RMLRA Newsletter - 7/24/2019

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Legends rained out at Colorado National Speedway

Twenty-six Legends on hand Saturday evening to go racing, but the rain moved in about six o’clock and the track called the races right after qualifying. Darrell J Stewart led all drivers with a qualifying time 18.176

This Saturday July 27th the Legends and Bandoleros will be racing at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo. We have had a low car count for both divisions at our short tracks and could use some support from those of you not traveling to these tracks. The payouts at these tracks depend on how many cars are in the pits. I can tell you that I-25 Speedway with twenty plus cars, the payoff is $500.00 to win, $300.00 for second and $200.00 for third.

We are now past the half way portion of our racing schedule for 2019. We have seen a growth of Legends for this season with many new drivers joining us to race their Legend car. There are two great weekends of racing coming up starting with the make up date of a rainout at Intermountain Speedway in Cheyenne. That makeup date will be Friday evening August 2. Racers will then travel to CNS for their regular scheduled race, Saturday, August 3rd. Thanks to all of our new drivers this season. With all of our drivers support at CNS we have had a very successful season so far.

A two night racing weekend on August 9-10 at Hwy 92 in Gering, Nebraska will feature a guaranteed winners purse of $1500.00 The payout for this race has been elevated and guaranteed for the Saturday night feature race. Saturday’s payoff includes:

$1500 to win
$750 for 2nd
$500 for 3rd
$100 to start
50 laps

The Friday night race will be a normal twenty-five lap race. More information to come later.Make your motel reservations now.

One last bit of information to pass along to you is that the #61 car of LD Smith is for sale. Let me know and I can help you contact him. The car is in Commerce City.

CNS qualifying July 20, 2019
1. #30 Darrell J. Stewart 18.176
2. #16 Travis Roe 18.200
3. #15 Danny Medina 18.212
4. #66 Kyle Clegg 18.276
5. #21 Ryan Jones 18.299
6. #6 Scotty Scott 18.328
7. #46 Zachary Witherwax 18.343
8. #03 D L Stewart 18.427
9. #27 Ray Oakley 18.502
10. #25A Michael Anderson 18.574
11. #44 Alfred Matthews 18.616
12. #00 Chris Saykally 18.670
13. #53 Ryan Scott 18.725
14. #37 Tanner Scarberry 18.762
15. #88 Paul Himler 18.776
16. #8 Eric Hipkins 18.779
17. #04 Natalie Foster 18.886
18. #75 Austin Hackenberg 18.965
19. #28 Adam Powers 19.000
20. #9 Terry McBride 19.129
21. #97 Bill Blevins 19.156
22. #26 Chris Brunker 19.312
23. #95 Jessilyn Dike 19.791
24. #43 Robert Sears 20.203
25. #78 Ashlyn Himler 20.462
26. #72 Cynthia Robb 20.679

RMLRA Newsletter - 7/19/2019

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The Legends and Bandoleros return to I-25 on July 27th.

Barlock and Moore win National Qualifiers races at I-25

A very small field of eight Legends turned out for the national qualifier at I-25 Speedway
Saturday evening. We have problems when only eight cars are on hand to race a qualifier. It
used to be a large turnout to race even though you had no thoughts to go to the nationals.
Thanks to all of you who made the trip to race this past weekend.

Wayne Barlock won the feature race in the Legend cars division with Corey Seip second and
Chris Saykally in third place.

Brody Moore won the Bandolero feature, with Chasen Groff second and Zach Morris third.
Still several drivers in Bandolero class without completed INEX.  Several drivers in this division need to complete their INEX application if you have received a email back from B. Beck at USLegendcars. Drivers that have no INEX license are receiving no national points until completed. You have to do this to compete and protect yourself with the insurance if needed.

Legends return to CNS this weekend July 20

Racing returns to Colorado National Speedway this Saturday evening. Car counts at this speedway have been great this season with thirty or more cars on several dates. The new racing surface has been a plus for the Legends. Lap times have come down by about a half second since the repaving of the track.

Legend Feature (unofficial results)
1. 2 Barlock
2. 7 Seip
3. 00 Saykally
4. 46 Witherwax
5. 37 Scarberry (R)
6. 75 Hackenberg (R)
7. 28 Powers
8. 72 Robb

Bandolero Feature (unofficial)
1. 78 Moore
2. 77 Groff
3. 89 Morris
4. 68 Dent
5. 63 Starcher
6. 1 Cochran, Josh
7. 12 Bruce, Bryanna
8. 03 McConahay, Ryker

CNS Results - 7/6/2019

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Clegg and DJ Stewart win at CNS two nights of racing weekend

A long night at the race track with rain delaying the races for over two hours. Thirty seven Legends on hand for the two nights of racing.

Thanks to the track crew at Colorado National Speedway and possible volunteers that helped dry out the track, so that the races could continue after the rain.

We would like to thank the three out of state cars that travelled in from Montana and Nevada. Thirty-two cars according to the starting line up were to start the thirty lap main, but only thirty took the green flag to start the race. A wreck in turn four with seven laps to go caused a long delay to clean up the track and after a thirty eight minute race time with the delay the race was called.

Kyle Clegg and his number sixty-six car escaped the big crash in turn four, while many of the top running cars were collected up in the accident. Ryan Jones , DL Stewart, Ray Oakley and Ryan Rudolph were the rest of the top five finishers. It was a great race as the lead changed hand many times. It was tough to see the accident right in front of many fans in turn four.

On Saturday evening it was a great night for racing and we finished the feature before darkness set in. Another great race up front with all the cars staying close and changing leads to excite the fans. DJ Stewart made a last lap pass on the car of Danny Medina and took home the checkered flag and trophy.

Several cars were damaged during the thirty lap feature Friday evening and did not return to race on Saturday. I heard in the pits that Adam Pechman suffered some rib damage during the running of the feature. His car was one of many removed by the hook after the wreck in turn four.

Just my thoughts on the big field of cars that we have running at CNS this season but it would be much easier for the faster cars that are lapping the field several times during the race. Drivers would honor the field by dropping to the lower groove on the track when the move over flag is shown to those cars. Otherwise it was a great weekend of racing. It did rain but we missed the heavy rain that fell to the south in Broomfield and Westminster.

The Bandoleros had seventeen cars in attendance Friday evening and it was after midnight when their races were over. Thanks to all of you parents for staying around for the feature races. Brody Moore won the Outlaw class race and Tiegan Scott won the Bandit feature race. Bandolero Dash winners were Alexandra Scott, Tiegan Scott, Travis Saunders and Chasen Groff.

Legends & Bandoleros July 13, 2019 at I-25 Speedway

National Qualifier this weekend

A National qualifier is scheduled this weekend for both Bandoleros and Legends at I-25 Speedway. Looking for a good turnout of cars. Both divisions of cars have been showing up with low car counts the past few short track races. These tracks are for our newer drivers to learn and gain experience to run faster. I think we have seen what has happened lately if you are not up to speed. Find the gear ratio that you need and get on the short tracks and go racing. The points will be up to date sometime this week. Make sure you are a member to get in the chase for the points.

Legend Feature (unofficial results) July 5, 2019
1. 66 Clegg
2. 21 Jones
3. 03 DL Stewart
4. 27 Oakley
5. 96 R Rudolph
6. 13 Hulvey
7. 88 P. Himler
8. 26 C Brunker
9. 64 Brock Denney MT.
10. 15 Medina
11. 16 Roe
12. 6 Scott
13. 25 Pechman
14. 46 Witherwax
15. 00 Saykally
16. 3 Barlock
17. 19 Pachello
18. 25a Anderson NV
19. 28 Powers
20. 20 Riddell
21. 9 McBride
22. 43 Sears
23. 04 Foster
24. 95 Dike
25. 75 Hackenberg
26. 53 R. Scott
27. 69 Knudsen MT.
28. 72 Robb
29. 37 Scarberry
30. 30 DJ Stewart
DNS 44 Matthews
97 Blevins
10 Romero
31 Brookhart
64 Rooker
74 Dedric
78 A Himler

Legends Elimination Race Top 12 to Main
1. Barlock 18.636
2. Pachello 18.592
3. Matthews 18.861
4. Powers
5. Brunker
6. Knudsen
7. Foster
8. Hackenberg
9. Dike
10. McBride
11. Sears
12. Robb
13. Romero
14. Brookhart
15. Rooker
16. Dedric
17. A. Himler

Legend Dash
1. Oakley 18.583
2. Brock Denney 18.590
3. R. Rudolph 18.721
4. Riddell
5. Hulvey
6. Michael Anderson
7. P. Himler
8. Scarberry
9. Blevins
10. R. Scott

Legends Fast Dash
1. Clegg 18.153
2. DJ Stewart 18.207
3. Medina 18.120
4. Roe
5. Jones
6. Pechman
7. S. Scott
8. Witherwax
9. DL Stewart
10. Saykally

Bandolero Features (unofficial results

1. 82 Tiegan Scott
2. 52 Nic Wall
3. 99 Isaiah Scott
4. 68 Wyatt Dent
5. 6 Alexandra Scott
6 03 Ryker McConahay
DQ 63 James Starcher DQ

Outlaws (unofficial)
1. 78 Brody Moore
2. 3 Nandini Breggin
3. 12 Bryanna Bruce
4. 07 Aubrei Hilton
5. 06 Mahkrysta Hilton
6. 77 Chasen Groff
7. 00 Travis Sanders
8. 96 Samuel Haugen
9. 8 Danielle Walbaum
DQ 89 Zachary Morris DQ

Legend Feature (unofficial results) July 6, 2019
1. 30 DJ Stewart 18.224
2. 15 Medina 18.204
3. 66 Clegg 18.269
4. 21 Jones 18.254
5. 16 Roe 18.226
6. 03 DL Stewart
7. 27 Oakley
8. 46 Witherwax
9. 64 Brock Denney MT
10. 96 R. Rudolph
11. 00 Saykally
12. 44 Matthews
13. 25a M. Anderson NV
14. 88 P. Himler
15. 37 Scarberry (R)
16. 28 Powers
17. 53 Scott
18. 04 Foster
19. 75 Hackenberg (R)
20. 9 McBride
21. 95 Dike
22. 72 Robb
23. 10 Romero
24. 31 Brookhart (R)
25. 8 Hipkins
26. 20 Riddell
27. 19 Pachello
28. 97 Blevins
29. 26 C. Brunker
30. 86 T. Rudolph
31. 74 Trent Dedric

Legends Elimination Dash 7-6-19
1. 97 Blevins
2. 19 Pachello 18.670
3. 26 Brunker
4. 9 McBride
5. 04 Foster
6. 95 Dike
7. 86 T. Rudolph
8. 72 Robb
9. 10 Romero
10. 31 Brookhart
11. 11 Dedric

Legends Dash 7-6-19
1. 64 Denney
2. 44 Matthews
3. 37 Scarberry 18.876
4. 88 P. Himler 18.805
5. 20 Riddell
6. 28 Powers
7. 53 R. Scott
8. 8 Hipkins
9. 75 Hackenberg
10. 25a Anderson

Legends Fast Dash 7-6-19
1. 30 DJ Stewart 18.185
2. 66 Clegg 18.247
3. 16 Roe
4. 15 Medina 18.278
5. 21 Jones
6. 46 Witherwax
7. 27 Oakley
8. 03 DL Stewart
9. 00 Saykally
10. 96 R. Rudolph

RMLRA Newsletter - 6/28/2019

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Legends and Bandoleros headed for Hwy 92 this weekend

The weather looks good for this weekend in Gering, Nebraska as the Legend cars and drivers head out to race at Hwy 92 Raceway Park. The Legend cars and Bandoleros will be racing two main events and points will be there for drivers making the trip. Have a safe trip to Nebraska.

July 5-6, 2019 @ CNS, King of the Wing Sprints

On Friday evening July 5, the Legends and Bandoleros will be racing at Colorado National Speedway as part of the two day King of the Wing Sprint Car show. Legends will also race on Saturday night, while the Bandolero drivers have the night off. If we have any changes with this schedule you will be notified.

Intermountain Speedway 6/22 Racces Cancelled

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Races cancelled @ Intermountain Speedway June 22. 2019

The races scheduled for Intermountain Speedway have been cancelled due to a lot of rain that has fallen in the Cheyenne area. With more rain in the forecast for Saturday the race date has been postponed until August 2nd which is a Friday evening. It will be part of a two day racing weekend for the Legends with racing at CNS on Saturday August 3rd. More news to be released later on these races. Take a break and enjoy the

I-25 Results - 6/8/2019

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DJ Stewart and Zachary Morris win at I-25 Speedway

This Saturday evening, June 15, the Legends and Bandoleros will be on the track at Colorado National Speedway to race and have some fun. Hope to see many of you at the track this weekend. Remember to enjoy the racing opportunity that you have and take it easy on the track while racing especially during the heat races or dashes. Points are only awarded for your finish in the feature race. The car count has been low at I-25 for both divisions after a great opening night in May. Both divisions should try to support these races if possible. The track depends on us to supply cars for the races and for fans to come to the track. Thanks to all of you who made the trip to I-25 to race.

In the feature races DJ Stewart won the Legends race and the Bandolero winner was Zach Morris. Congratulations to the victors and hope that there are many more in your future. Results were slow in coming to me from Saturday nights races at I-25. Here are the unofficial results.

If you would be interested in taking over the Newsletter and try to keep the good news flowing to the members I would be happy to talk with you. If you would like to take over the Raceceiver duties at the track, the job is open if interested. My days doing this is slowly coming to an end. If you are a race fan, you could really help with this at the track. You have no decisions to make as the track controls the races. Your main job would be to spot the accidents and realign the cars for restarts. You also receive free admission into the pits.

Legend Feature Race (unofficial results)
1. #30 DJ Stewart
2. #21 Ryan Jones
3. #46 Zach Witherwax
4. #3 Wayne Barlock
5. #03 DL Stewart
6. #16 Travis Roe
7. #00 Chris Saykally
8. #53 Ryan Scott
9. #37 Tanner Scarberry
10. #72 Cynthia Robb
11. #44 Alfred Matthews DNS

Bandoleros Feature Race (unofficial results)
1. #89 Zachary Morris
2. #78 Brody Moore
3. #22 Andy Jones
4. #63 Charles Starcher
5. #3 Nandini Breggin
6. #12 Bryanna Bruce
7. #77 Chasen Groff DQ Tech

CNS Results - 6/1/2019

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D J Stewart claims first Feature win at CNS

A perfect night for racing on Saturday and young Darrell had the car hooked up and it was the class of the field in winning his first feature at CNS. The main event was green all the way until the white flag was thrown. Seconds later a crash on the front straightaway was a wreck of several good cars that ended the race. With good competition from Danny Medina and Kyle Clegg, DJ had maneuvered his way to the front of the field and never looked back. Twenty-seven of the twenty-nine cars on hand Saturday started the feature. The leaders drove through the field of heavy traffic throughout the race as it was green all the way through the twenty-five lap race. Danny Medina, Kyle Clegg, Travis Roe and Adam Pechman were the top five finishers in the Elite V-Twin Summer Showdown main event. Because of a glitch in the computers or timing device the Legend cars did not qualify for positions Saturday night. In the 10 lap Dash races, DJ Stewart won the Fast Dash, rookie Tanner Scarberry won the LegendDash, and Austin Hackenberg won the third dash.

Two cars with engine and possible clutch problems did not race last night. The RMLRA will be racing at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo next weekend. The Bandoleros will also join them there.

25 Lap Legend Main Event (unofficial results)
1. #30 Darrell J. Stewart (18.056)
2. #15 Danny Medina (18.021
3. #66 Kyle Clegg
4. #16 Travis Roe
5. #25 Adam Pechman
6. #03 Darrell L. Stewart
7. #46 Zach Witherwax
8. #27 Ray Oakley
9. #44 Alfred Matthews
10. #19 Larry Pachello
11. #96 Travis Rudolph
12. #20 Kynzer Riddell
13. #37 Tanner Scarberry (R)
14. #13 Jason Hulvey
15. #21 Ryan Jones
16. #6 Scotty Scott
17. #88 Paul Himler -1
18. #26 Chris Brunker -1
19. #04 Natalie Foster (R) -1
20. #28 Adam Powers -1
21. #75 Austin Hackenberg (R) -1
22. #45 Cole Tuttle (R) -1
23. #97 Bill Blevins -1
24. #4 James Bingaman -2
25. #95 Jessilyn Dike -2
26. #9 Terry McBride -10 DNF
27. #62 Roy Dunlap -19 DNF
DNS #78 & #3

Legend Fast Dash (unofficial results)
1. DJ Stewart
2. Medina
3. Roe
4. Clegg
5. Pechman
6. Jones
7. Witherwax
8. Oakley
9. Scott
10. DL Stewart

Legend Dash (unofficial results)
1. Scarberry
2. R. Rudolph
3. Pachello
4. Matthews
5. C. Brunker
6. Foster
7. Powers
8. Riddell
9. P. Himler

Legend Elimination Dash (unofficial results)
1. Hackenberg
2. McBride
3. Hulvey
4. Tuttle
5. Blevens
6. Bingaman
7. Dunlap
8. Dike
9. A. Himler

RMLRA Newsletter

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INEX Membership Announcement

Just a brief note from my desk to yours and I would just like to say to everyone thanks for making the attempt to take care of your INEX commitment to race your Legend or Bandolero. I just sent in a page seven for a Bandolero driver yesterday and hope to have his number available to him this week. As an INEX official I try to make sure everyone has their license. If you have sent your INEX membership form in several weeks ago and have not heard from them, please contact me and I will try to help you get this taken care of. It does take a couple of weeks to receive the membership in the mail. So do get it in the mail and headed to INEX so we can show you as a member.

You can also call Brittany Beck at US Legends who is in charge of memberships. Her phone number is 704-455-3896

Legend and Bandolero drivers are welcome to join the RMLRA and help support the club. We are a non-profit organization and when the season ends, the cash reserve is put into trophies for the Awards Banquet. The membership fund also goes into the points fund and prizes at the banquet. Do become a member and remember the RMLRA was formed to promote Legend and Bandolero racing in our area.

Newsletter correction

In the Newsletter earlier this week I mentioned Legends and Bandoleros racing this week at CNS. The Bandoleros do not race this weekend but will be back on the track next weekend June 8th at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo. Bandolero car owners should have been notified earlier about this error of mine.

Rumble In The Rockies Results - 5/27/2019

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Rumble in the Rockies three days of Racing

Sunday evening at the halfway point of the thirty-five lap feature the rains started to fall and the track called the race. Kyle Clegg was leading when the race was called and he ended up as the first winner on the new racing surface. I believe that a 17.911 was set during hot laps and Kyle had a Qualifying time of 17.989 DJ Stewart was the overall winner of the three day series in the Pro division, Austin Saunders was the winner in the Semi-Pro division racing out of Haslet, TX DL Stewart was the Masters winner, Kody King racing out of Iowa was the Bandolero Bandit Class winner and Chasen Groff of Denver was the Bandolero Outlaw

Brent Scheidemantle was second and Jason Irwin who was tied with DJ Stewart at the start of the night lost his engine during qualifying and was done for the night. Thirty-six cars qualified for the race at CNS with a fifteen lap elimination race to start the evening. CNS Dash races were Gary Wegener and DJ Stewart. Terry McBride won the elimination race at the start of the show.

We had a good turnout of cars for the Rumble in the Rockies this year and we thank those of you who came a long way to race. Legends an Bandoleros will return to CNS this coming Saturday evening for the Legends Elite V-Twin Summer Showdown. Plan to be there if possible.

Hwy 92 Gering, NE
To start the weekend off on Friday night in Gering, NE at Hwy 92, Irwin won the feature race with DJ Stewart second. On Saturday at Intermountain Speedway they switched positions. Seventeen Legend cars were on hand and thanks to the five cars that came in from out of state for this weekend to help the car count.

Legends Main
1. Jason Irwin ALB. NM
2. D J Stewart
3. Brent Scheidemantle
4. Corey Seip
5. D L Stewart
6. Austin Saunders TX
7. Wayne Barlock
8. Heather Hadley CA
9. Scotty Scott
10. Robert Gayton NM
11. Gary Wegener WA
12. Adam Powers
13. Cynthia Robb
14. Paul Himler
15. Terry McBride
16. Ryan Scott
17. Ashlyn Himler

Bando Main
1. Kody King IA
2. Chasen Groff
3. Brody Moore
4. Charles Starcher
5. Tyler Sefcovic
6. Wyatt Dent
7. Justin Ziemiecki MN
8. Zachary Morris

Intermountain Speedway Cheyenne, WY
Seventeen Legends were on hand at Hwy 92 and nineteen at Intermountain Speedway in Cheyenne. The Bandolero races at Intermountain Speedway were the best your reporter has seen from this new group of racers. During the trophy dash, heat races and the twenty lap main no spin outs, or caution flags.Legends Trophy Dash was won by Brent Scheidemantle. DL Stewart and Paul Himler also won heat races. Good racing all night long and it was good to be back on the short track. Only problem was the scoring tape had a few problems with the wire in the ground and hope it gets fixed.

Legend 30 Lap Main
1. #30 DJ Stewart
2. #9x Jason Irwin
3. #98 Brent Scheidemantle
4. #3 Wayne Barlock Jr
5. #7 Corey Seip
6. #03 DL Stewart
7. #6 Scotty Scott
8. #82 Austin Saunders
9. #27 Ray Oakley
10. #88 Paul Himler
11. #1 Robert Gayton
12. #53 Ryan Scott
13. #5 Gary Wegener
14. #54 Heather Hadley
15. #28 Adam Powers
16. #9 Terry McBride
17. #57 Adam Osborne
18. #72 Cindy Robb
19. #78 Ashlyn Himler

Bandolero 20 lap Main
1, Chasen Groff
2. Brody Moore
3. Kody King IA
4. Charles Starcher
5. Mahkrysta Hilton
6. Aubrei Hilton
7. Justin Ziemiecki MN
8. Wyatt Dent
9. Tyler Sefcovic
10 Zachary Morris DQ
11 Bryanna Bruce DNS

CNS 35 Lap main called after 18 laps due to rain
1. #66 Clegg
2. #15 Medina
3. #98 Scheidemantle
4. #30 DJ Stewart
5. #16 Roe
6. #25 Pechman
7. #21 Jones
8. #82 Saunders TX
9. #03 DL Stewart
10. #6 Scott
11. #46 Witherwax
12. #1 Gayton NM
13. #5 Wegener WA
14. #27 Oakley
15. #20 Riddell
16. #19 Pachello
17. #08 Faulkingham
18. #88 P. Himler
19. #26 C. Brunker
20. #54 Hadley CA
21. #37 Scarberry (R)
22. #86 T. Rudolph
23. #75 Hackenberg (R)
24. #28 Powers
25. #53 R. Scott
26. #95 Dike
27. #72 Robb
28. #78 A. Himler
29. #9 McBride
30. #45 Tuttle (R)
31. #60 Stevens
32. #43 Sears

Bandoleros Outlaws 12 Lap main
1. #00 Travis Sanders
2. #77 Chasen Groff
3. #89 Zachary Morris
4. #78 Brody Moore
5. #06 Mahkrysta Hilton
6. #98 Samuel Haugen
7. #12 Bryanna Bruce
8. #J3 Justin Ziemiecki MN
9. #3 Nandini Breggin
10. #22 Andy Jones
11. #8 Daniele Walbaum
12. #11 Tyler Sefcovic
13. #03 Isaac Almaswari
14. #07 Aubrei Hilton

Bandolero Bandits Main
1. #14 Kody King
2. #82 Tiegan Scott
3. #99 Isaiah Scott
4. #52 Nic Wall
5. #68 Wyatt Dent
6. #6 Alexandra Lexi Scott
7. #63 James Starcher

CNS Results - 5/4/2019

posted May 5, 2019, 10:03 PM by Admin RMLRA

Medina wins 25 Lap Legend season opener @ CNS

Danny Medina may be a year older this season but he still is able to find his way to the winners circle at Colorado National Speedway to take home the first place trophy.

In winning the season opener at CNS last night he had a large field of thirty two cars, to work his way around, to capture the checkered flag. Thirty four Legend cars timed in with hopes of winning the Legends feature race. Kyle Clegg had quick time with a 18-773 Five first year rookies were on hand to begin their Legend Car racing. A lot of caution flags and red flags were thrown last night during the main event, and several cars suffered major damage. Hopefully they can be repaired. Both divisions, Legends and Bandoleros will be racing at i-25 Speedway the next two weekends. Do try to make these races and support your Legend or Bandolero group of drivers.

Bandolero drivers Chasen Groff wins the Outlaw feature and Alexandra Scott took home the first place trophy in the Bandit division. Twenty-one Bandolero race cars were on hand to race. All the results listed below are unofficial. An announcement will be made if there are any changes.

Bandolero Fast Feature (outlaws) unofficial results
1. #77 Chasen Groff
2. #55 Greg Rayl
3. #89 Zachary Morris
4. #8 Daniele Walbaum
5. #18 Chello Milligan
6. #03 Isaac Almaswari
7. #98 Samuel Haugen
8. #00 Travis Sanders
9. #22 Andy Jones
10. #06 Mahkrysta Hilton
11. #97 Aubrei Hilton
12. #3 Nandini Breggin

Bando Feature (Bandits) results (unofficial)
1. #6 Alexandra Scott
2. #99 Isaiah Scott
3. #68 Wyatt Dent
4. #82 Tiegan Scott
5. #17 Alexander Riley
6. #16 Kendall Gonzalez
7. #52 Nic Wall
8. #63 Charles Starcher
9. #1 unknown driver

Bando Fast Dash Winners #55 & #18
Bando Dash Winners #52 & #99

Thanks to those of you who paid their INEX membership last night. I will get it in the mail on Monday and your national points will be added on. Please remember to join the RMLRA and support this group. If you have not joined you will notice on the standings that you are not receiving RMLRA points. The membership fee helps with the Awards Banquet at the end of the season plus other racing activities.

We may of had a miscommunication about cars going to tech after the main is run.Make sure that you and your driver knows what is going on. Tech is very important to all divisions and should be treated as part of your racing program.

Legends Fast Dash #66 Kyle Clegg
Legends Dash #13 Jason Hulvey

Legends 25 Lap Main results (unofficial)
1. #15 Medina 18.665
2. #66 Clegg 18.704
3. #30 DJ Stewart 18.693
4. #6 Scott 18.828
5. #06 Gallegos 18.892
6. #03 DL Stewart 18.963
7. #13 Hulvey 18.959
8. #46 Witherwax 19.015
9. #25 Pechman 19.129
10. #96 R. Rudolph 19.139
11. #44 Alfred Matthews
12. #08 Faulkingham
13. #20 Riddell
14. #26 C. Brunker
15. #00 Saykally
16. #19 Pachello
17. #04 Foster R
18. #9 McBride
19. #45 Tuttle R
20. #95 Dike
21. #37 Scarberry R
22. #43 Sears
23. #16 Roe
24. #3 Barlock
25. #32 Cooper
26. #75 Hackenberg R
27. #72 Robb
28. #10 Romero
29. #88 P. Himler
30. #27 Oakley
31. #22 Eggleston
32. #77 J. Seip R
33. #41 & #78 Lee & A. Himler DNS

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