HiWay 92 Results - 9/29/2018

posted Oct 4, 2018, 1:51 PM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA


Barlock and Moore win at Hwy 92
Barlock wins last Short Track Challenge Race
Travis Roe wins Short Track Challenge Championship in season 2018 finale

The #3 Legend car of Wayne Barlock Jr crossed the finish line ahead of DJ Stewart to win the HWY 92 SHOOTOUT Saturday evening. Wayne has won the last three feature races that have been raced by the RMLRA Legend cars, and now has eight feature wins for the season. With a fourth place finish at HWY 92 it appears to be a championship for Travis Roe. The Short Track Challenge champion will receive a nice trophy and check for his effort on the short tracks at the Awards Banquet.

In the Bandolero division Brody Moore, who has raced at all of the Bandolero races this  ason brought home  the checkered flag. This was his ninth win in the Bandit division this season.

Parents, drivers of the Bandolero class thank you for your help in promoting this new divisionof racing for the younger generation. This season the Bandoleros did a good job on the track and with a little organizing they will even be better next year. During the off season we need your input to raise the quality and excitement of these race cars. Whenever the meeting is set, bring your ideas with you. Please keep in mind that all engine and chassis rules are nation wideand it is up to your driver to develop their skills while racing their cars.

Legends Results Hwy 92 (unofficial results)
1. #3 Wayne Barlock Jr.
2. #30 Darrell J. Stewart
3. #05 Nick Cooper
4. #16 Travis Roe
5. #03 Darrell L. Stewart
6. #13 Jason Hulvey
7. #18 Kyle McCartney
8. #1 Dana Smith (R)
9. #7 Corey Seip
10. #08 Krystal Faulkingham
11. #78 Ashlyn Himler (R)

Legends quick time
1. Nick Cooper 14.964
2. Kyle McCartney 14.968
3. Wayne Barlock Jr. 14.986

Legends Trophy Dash (unofficial results)
1. Nick Cooper
2. Wayne Barlock
3. DJ Stewart
4. Jason Hulvey
5. Corey Seip
6. Ashlyn Himler

Legends heat Race (unofficial results)
1. Travis Roe
2. DL Stewart
3. Kyle McCartney
4. Dana Smith
5. Krystal Faulkingham

Bandolero Quick Time
1 Brody Moore 16.918
2. James Starcher 17.234
3. Andy Jones 17.242

Bandolero Trophy Dash (unofficial results)
1. Brody Moore
2. Andy Jones
3. Mahkrysta Hilton
4. James Starcher

Bandolero Heat Race (unofficial results)
1. Brody Moore
2. Andy Jones
3. Isaac Almaswari
4. Cale Smith
5. Aubrei Hilton
6. James Starcher
7. Mahkrysta Hilton

Bandolero Feature Results Hwy 92 (unofficial results)
1. #78 Brody Moore B
2. #22 Andy Jones O
3. #06 Mahkrysta Hilton O
4. #03 Isaac Almaswari O
5. #07 Aubrei Hilton B
6. #2 Cale Smith B
7. #63 James Starcher B

Rocky Mountain Legends and Bandolero season ends October 6, 2018

The final checkered flag for the RMLRA season of Legends and Bandoleros will fly this Saturday evening. The Legends will be racing at Big Country Speedway and it will be a double points event. It looks like Wayne Barlock can possibly win the 2018 championship for the third time. He is currently on top of the points list with one race to go, and that is a double points race, that could have some changes when finished. We will certainly know at the end of the race. His previous championships were in 2009 and 2014. Wayne started racing with the RMLRA in 2006. He has supported the RMLRA attending many races through the years. He
also holds the position of RMLRA vice president this season.

In second place as of this date is the #05 driver Nick Cooper. He also is a previous championand he was credited with winning the first RMLRA championship (Front Range Tour) in 2003.He started racing Legends in 2001. Nick left the Legends racing program in 2006 to work away from home. In 2017 he returned to race and rejoin many new drivers that had found their way into Legend racing.

It looks like Dana Smith of Laramie, Wyoming will be the 2018 ROTY. In a close race with Adam Powers throughout the season, Dana accumulated more points to claim the title. Ashlyn Himler in her very first season of racing attended many races and is still learning how to drive and race her Legend car.

The Bandoleros will close out their schedule at Colorado National Speedway. While several drivers are a few years older then some and have been racing in other classes before climbing into their Bandolero, there was a lot to learn. Racing side by side at times was fun to watch andother times, accidents happened on the track.

Racing by class the Outlaws had several drivers proving their talents. At times they could not be caught. Several of these drivers could not travel to the out of town tracks as their parents were racing at Colorado National Speedway. Lillian McAfee led the amount of races attended with a total of twenty-one. Isaac Almaswari and Mahkrysta Hilton attended nineteen races. Thanks to all of the parents and drivers for making this first Bandolero season successful.  In the Bandits division Brody Moore, twenty-two races, James Starcher and Aubrei Hilton were there for nineteen races. With a little organizing for the Bandoleros I feel that they will beputting on a great show next season.

The Bandolero national points are pretty much caught up on the National list. Other than having a few drivers listed in the wrong class we have corrected that now and Scotty has done a great job with all the entries for both classes of race cars.

It has been a great season for the Legends and Bandoleros with cars counts in the thirties at Colorado National Speedway. The Bandolero car count was over twenty, three times at CNS.  Make plans now to attend the RMLRA Awards Banquet November 3, 2018

I-25 Speedway Results - 9/22/2018

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Sorry for the Newsletter getting out late this week but the results were not available to me/

Legend Feature 30 Laps (unofficial results)
1. Wayne Barlock Jr.
2. Nick Cooper
3. Austyn Radosta
4. Zach Witherwax
5. Jason Hulvey
6. Blair Cooper
7. Paul Himler
8. Dana Smith
9. Krystal Faulkingham
10. Dean Kallas
11. Alfred Matthews
12. Adam Powers
13. Travis Roe
14. Ryan Scott
15. Cynthia Robb

Bandolero Feature 20 Laps (unofficial results)
1. Brody Moore B
2. Lilli McAfee O
3. Mahkrysta Hilton O
4. Isaac Almaswari O
5. Kate Morse/Koscheski O
6. James Starcher DNF B
7. Cale Smith DNF B
8. Aubrei Hilton DNF B
9. Greg Rayl Jr DQ O (did not go to tech after race)

Sorry for the unofficial results but this is what I received. Thanks for racing Saturday evening. The season is coming to the end for a lot of you and you might be wanting to sell your car and upgrade to the newer model with the new engine package. You may have a lot of extra parts to possibly sell. On our web page we offer members a classified want ads section. The person you need to contact for placing an ad on this web site is Scotty Scott at If you need any questions answered about placing an ad contact Scotty.

One other item to pass along to drivers and car owners. If you have bought parts or borrowed them while at the track, it is time to return the parts or settle up with whom you borrowed from. Do read the USLegends ads on their web site for sales on all Legend parts an items. The INEX membership for 2019 is usually available to purchase during the months of December-January at a discount price. With the RMLRA Newsletter I will try to keep everyone advised to that information. For those of you who plan to attend the Asphalt Nationals in Las Vegas, be prepared for a lot of good competition from drivers around the country.

The RMLRA Banquet is being set up and it looks like it will be held November 18, 2018 at the Elks Club in Westminster. The hours scheduled for this event is 1-6 PM This Awards Banquet will be for Legend and Bandolero drivers, parents and friends. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Many trophies and awards will be handed out to both divisions. Just by attending the banquet you could be taking home a great gift that has been donated to the club to pass along to people that are attending this event.

To those of you who have become part of the Bandolero racing group, thank you for all you have contributed to the Bandolero Racing program. We have had some problems this season being the first season for these cars. We hope to be able to hold a meeting or two soon to plan for the 2019 season. Your attendance and input of information at this time will be deeply appreciated. When we have these meetings, don’t be afraid to make comments such as the schedule and other items that might come up. Bandolero car owners we want everyone to play on the same page of the rule book as everyone does. Bandoleros and Legends are governed
by the rule book and tech will come into play more next season, so watch what you try to change. To both classes the rule book reads.

If this rulebook does not specifically say that you can change / modify / add something,then you must consider the change / modification / addition is illegal.

Tech is a part of spec racing that the Legends and Bandoleros race in. It is very important that you go to tech after races. Drivers should be told at the pit meetings or on the Raceceiver who needs to go to tech. It is a learning experience for new drivers.

Bandolero car owners, If you want to race during the winter there are several tracks out west where you can go and race. I would get in touch with them and see if there are any rules pertaining to what gears they may make mandatory for their track. For Bandolero Outlaws, be prepared to race against drivers several years older than what you raced against here in Colorado.

CNS Results - 9/15/2018

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Wayne Barlock wins very close feature at CNS
Clegg wins CNS track championship
Ryan Rudolph CNS ROTY

The Colorado National Speedway part of the RMLRA racing season came to an end with Wayne Barlock Jr winning The Elite V Twin Legend Feature. Kyle Clegg who won the Legend Car track championship tried the ultimate challenge of starting last to try for a bonus cash payout if he could start at the back of the starting grid and win the feature. His luck ran out on him as the feature started thirty two cars and went green, white checker for twenty five laps. Kyle finished fifth in this spectacular race with drivers all over the track. The leaders of the race did a great job of passing the lapped cars with just a small opening at times. The slower cars did a great job of giving them the opportunity to get bye them. At the finish line it was Barlock, Scheidemantle, Dempster and DJ Stewart all within 0.877 of a second.

The Legends and Bandoleros will be on the track at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo this coming Saturday night. With only three races left you might give these tracks a try.

Two cars on the track for the first time this season #26 Chris Brunker and #61 Chris was on the track with his Legend for the first time this season. It was good to see his car back on the track. The #61 car was just purchased recently and they were on the track for the first time with it.

Their were thirty three Legend cars on hand last night. Thirty one qualified with Kyle Clegg with the top time of 18.740, Cody Dempster with a time of 18.789 was second fastest.

Congratulations to Kyle Clegg on the CNS track championship this season and also to Ryan Rudolph who was named Rookie of the Year in the Legend car division. This was Kyle’s fifth CNS track championship.

Plans are being made for the RMLRA Banquet and the date will be released soon. You were handed out ballots for you to vote for driver awards at this banquet. Please return your votes to a Board Member before September 29th.

Colorado National Speedway will be holding their banquet on November 3, 2018 Do try to attend.

Elite V Twin Legend Feature 25 Laps (unofficial results)
1. 3 Wayne Barlock 18.836
2. 98 Brent Scheidmantle 18.923
3. 48 Cody Dempster 18.916
4. 30 Darrell J. Stewart 18.958
5. 66 Kyle Clegg 18.741
6. 15 Danny Medina 18.826
7. 05 Nick Cooper 18.948
8. 96 Ryan Rudolph (R) 19.125
9. 32 Blair Cooper 19.125
10. 03 Darrell L. Stewart 19.233
11. 46 Zachary Witherwax 19.171
12. 44 Alfred Matthews 19.253
13. 00 Christopher Saykally R 19.252
14. 86 Travis Rudolph R 19.310
15. 88 Paul Himler 19.448
16. 23 Austyn Radosta
17. 13 Jason Hulvey
18. 19 Larry Pachello
19. 33 Dean Kallas -1
20. 08 Krystal Faulkingham -1
21. 28 Adam Powers R -1
22. 27 Ray Oakley -1
23. 9 Terry McBride -1
24. 43 Rob Sears -2
25. 72 Cynthia Robb R -2
26. 95 Jessilyn Dike R -3
27. 10 Adam Romero -3
28. 20 Kynzer Riddell -3
29. 78 Ashlyn Himler -5
30. 16 Travis Roe -5
31. 26 Chris Brunker -9 DNF
32. 51 AJ Canada -24 DNF

Legends Fast Dash 10 Laps (unofficial results)
1. 3 Barlock
2. 15 Medina
3. 66 Clegg
4. 98 Scheidemantle
5. 48Dempster
6. 30 DJ Stewart
7. 05 N. Cooper
8. 16 Roe
9. 96 R. Rudolph
10. 44 Matthews

Legend Dash 1 10 Laps (unofficial results)
1. 46 Witherwax
2. 03 DL Stewart
3. 23 Radosta
4. 26 Brunker
5. 86 T. Rudolph
6. 00 Saykally
7. 33 Kallas
8. 88 P. Himler
9. 32 B. Cooper
10. 08 Faulkingham

Legend Dash 2 10 Laps (unofficial results)
1. 13 Hulvey
2. 19 Pachello
3. 20 Riddell
4. 9 McBride
5. 28 Powers
6. 27 Oakley
7. 72 Robb
8. 10 Romero
9. 43 Sears
10. 95 Dike
11. 78 A. Himler
12. 51 Canada DNF

I-25 Speedway Results - 9/8/2018

posted Sep 10, 2018, 2:35 PM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA   [ updated Sep 10, 2018, 2:35 PM ]

Medina wins 30 Lap Legend Feature @ Short Track Challenge
Starcher wins 15 Lap Bandolero Feature @ I-25 Speedway

Danny Medina driving the number three Legend car of Wayne Barlock won the thirty lap feature Saturday evening at his home town speedway. I have mentioned this before but this speedway has seen him on this track since the middle nineties with a lot of track time under his belt. He is very tough to beat on this track. Saturday evening Danny climbed into the #3 car of Wayne Barlock and drove the number three to victory. Thanks to these two drivers teaming up to provide the race car to race. Wayne was reportedly out of town Saturday evening.

Fourteen Legend cars on hand to race this past Saturday evening. I was not able to attend the races. Nine Bandolero cars made the trip south to race and according to my notes young James Starcher from Lyman, NE won his first Bandolero feature. Congratulations to the winners of the feature races Saturday evening.

Legend cars will return to Colorado National Speedway this coming weekend, Saturday, September 15, 2018 This will be the last race of the season at CNS for Legend cars. The Bandolero cars are not racing this weekend but will return to I-25 with the Legends to close out the I-25 Speedway racing season for the RMLRA with a double points race for both divisions on Sept. 22, 2018

The Legends and Bandolero cars will travel to Hwy 92 in Gering, Nebraska for a race on September 29th. This will be the last Short Track Challenge of the season. The RMLRA season comes to an end on October 6. The Legends will be in Cheyenne at Big Country Speedway for a double points race. The Bandoleros will close out their first season at Colorado National Speedway. Thank you Bandolero parents who have made this an exciting class to be part of.

Plans for the 2019 season will need to be structured for a better understanding of what the Bandolero races are. Maybe a couple of meeting can be held to help this movement. Several drivers did not complete their INEX drivers license and have not been getting national points. If you do not see your name on the national points it means that you did not complete the application for your INEX license. Talk to me in the pits Saturday and we can discuss it if youdo not have received your INEX license.

Legend 30 Lap Feature (unofficial results)
1. #3 Danny Medina
2. #05 Nick Cooper
3. #46 Zach Witherwax
4. #6 Scotty Scott
5. #51 AJ Canada
6. #00 Chris Saykally
7. #1 Dana Smith
8. #44 Alfred Matthews
9. #28 Adam Powers
10. #13 Jason Hulvey
11. #16 Travis Roe
12. #33 Dean Kallas
13. #53 Ryan Scott
14. #08 Krystal Faulkingham
15. #88 Paul Himler
16. #9 Terry McBride
17. #78 Ashlyn Himler DNS

Bandolero 15 Lap Feature (unofficial results)
1. #63 James Starcher B
2. #78 Brody Moore B
3. #06 Mahkyrsta Hilton O
4. #10 Lilli McAfee O
5. #03 Isaac Almaswari O
6. #22 Andy Jones O
7. #2 Cale Smith B
8. #07 Aubrei Hilton B
9. #11 Tyler Sefcovic B

CNS Results - 9/1/2018

posted Sep 4, 2018, 1:16 PM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA

Clegg wins a close fought race at CNS

Chello Milligan wins Bandolero Fast Feature

An excellent race to the checkered flag Saturday evening as Chris Eggleston led many laps through the almost perfect fast paced race. Kyle Clegg got under Eggleston coming out of turn four with two laps to go to win the feature race. One caution flag was thrown early in the race as the race began to build toward the exciting finish that the fans watched. DJ Stewart and Cody Dempster also led laps during this race.

Twenty seven Legend’s were in the pits to start the evening. The Bandolero car count had twenty one cars. A great turnout for both divisions. Both the Legends and Bandolero’s will be on the track at I-25 September 8, 2018 This will be a Short Track Challenge Race, Race #5 of 6.

One main thing that I want to mention again is the lack of Receiver use during the hot lap practice in the afternoon. I have seen it week after week that we have a spin on the track and a car is blocking the track and after attempts to slow down the cars on the track, there are several cars still running hard. Do use your Raceceiver at CNS to help alleviate the possibility of damaging cars when the caution flag is thrown. The key to the Bandolero and Legend race cars are the communication that we have from tower to race car. The Raceceiver channel for Legend and Bandolero race cars is always #1161 (464.5000) If you are not using a Raceceiver model make sure you are on frequency 464.5000 The only time that we would change channels on race day would be when somebody would not be able to be on hand to monitor the use of the Raceceiver. You would be notified of the change.

The Bandolero race cars had a good evening of racing and thanks to all of you who helped place twenty-one cars on the track to race. Chello Milligan won his first feature of the season at Colorado National Speedway driving his number eighteen bandolero car. Results of all Bandolero races are listed below.

Legend 25 Lap Feature (unofficial results)
1. 66 Kyle Clegg (18.778)
2. 22 Chris Eggleston (18.808)
3. 48 Cody Dempster (18.923)
4. 3 Wayne Barlock Jr. (18.915)
5. 30 DJ Stewart (18.908)
6. 05 Nick Cooper (19.001)
7. 32 Blair Cooper (18.990)
8. 6 L. Scotty Scott (18.978)
9. 03 DL Stewart (19.130)
10. 16 Travis Roe (18.946)
11. 46 Zachary Witherwax (19.222)
12. 23 Austyn Radosta (19.105)
13. 96 Ryan Rudolph R (19.136)
14. 44 Alfred Matthews (19.196)
15. 20 Kynzer Riddell (19.575)
16. 13 Jason Hulvey
17. 88 Paul Himler
18. 08 Krystal Faulkingham
19. 33 Dean Kallas -1
20. 1 Dana Smith R -1
21. 28 Adam Powers R -1
22. 43 Rob Sears R -2
23. 95 Jessilyn Dike R -3
24. 72 Cynthia Robb R -3
25. 78 Ashlyn Himler R -5
26. 00 Chris Saykally R -21 DNF
27. 27 Ray Oakley DNS

Legends 10 Lap Fast Dash (unofficial results)
1. Kyle Clegg
2. Chris Eggleston
3. Scotty Scott
4. Wayne Barlock Jr.
5. Nick Cooper
6. Cody Dempster
7. Blair Cooper
8. DL Stewart
9. Zachary Witherwax
10. DJ Stewart
11. Travis Roe
12. Austyn Radosta
13. Ryan Rudolph
14. Alfred Matthews

Legends 10 Lap Dash (unofficial results)
1. Faulkingham
2. Hulvey
3. Riddell
4. Kallas
5. Powers
6. Robb
7. Sears
8. Dike
9. Saykally
10. A. Himler
11. P. Himler
Smith DNS
Oakley DNS

Bandolero 10 Lap Fast Feature (unofficial results)
1. 18 Chello Milligan O
2. 03 Isaac Almaswari O
3. 3 Nandini Breggin O
4. 22 Andy Jones O
5. 16 Cullen Lewis O
6. 10 Lilli McAfee O
7. 06 Mahkrysta Hilton O
8. 78 Brody Moore B
9. 7X Kate Morse O
10. 55 Greg Rayl O

Bandolero 10 Lap Feature (unofficial results)
1. 51 Hutson Milligan B
2. 07 Aubrei Hilton O
3. 17 Cooper Lewis B
4. 2 Cale Smith B
5. 63 James Starcher B
6. 8 Danielle Walbaum B
7. 29 Ashlee Richard B
8. 11 Corey Sefcovic B
9. 05 Solomon DeBauche O
10. 52 Nic Wall O
11. 99 Isaiah Scott B

Bandolero Group A Dash
1. 07 Aubrei Hilton
2. 51 Hutson Millican
3. 11 Corey Sefcovic
4. 52 Nic Wall
5. 05 Solomon Debauche

Bandolero Group B Dash
1. 2 Cale Smith
2. 99 Isaiah Scott
3. 17 Cooper Lewis
4. 8 Danielle Walbaum
5. 29 Ashlee Richard
6. 63 James Starcher

Bandolero Group A Fast Dash
1. 16 Cullen Lewis
2. 18 Chello Milligan
3. 3 Nandini Breggin
4. 55 Greg Rayl
5. 03 Isaac Almaswari

Bandolero Group B Fast Dash
1. 06 Mahkrysta Hilton
2. 10 Lilli McAfee
3. 78 Brody Moore
4. 22 Andy Jones
5. 7X Kate Morse

FZ09 Review - Wild Life Racing - 8/27/2018

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Darrell J Stewart’s FZ09 Initial Thoughts

ARVADA, COLORADO | August 27th, 2018 | Wildlife Racing | RMLRA

For the last four years, my dad and I have been travelling the country racing legend cars. In that time we have faced multiple challenges; including: learning new tracks, perfecting setups for our local tracks, and racing with the likes of Jason Irwin, Peyton Saxton, Kyle Clegg, Danny Medina, and many more of the talented drivers met across the country. However, none of those compare to the curveball that INEX and U.S. Legend Cars International (USLCI) threw at us this season.

As I am sure most of you in the front range area know by now, we are running the brand new motor platform that was released earlier this season – the Yamaha FZ09. We were lucky enough to get one of the first few in the country thanks to Tim Brockhouse of Great North Legends and were able to bring it back home for everyone here to see. Being that we had one of the first few, a few bugs were to be expected and we have had a few. Chad Honeycutt with the engine department has been nothing but supportive when it came to working through these minor problems and perfecting this motor package for everyone who takes this step into the future of legend racing.

We are now 7 race nights in with this motor and we are finally starting to figure it out. Compared to the Yamaha 1200 or 1250, this thing is a different animal and requires you to not only adapt your setup to it, but driving style as well. Due to the lack of torque that the FZ09 has in comparison to the 1250s, it struggles a little bit on corner exit. However, it makes up for it down the straightway because it does not fall off like the 1250. One big hurdle with the new motor is finding the right rear end gear. Due to the 6 speed transmission and redline at ~11,300 as opposed to ~10,500, we have found ourselves running completely different gears than we typically would at every track we have been to so far. Overall, though, I believe that this new motor package is about as perfect as it can get as far as being competitive with the 1250. When we were up in Wisconsin, a 1250 won all 3 races, however the few of us that had the FZ09 were not too far behind. At a two day show in Gering, Nebraska, we were able to get the car down to the times that I had run in my old car last year on the tight ¼ mile. We missed quicktime Friday (which was set at a 14.83 by Nick Cooper) then proceeded to get quicktime Saturday at a 14.83. I also hopped in Wayne Barlock Jr’s sedan and ran a 14.84.  I think that is about as close as you can get for being a competitive platform. The first time at the fast ⅜ mile, Colorado National Speedway (CNS), it ran 18.9’s in the main. After another rear end gear change and setup modifications, we got it down to the 18.7’s on our second race we ran at CNS; mirroring the times I was able to achieve in my dad’s 1250 a few weeks prior. We will see if we can get it faster this coming weekend.

Overall, I think this is a great choice for these cars in the long run. Although the upfront investment may be  intimidating to some, the longevity of the FZ09 far surpasses that of the 1250. However, if you have a 1250 or 1200, my personal opinion is keep it and run it. They can run just as well as the new package and have proven that across the country. DO NOT think your 1250 is obsolete.

Again, thanks to Tim Brockhouse with Great North Legends and the engine department at USLCI for letting us guinea pig one of these motors. They have all worked with us closely to make it as competitive and reliable as possible. Feel free to ask questions if you see us at the track.

RMLRA Sponsor: Camber Cutters In The News - 8/27/2018

posted Sep 4, 2018, 1:08 PM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA

ZACH FRAZER RACING and CamberCutters Tires

LOVELAND, COLORADO | August 27, 2018 | Gary Cagle, CamberCutters

Zach Frazer got started riding motorcycles early. In 2009 his grandfather, who had partially owned a NASCAR Nationwide Series team, bought him a 600 Racing Bandolero. He took to it fast winning several races in the opening year for Zach Frazer Racing (ZFR). In 2011 he stepped up to Legends. He started with a sedan and won several races; always finishing strong. 2014 saw the car damaged beyond repair as it hit a wall from a competitor’s motor blowing up and oiling down the track. 

Frazer made the move from California to North Carolina in 2015 to work for Biagi-Denbeste Racing in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. He worked on all sides of the car from setup to fabrication and traveled with the team to the tracks. Later that year he bought a new Legends coupe chassis and body to build from the ground up.
2016 ZFR decided to focus on local races back home; a 2-track championship in Lakeport and Ukiah, CA. ZFR contacted Gary Cagle at Camber Cutters to supply tires for the season. Cagle and ZFR quickly sparked a winning partnership. They discussed tire cuts and came upon one that worked extremely well. He won 5 out of 13 races that year and was never out of the top 3.  That consistency was partially due to the CamberCutters tires. ZFR won the championship that year.

Zach is now concentrating on finishing college at Boise State and will continue to race when time allows.
Some of the tracks ZFR raced were—
  • Madera Speedway
  • Stockton Speedway
  • All American Speedway
  • Ukiah Speedway
  • Lakeport Speedway
  • Redwood Acres Speedway.

BCS Results - 8/25/2018

posted Aug 27, 2018, 9:34 AM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA   [ updated Aug 27, 2018, 9:34 AM ]

DJ Stewart wins Legend Short Track Challenge feature at BCS
Greg Rayl wins 20 Lap Bando Feature

It was a great night for racing and the when the rain stayed away from the speedway the Legend cars and Bandoleros put on a great night of racing for the fans. I might mention that there was a good turnout of fans in the stands to watch all the races Saturday evening. Sixteen Legends and ten Bandolero cars made the trip to Cheyenne to race. I can never say enough thanks to all of the cars and drivers that take time to race their cars and travel to theserace tracks.

The top Legend qualifier in the Legends was Darrell J. Stewart with a 14.110. Nick Cooper at 14.194 and DL Stewart with a 14.200 The Bandolero cars also had the same two lap qualifying session as the the Legends and Greg Rayl was the top Bando qualifier with a !5.823, Lilli McAfee at 15.857 and Isaac Almaswari with a 15.905 These were the top three cars.

Legend Trophy Dash winner was Travis Roe, followed by Wayne Barlock and L. Scotty Scott.  Paul Himler was victorious in Heat #1 and Darrell J. Stewart won Heat #2.

Bandolero Trophy Dash winner was #2 Cale Smith. Greg Rayl and Isaac Almaswari chased
him to the checkered flag. Mahkrysta Hilton won the Heat #1 race and Greg Rayl won the Heat
#2 race.

Labor Day Weekend Schedule

Legends and Bandolero drivers will be back on the track at Colorado National Speedway, this Saturday, September 1, 2018 The Bandolero drivers had a good race August 18th and will probably have another good turn out of cars in the Bandolero division for this weeks races. After racing on Saturday all drivers and crews could possibly sit back and relax for a couple of days enjoying the Labor Day Holiday. Good luck to all drivers this weekend.

Legend 25 Lap Feature (unofficial results)
1. #30 DJ Stewart
2. #05 Nick Cooper
3. #3 Wayne Barlock
4. #6 L. Scotty Scott
5. #03 DL Stewart
6. #16 Travis Roe
7. #44 Alfred Matthews
8. #1 Dana Smith
9. #13 Jason Hulvey
10. #88 Paul Himler
11. #08 Faulkingham
12. #28 Adam Powers
13. #33 Dean Kallas
14. #27 Ray Oakley
15. #43 Rob Sears
16. #78 Ashlyn Himler

Trophy Dash 8 Laps (unofficial results)
1. Travis Roe 14.318
2. Wayne Barlock 14.246
3. Scotty Scott 14.251
4. Nick Cooper 14.226
5. DJ Stewart 14.215
6. DL Stewart 14.346

Heat #1 12 Laps (unofficial results)
1. Paul Himler 14.507
2. Jason Hulvey 14.606
3. Adam Powers 14.585
4. Dean Kallas 14.549
5. Krystal Faulkingham 14.666
6. Ray Oakley 14.854
7. Rob Sears 15.282
8. Ashlyn Himler 15.743

Heat #2 12 Laps (unofficial results)
1. Darrell J. Stewart (14.063
2. Wayne Barlock 14.135
3. Nick Cooper 14.128
4. Scotty Scott 14.153
5. Darrell L. Stewart 14.188
6. Travis Roe 14.342
7. Alfred Matthews 14.337
8. Dana Smith 14.374

Bandolero 20 Lap Feature (unofficial results)
1. #55 Greg Rayl O
2. #03 Isaac Almaswari O
3. #10 Lilli McAfee O
4. #78 Brody Moore B
5. #2 Cale Smith B
6. #07 Aubrei Hilton O
7. #06 Mahkrysta Hilton B
8. #22 Andy Jones O
9. #11 Tyler Sefcovic B
10. #63 James Starcher B

Bandolero Trophy Dash 8 Laps (unofficial results)
1. Cale Smith
2. Greg Rayl
3. Isaac Almaswari
4. Lilli McAfee
5. Aubrei Hilton
6. Broody Moore

Heat #1 12 Laps (unofficial results)
1. Mahkrysta Hilton
2. Aubrei Hilton
3. Andy Jones-Crull
4. Tyler Sefcovic
5. James Starcher

Heat #2 12 Laps (unofficial results)
1. Greg Rayl
2. Broody Moore
3. Isaac Almaswari
4. Lilli McAfee
5. Cale Smith

CNS Results - 8/18/2018

posted Aug 21, 2018, 6:51 PM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA

Kyle Clegg wins CNS Legend Feature at Colorado National

A good evening for racing on Saturday for the RMLRA Legends and Bandolero”s. The Legend turnout of twenty-four Legend cars were good enough to put on a good evening of Legend races. The car count was down a few cars as drivers possibly taking a night off from the schedule to rest up for the last six weeks of the schedule.

Legend’s and Bandolero’s will be back on the track Saturday August 25, 2018 at Big Country Speedway in Cheyenne. If you have the time try to make it up to these races. Bandolero cars that have never been on the track may just enjoy this track. It is a short quarter mile track and young drivers may just find this as a good track to race on. The track is open for practice on Wednesdays till dusk. This season has been pretty much a beginners season for many.

In the Legends twenty five lap main event Kyle Clegg won the race and took the lead early and won his eighth feature on the season. Danny Medina, Cody Dempster, Nick Cooper and Darrell J. Stewart were your top five finishers. The race was called official when the leader took the white flag for lap twenty five. Shortly after, cars spun in turn one and the caution flag was thrown, the race was officially over.

A special thanks to John Krizman a former RMLRA Legend driver who helps out as an INEX tech official. John was your tech official Saturday evening.

Leg Qualifying: Kyle Clegg 18.741
Legend Dash #51 AJ Canada 19.402
Legend Fast Dash #66 Kyle Clegg 18.709

Bandolero Features won by Aubrei Hilton and Greg Wall

The Bandolero cars had a field of eighteen cars and two features were run dividing the cars up into Fast and Slow Features. Aubrei Hilton won the slow feature in her #07 race car. She redeemed herself from last weeks races in Gering. Finishing behind her in the top three was #05 Solomon DeBauche and #51Hutson Milligan.

Greg Rayl driving the #55 raced to his second straight Bandolero win in the Fast Feature, by crossing the finish line ahead of #3 Nandini Breggin and #03 Isaac Almaswari.

Just a word to our Bandolero class, have fun while driving your car and learning to be on the track with other cars around you. Always remember that you have to finish the race to win it.  And keep in mind that everyone in our RMLRA Bandolero cars are beginners.

Legend Feature 24 Laps (unofficial results)
1. #66 Kyle Clegg 18.650
2. #15 Danny Medina 18.718
3. #48 Cody Dempster 18.805
4. #05 Nick Cooper 18.780
5. #30 DJ Stewart 18.796
6. #32 Blair Cooper 18.898
7. #6 Scotty Scott 18.925
8. #16 Travis Roe 18.883
9. #96 Ryan Rudolph (R)18.951
10. #03 DL Stewart 19.021
11. #46 Zach Witherwax
12. #44 Alfred Matthews
13. #51 AJ Canada
14. #86 Travis Rudolph (R)
15. #08 Krystal Faulkingham
16. #13 Jason Hulvey
17. #20 Kynzer Riddell
18. #88 Paul Himler
19. #28 Adam Powers (R)
20. #9 Terry McBride
21. #95 Jessilyn Dike (R)-1
22. #72 Cynthia Robb (R)-4
23. #78 Ashlyn Himler (R)-5
24. #33 Dean Kallis -11 DNF

Legend Dash 10 Laps
1. AJ Canada
2. Kynzer Riddell
3. Jason Hulvey
4. Krystal Faulkingham
5. Paul Himler
6. Travis Rudolph
7. Dean Kallis
8. Terry McBride
9. Adam Powers
10. Cynthia Robb
11. Jessilyn Dike
12. Ashlyn Himler

Legend Fast Dash 10 Laps
1. Kyle Clegg
2. Danny Medina
3. Cody Dempster
4. Nick Cooper
5. Scotty Scott
6. DJ Stewart
7. Ryan Rudolph
8. Travis Roe
9. Blair Cooper
10. DJ Stewart
11. Zach Witherwax
12. Alfred Matthews

Bandolero Fast Feature
1. #55 Greg Rayl O
2. #3 Nandini Breggin O
3. #03 Issac Almaswari O
4. #16 Cullen Lewis O
5. #18 Chello Milligan O
6. #10 Lilli McAfee O
7. #78 Brody Moore B
8. #06 Mahkrysta Hilton O
9. #22 Andy Jones O

Bandolero Feature
1. #07 Aubrei Hilton B
2. #05 Solomon DeBauche O
3. #51 Hutson Milligan B
4. #52 Nic Wall B
5. #11 Corey Sefcovic B
6. #8 Danielle Walbaum B
7. #29 Ashlee Richards B
8. #99 Isaiah Scott B
9. #17 Cooper Lewis B

Bandolero Group A
1. #17 Cooper Lewis
2. #07 Aubrei Hilton
3. #8 Danielle Walbaum
4. #51 Hutson Milligan

Bandolero Group B
1. #99 Isaiah Scott
2. #11 Corey Sefcovic
3. #52 Nic Wall
4. #05 Solomon DeBauche
5. #29 Ashlee Richard

Bandolero A Fast
1. #55 Greg Rayl
2. #16 Cullen Lewis
3. #3 Nandini Breggin
4. #06 Mahkrysta Hilton
5. #03 Isaac Almaswari

Bandolero B Fast
1. #18 Chello Milligan
2. #10 Lilli McAfee
3. #78 Brody Moore
4. #22 Andy Jones

HiWay 92 Results - 8/11/2018

posted Aug 14, 2018, 1:25 PM by Larrel Scott - RMLRA

DJ Stewart sweeps three feature races at Hwy 92

Your reporter was not on the road this past weekend so this will be a results report with just a little news to pass on.
Fifteen Legend cars made the trip to Gering for the weekend and approximately eight Bandolero cars on hand for the races.

In the Legends features it appears that Wildlife Racing has figured out the new FZ09 three cylinder engine, and took the checkered flag three times over the weekend. Three main event wins for the young pro is quite an accomplishment. Darrell L. Stewart had a good weekend also with two second place finishes. Lots of points were up for grabs with these three races. The points are in the process of being posted on the RMLRA web site.

Again thanks to all the car owners and drivers who took time out to race this past weekend.No more doubleheaders on the schedule for the rest of the season.

Legends & Bandolero races Saturday August 18, 2018 @ CNS

No rest this weekend as the racers for both divisions will be back at Colorado National Speedway. Legend National points have been posted. A nice group of local Masters in the top ten.

Friday Nights Double Points Legends Main (unofficial results)
1. #30 DJ Stewart
2. #3 Wayne Barlock
3. #6 Scotty Scott
4. #05 Nick Cooper
5. #1 Dana Smith
6. #18 Kyle McCartney
7. #03 DL Stewart
8. #16 Travis Roe
9. #13 Jason Hulvey
10. #88 Paul Himler
11. #28 Adam Powers
12. #08 Krystal Faulkingham
13. #53 Ryan Scott
14. #78 Ashlyn Himler
Quick Time #05 Nick Cooper 14.83
Heat #1 #30 DJ Stewart
Heat #2 #3 Wayne Barlock

Bandolero Feature (unofficial results)
1. #10 Lilli McAfee O
2. #55 Greg Rayl O
3. #78 Brody Moore B
4. #03 Isaac Almaswari O
5. #06 Mahkrysta Hilton B
6. #07 Aubrei Hilton O
7. #05 Solomon DeBauche O
8. #63 James Starcher B

Bando quick Time #55 Greg Rayl 17.131(unofficial results listed for Bandolero Races
Heat #1 #10 Lilli McAfee
Heat #2 #78 Brody Moore

Saturday Night Legends Double Feature Main #1
1. #30 DJ Stewart
2. #03 DL Stewart
3. #05 Nick Cooper
4. #18 Kyle McCartney
5. #88 Paul Himler
6. #16 Travis Roe
7. #13 Jason Hulvey
8. #08 Krystal Faulkingham
9. #28 Adam Powers
10. #78 Ashlyn Himler
11. #1 Dana Smith
12. #6 L. Scotty Scott
13. #53 Ryan Scott
14. #3 Wayne Barlock Jr
15 #01 Phil Peconi

Legends Quick Time #30 Darrell J Stewart 14.830
Heat #1 #30 DJ Stewart
Heat #2 #6 Scotty Scott

Saturday Night Legends Double Feature Main #2
1. DJ Stewart
2. DL Stewart
3. Wayne Barlock Jr.
4. Nick Cooper
5. Kyle McCartney
6. Travis Roe
7. Dana Smith
8. Paul Himler
9. Adam Powers
10. Jason Hulvey
11. Krystal Faulkingham
12. Ryan Scott
13. Ashlyn Himler
14. Scotty Scott DNS
15. Phil Peconi DNS

Bandolero Main Saturday August 11, 2018
1. #55 Greg Rayl O
2. #10 Lilli McAfee O
3. #78 Brody Moore B
4. #03 Isaac Almaswari O
5. #05 Solomon DeBauche O
6. #06 Mahkrysta Hilton B
7. #07 Aubrei Hilton O
8. #63 James Starcher B

Bandolero Quick Time #10 Lilli McAfee 16.84
Heat #1 Greg Rayl
Heat #2 Aubrei Hilton

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