson Milligan
3. 8 Danielle Walbaum
4. 05 Salomon DeBauche
5. 17 Cooper Lewis
6. 29 Ashlee Richard

Bandolero Second Heat Race 6 laps
1. 99i Isaiah Scott
2. 2 Cale Smith
3. 82 Tiegan Scott
4. 52 Nic Wall
5. 92 Riley Smith

Bandolero Third Heat Race 6 laps
1. 51 Hutson Milligan
2. 06 Mahkyrsta Hilton
3. 10 Lili McAfee
4. 22 Andy Jones

Bandolero Fourth Heat Race 6 laps
1. 18 Chello Milligan
2. 16 Cullen Lewis
3. 7x Kate Morse
4. 3 Nandini Breggin
5. 03 Isaac Almaswari

HiWay 92 Results - 6/29/2018

posted Jul 3, 2018, 8:09 AM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA

Nick Cooper dominates Short Track Feature @ Hwy 92

As the weather began to cool of from a hot afternoon the clouds darkened and it tried to rain numerous times in the early evening. A small field of Legends were on hand to start the two day weekend of racing at HWY 92 Raceway Park. Ten Legend cars and eleven Bandolero’s were on hand to race. Nick Cooper had the quick time in qualifying with a 14.876 Nick also won the trophy dash. Wayne Barlock won the Legend heat race. When the Legends took the track for the feature the weather was started to move in. After a test of the track with a greenyellow flag the track was ready to race. With one to go Barlock was caught in the pits working on his car and made a late entrance after the green flag was thrown to start the race. The racewent green, white and checker with the race stopped after eighteen laps due to the weather.

On Saturday afternoon many cars were on the track for practice when the rain started to fall.  After a lot of rain fell and the temperature dropped to about fifty-five degrees. The races were called around 4:00 PM I know it is a tough decision to make to cancel the races. The #00 of Chris Saykally had drove up to race on Saturday. Thanks to all of you who made the trip to race your car.

Mahkrysta Hilton wins @ Hwy 92

Mahkrysta Hilton won the ten lap Bandolero feature. She has won two straight feature races.The race had a lot of caution flags during the race and what was suppose to be a twelve lapfeature was reduced to ten laps. The drivers are improving race to race and the speeds arepicking up.

Trayc Walker won the eight lap trophy dash and Lilli McAfee won a heat race. Both divisions Legends and Bandolero’s will be on hand to race Friday evening at Colorado National Speedway. The Legend cars will also race on Saturday evening at CNS.

RMLRA Legend Feature (unofficial) 18 laps rain
1. 05 Nick Cooper
2. 30 D. J. Stewart
3. 1 Dana Smith
4. 16 Travis Roe
5. 13 Jason Hulvey
6. 28 Adam Powers (R)
7. 3 Wayne Barlock
8. 88 Paul Himler
9. 08 Krystal Faulkingham
10. 78 Ashlyn Himler (R)

Bandolero Feature 10 Laps (unofficial)
1. 06 Mahkrysta Hilton
2. 63 James Starcher
3. 03 Isaac Almaswari
4. 78 Brody Moore
5. 07 Aubrei Hilton
6. 74 Trayc Walker Scott
7. 05 Salamon DeBauche
8. 10 Lilli McAfee
9. 92 Riley Smith
10. 2 Cale Smith
11. 46 Landen Johnson DNS

Legend Trophy Dash
1. Cooper
2. DJ Stewart
3. Smith
4. P. Himler
5. A. Himler

Legend Heat Race
1. Barlock
2. Roe
3. Powers
4. Hulvey
5. Faulkingham

Bando Trophy Dash
1. Walker-Scott
2. Starcher
3. M Hilton
4. DeBauche
5. Moore

Bando Heat Race
1. McAfee
2. Almaswari
3. C. Smith
4. A. Hilton
5. R. Smith
6. Johnson

Motel For Gering - June 29-30

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Gering Nebraska Motel Availability June 29-30

To drivers and the people who travel with the RMLRA Legends and Bandolero’s, I have received information that the Circle S Lodge located just four miles west of Hwy 92 Speedway, has set aside rooms at a discount for the RMLRA on these two dates. There are many motels in the area and you may have your own favorite to choose from. If interested you can contact the Circle S Lodge at 308-436-2157 This motel is in Gering, NE and is located on HWY 92. Book early to hold a room. you can always cancel up to twenty four hours at no charge. Ask for the racers rate. Do ask about their cancellation process. There is plenty of room to park your truck and trailer.

CNS Results - 6/16/2018

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Kyle Clegg wins 25 Lap CNS Legend Feature/Nandini Breggin wins Bando Fast Feature

The RMLRA raced both the Legends and Bandolero’s Saturday evening at Colorado National Speedway. A good turnout of thirty-two Legends and nineteen Bandolero’s were in the pits. Rain started to fall just as the Bandolero’s took to the track to practice. When the rain subsided the track was dried and the practice session became a short one time on the track practice forall divisions.

In qualifying Kyle Clegg was quick time with a 18.855 for the Legend cars. Racing for the first time this season #8 Eric Hipkins of Woodland Park. Good to see you back on the track. In the Legend Dashes, #44 Alfred Matthews and #66 Kyle Clegg were winners of their races. The Legend cars return to Colorado National Speedway this Saturday evening June 23, 2018 formore good hard racing.

The new Raceceiver radio was used for the first time and I hope it worked well for you. Let the Board know if you are still having problems. CH 1161 464.5000 Keep in mind the following weekend is a two day race at Gering, NE. Plan ahead for your motel if you are going to attend. Both Legends and Bandolero cars will be racing both nights. On Friday June 29th the Legends will be racing the third race of the Short Track Challenge. For Bandolero cars this is a great track for you.

During the feature race Adam Pechman hit the fourth corner wall very hard and did go to the hospital that night to be checked out. He suffered a head concussion from the reports that Ireceived from his Dad.

The points and results of the races have been posted. Remember to all classes that you receive no national points until your membership has been processed. Please check with Brittany Beck for information on you membership application. Her phone number is 704-455-3896

Legend Qualifying,
1. #66 Clegg 18.855
2. #32 B. Cooper 18.929
3. #15 Medina 19.016
4. #6 Scott 19.020
5. #48 Dempster 19.023

Legend 25 Laps (unofficial results)
1. Kyle Clegg
2. Danny Medina
3. Nick Cooper
4. Wayne Barlock Jr
5. Scotty Scott
6. Ryan Jones
7. Travis Roe
8. Ryan Rudolph (R)
9. Zachary Witherwax
10. Darrell L. Stewart
11. Alfred Matthews
12. Cody Dempster
13. Jason Hulvey
14. Krystal Faulkingham
15. Kynzer Riddell
16. Travis Rudolph (R)
17. Christopher Saykally (R)
18. Terry McBride
19. Eric Hipkins
20. Bill Blevins
21. Adam Powers (R)
22. Paul Himler
23. Dean Kallas
24. Ray Oakley -1
25. Dana Smith -2
26. Jessilyn Dike (R)-2
27. Cynthia Robb (R)-2
28. Blair Cooper-4
29. Ashlyn Himler (R)-6
30. Adan Pechman DNF
31. Larry Pachello DNF
32. Austyn Radosta DNF

Legend Dash
1. Matthews
2. Riddell
3. P. Himler
4. McBride
5. Hipkins
6. DL Stewart
7. Kallas
8. T. Rudolph
9. Faulkingham
10. Blevins
11. Smith
12. Powers
13. Oakley
14. Robb
15. Dike
16. A. Himler

Legend Fast Dash
1. Clegg
2. Medina
3. Barlock
4. Pechman
5. N. Cooper
6. B. Cooper
7. Roe
8. Dempster
9. Witherwax
10. R. Rudolph
11. Jones
12. Hulvey
13. Saykally
14. Radosta
15. Pachello
16. Scott DNF

Bandolero’s race two Features 10 Laps (unofficial results)

The Bandolero cars ran two features last night a fast and slow separation of the cars. They also
raced four dashes to start the racing program Saturday evening. Winners of these races were
Andy Jones, Aubrei Hilton, Cullen Lewis and Nandini Breggin. The #3 car of Nandini Breggin
appeared to to be the fastest car on the track in the Bandolero division. The Bandolero cars
have next week off but return to the track at Hwy 92 in Gering for both Friday and Saturday
evening races. Hope to see you there.

Fast Feature
1. #3 Nandini Breggin
2. #16 Cullen Lewis
3. #06 Mahkrysta Hilton
4. #18 Jim Chello Milligan
5. #78 Brody Moore
6. #10 Lili McAfee
7. #22 Andy Jones
8. #2 Caleb Smith
9. #03 Isaac Almaswari

Bandolero Second Feature 10 Laps (unofficial results)
1. #8 Daniele Walbaum
2. #51 Jim Huston Milligan
3. #07 Aubrei Hilton
4. #99 Isaiah Scott
5. #92 Riley Smith
6. #52 Nic Wall
7. #17 Cooper Lewis
8. #05 Salamon DeBauche
9. #82Teagan Smith
10. #29 Ashlee Smith

CNS Results - 6/2/2018

posted Jun 6, 2018, 8:49 AM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA

Medina wins at CNS as Clegg loses front bumper to get black flagged.

I have been watching Legend car racing for many years here in Colorado and had to witnessa first as Kyle Clegg who was leading the race with just a couple of laps to go when the frontbumper fell off of his car and received a black flag for the race leading car. He did not get creditfor completing the last lap and ended up one lap down and a fourteenth place finish. Neverhad I seen a finish like that. Danny Medina won his second feature of the season. Scotty Scottfinished second with Blair Cooper, Nick Cooper and Wayne Barlock as the top five finishers inthe thirty lap feature race. AJ Canada hit the second turn retaining wall during the feature. Italked with AJ on Sunday and he has a few bumps and bruises but the car is in bad shape.  Adam Pechman had to retire his car during hot lap practice as it came to a stop on the track.Kyle Clegg had quick time with a qualifying time of 18.771 With thirty one Legend cars on hand three ten lap dashes were held with Travis Rudolph, Austin Radosta and Kyle Clegg winningthose races.

Bandolero & Legend races @ I-25 June 9, 2018

Thanks to everyone who made it to the track to race Saturday evening. Next Saturday the RMLRA Legends and Bandolero’s will be racing at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo. This is the second race of the Short Track Challenge. Let us hope for good weather and a good turnout of all race cars. I-25 is a really good race track for Legend and Bandolero race cars. Remember to all Bandolero parents to make sure you send in a notarized page seven on the application plus anassociate membership.

Please remember to go to the pit steward and talk to him if you have a racing problem such as the finish that is posted. As mentioned before the RMLRA does not make track decisions on what happens on the track. The rule book states that the track handles all calls. Please remember this as good sportsmanship is needed to handle difficult decisions in the pits. We have had Raceceiver problems this season and the RMLRA Board may meet Thursday evening to discuss several items of interest. If you have a decent two way radio headset that you would like to sell, please contact me and I will relay the information to the Board.

Legend Feature 30 Laps (unofficial)
1. Danny Medina
2. Scotty Scott
3. Blair Cooper
4. Nick Cooper
5. Wayne Barlock Jr
6. Ryan Jones
7. Travis Roe
8. Ryan Rudolph (R)
9. Zachary Witherwax
10. Darrell L. Stewart
11. Alfred Williams
12. Jason Hulvey
13. Larry Pachello
14. Kyle Clegg
15. Travis Rudolph (R)-1
16. Kynzer Riddell -1
17. Cody Dempster -1
18. Krystal Faulkingham -1
19. Dana Smith (R)-1
20. Paul Himler -1
21. Dean Kallas -1
22. Ray Oakley -1
23. Adam Powers (R) -1
24. Jessilyn Dike (R) -2
25. Rob Sears -2
26. Gregory Lee -3
27. Adam Romero -3
28. Cynthia Robb (R)-5
29. AJ Canada DNF
30. Austyn Radosta DNF
31. Ashlyn Himler DNF
Adam Pechman DNS

Legend Dash 10 Laps (unofficial)
1. Travis Rudolph
2. Dean Kallas
3. Krystal Faulkingham
4. Ray Oakley
5. Paul Himler
6. Adam Powers
7. Jessilyn Dike
8. Cynthia Robb
9. Adam Romero
10. Rob Sears
11. Gregory Lee
12. Ashlyn Himler

Legend Fast Dash 1 (unofficial)
1. Austyn Radosta
2. Alfred Williams
3. AJ Canada
4. Larry Pachello
5. Zachary Witherwax
6. Darrell L. Stewart
7. Jason Hulvey
8. Dana Smith
9. Kynzer Riddell

Legend Fast Dash 2
1. Kyle Clegg
2. Danny Medina
3. Nick Cooper
4. Blair Cooper
5. Cody Dempster
6. Ryan Jones
7. Scotty Scott
8. Wayne Barlock Jr
9. Ryan Rudolph
10. Travis Roe

I-25 Results - 5/21/2018

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Medina, Barlock. Rayl win at I-25 Speedway

Saturday was a cool and rainy day along the Rockies in Colorado, but the rain stopped just after 6PM and the track decided to run their racing program. Several cars left the pits thinking the rain would be the dominant factor controlling the days activities at I-25 Speedway. Racing got underway a little bit after eight o’clock and when the last Legend feature was completed it was after midnight. A very small crowd on hand possibly due to the weather. But those that were there saw some good races.

Eighteen RMLRA Legends and twelve Bandolero race cars were on hand for practice and with the rain falling late in the afternoon, time trials were not held. Legend races were very competitive and fast throughout the night. Wayne Barlock Jr had the fast time posted in practice. In the first feature Danny Medina crossed the finish line just ahead of Nick Cooper, Wayne Barlock, Cody Dempster and Scotty Scott. Good tough racing by all with your usual contact with bent bumpers through the race but all cars finished the race. #97 Ashlyn Himler made her rookie debut Saturday evening finishing both feature races. Give her some time to get used to the race car and she will be a competitor just like her dad Paul who drives the number eighty-eight Legend. This was the first win of the 2018 season for Danny.

In the second Legend feature Wayne Barlock won his first feature of the season with a real close race towards the end of the twenty-five lap race to the checkered flag. Barlock, Medina and Cooper all running very close had some contact in the turn one and Medina spun out but kept his car moving and no caution flag was thrown. I-25 is known to be a track that bends bumpers during the races. The number forty-eight had to be removed by the hook after contact among a couple of cars in turns three and four. It was reported in the tower that Cody Dempster had injured his shoulder. I did not hear anything later.

Nick Cooper finished second with Scotty Scott, Ryan Rudolph and Travis Roe as your top five finishers. Heat races were won by Dean Kallas and Wayne Barlock With a field of twelve Bandolero race cars in the pits before the rains came, ten cars started the feature race. Greg Rayl won the fifteen lap race with a few caution flags during the race. This was the second feature for the Bandolero class as it continues to build. Congratulations to those of you able to make the race with all the bad weather in Colorado. Corey Sefcovic finished second and Brody Moore was third. Andy Jones and Issac Almaswari were the fourth and fifth place finishers.

The number sixty-three of James Starcher made the long trip from Nebraska to race last night. His sixth place finish in the feature should have made him and his parents very happy. As we continue to build this class the main problem may have been mine with the Raceceiver, as I had trouble communicating with the drivers. Hey drivers and parents we will work it out and we will be running smoothly soon. Thanks for your help in starting the Bandolero’s of the RMLRA. Do talk with the drivers and see if they can tell whether or not they could hear me but did not know what to do, when trying to line them up for the restarts. Also make sure your car has a transponder in the car when racing at Big Country and I-25 Speedway.

Lilian McAfee and Greg Rayl won the heat races earlier in the evening.

For those of you who will be racing next weekend in Rumble in the Rockies do enjoy this three day weekend of racing. It is a lot of fun but also a lot of work to stay out of trouble on the track while racing. I am sorry to say that I will not be able to attend as my granddaughter graduates out of state. Someone will fill in for me on the Raceceiver.

Just a reminder to check on you INEX membership if you have sent it in over two weeks ago and have not heard from them.

Legend Feature #1
1. 15 Medina
2. 05 Cooper
3. 3 Barlock
4. 48 Dempster
5. 6 Scott L.
6. 46 Witherwax
7. 16 Roe
8. 88 Himler P.
9. 96 Rudolph R.(R)
10. 23 Radosta
11. 1 Smith (R)
12. 13 Hulvey
13. 53 Scott Ryan (R)
14. 33 Kallas
15. 44 Williams -1
16. 08 Faulkingham -1
17. 28 Powers (R)-1
18. 78 Himler A. (R)-1

Legend Feature #2
1. Barlock
2. Cooper
3. Scott L
4. Rudolph (R)
5. Roe
6. Witherwax
7. Hulvey
8. Himler P
9. Williams
10. Smith
11. Kallas -1
12. Faulkingham -1
13. Powers (R)-1
14. Medina -1
15. Dempster -6 DNF
16. Scott Ryan (R)-7 DNF
17. Himler A (R)-8

Bandolero Feature 15 Laps
1. 55 Greg Rayl O
2. 11 Corey Sefcovic B
3. 78 Brody Moore B
4. 22 Andy Jones B
5. 03 Isaac Almaswari O
6. 63 James Starcher B
7. 07 Aubrei Hilton B
8. 06 Mahkrysta Hilton O
9. 7 Kate Morse O
10. 10 Lillian McAfee O

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