RMLRA Newsletter - 4/8/2019

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2019 Legends opening night Saturday April 13th @ CNS

Weather permitting the 2019 racing season for Legends will get the green flag to start the chase for the RMLRA championship. Pit gates open at 12:00 PM and races start at 5:15 PM.  Check the CNS web site for times. The track will return to normal hours in May. So get those transponders charged and ready to use on Saturday.

Notes from weekend practice at Intermountain Speedway in Cheyenne on Saturday. We had eight bandoleros and two first year Legends on hand for the orientation and track practice. A lot of time spent in the class room plus the drivers walked around the track and seeing what the track looked like.

A short break for lunch and then cars went on the track two at a time and got a feel for track action. We covered line ups with the cars on the track and alignment for restarts. The Legend car of Madison Gonzalez suffered some damage when she got high in turn one and two and made contact with the tires leading into the pits. I was told that she was ok but the car had some work to do to get it back on the track. It looked like she was just starting to feel comfortable in her Legend when she ran into a problem.

Raceceiver’s and INEX License

We talked about the use of the Raceceiver and it is a must for all cars. Make sure the the Raceceiver is in a position that it will hears my voice. If you have a problem with reception make sure your battery is strong and the raceceiver is located in a position to receive the signal.No car will be allowed to race on race night without a Raceceiver and an INEX license. If you are unsure of your application call or email Brittany Beck at US Legends to straighten out the application. I will accept the applications in the pits before qualifying starts.

A Bandolero Two Way radio and restrictor plate rules were sent to parents of Bandolerodrivers Monday morning. If you did not get a copy, please contact me.

See you in the Pits.

RMRLA Newsletter - 4/1/2019

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Good turnout for Sunday Practice, several new faces

Sixteen Legends and seven Bandoleros showed up Sunday morning for the practiceand inspections for Colorado National Speedway. By noon time the weather hadwarmed up and it was a decent day for a practice day in March. It was fan appreciationday at the speedway and everyone should have enjoyed the food that was supplied byCNS.

I have seen a few new painted cars this season and for those of you joining us you may need to remember that the scorekeeper who has to write your number down as it goes by them, that the number should be very easy to read. Thanks to all of our newdrivers this season. You make the RMLRA look very good with our racing programs.

Next week on Saturday morning April 6, 2019 Legends and Bandoleros will have a orientation day at Intermountain Speedway in Cheyenne. The pit gates should be opening around 9:00 AM. All rookies and second year drivers should try to attend this practice. Drivers will meet and go through a class going through flags and what they stand for and also what to expect while racing your car. This will be very beneficial for all young drivers. The main object in racing you car is to get comfortable, pick up speed and finish the races early in the season. Last minute news is that CNS will be open on Sunday 1PM-3PM for Bandolero practice.

You should be sending in your application for your INEX license by now. Opening day for Legend race cars is April 13th and Bandolero race cars will be April 20th. Both opening dates are at Colorado National Speedway.

CNS Practice Change & Additional News - 3/26/2019

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CNS switches to Sunday due to weather Practice Session Date Change

By CNS Staff
Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Due to the wet forecast on Friday and Saturday morning thisSaturday’s practice session has been moved to Sunday March 31st. The times will be the same from 11AM to 5PM and we will have our Racer’s Appreciation BBQ at the conclusion on the practice session. Also we will have a Test and Tune session on Friday April 5th the night before the first race from 3PM until dark. Keep in mind there will be no tech during the Friday session.

We look forward to seeing all the racer’s and teams this weekend and can’t wait to get the 2019 season started.

US Legend Cars Announcement

As we roll into the 2019 racing season, we've got more updates to the USLCI/INEX racing program!

U.S. Legend Cars International will no longer be issuing titles for new cars and titles will no longer be needed to be transferred when purchasing a used car.  When purchasing a used car, USCLI recommends using a bill ofsale that lists the car's VIN number for your records. All cars will still be required to have a VIN plate in order to be
raced in INEX competition.  U.S. Legend Cars International will issue a Certificate of Origin atthe time each race car is manufactured. That Certificate of Origin will be kept on file at U.S. Legend Cars International to coincide with the cars VIN number.

We will be happy to provide a copy of your Certificate of Origin, should you wish to have information pertaining to the date your car was manufactured for your records.We hope these procedural adjustments help you spend less timechasing paperwork and more time racing at your local track!

If you have any questions, please contact Ash Garrett;

Remember the date change on the 2019 RMLRA schedule thatLegends and Bandoleros will be racing on May 11, 2019 at I-25 Speedway The schedule was originally at CNS but was changed awhile back. Recheck the  schedule when in doubt.

RMRLA Newsletter - 3/23/2019

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Good turnout of cars for practice Saturday March 23, 2019

Opening practice at CNS for everyone and it was good to see many of you out there. A little windy and cold but a good turnout of new cars and drivers. Several cars have made the switch to the new FZ09 engine. We had approximately eighteen Legends in the pits on Saturday and there were several rookies making their first laps in a Legend race car. Several Bandoleros were also turning practice laps. In watching and observing these new drivers I would recommend that you try to get on the track and practice as much as possible. This is the time for the new drivers to get used to their cars. Getting comfortable with your car is the most important thing. One more thing to pass along to all drivers is that these practice sessions are learning times in your car.
Give yourself some time before racing side by side. Most of the new drivers after feeling comfortable in their car will have to learn to pick up speed, to possibly qualify for a main event in case we have a large turnout of cars. If you are very slow in your car you will want to get to the track and practice as much as possible.

All rookie drivers will be required to have their rear bumpers covered with yellow tape to allow drivers behind them to be aware of a rookie driver in the car. Remember to have the Raceceiver turned on to #1161 so we can talk with you. Also remember in case you spin out to engage the clutch avoid breaking a starter. The starter on the engine is engaged all the time and does not turn backwards. We had a starter lost on a first year driver on Saturday. Save yourself some money and place this bit ofinformation in your memory bank.

Next Practice March 30, 2019 @ Colorado National Speedway 11AM-5PM

We are scheduled to practice next Saturday March 30th but the forecast for that date is not looking good right now as of Monday. In case we get rained out, try and make the April 6th practice date in Cheyenne. This will be a learning class for new Legends and all Bandoleros. Please try to attend this practice. More information next week.

Please fill out your form for the RMLRA membership and mail it to Tim Cooper we need your support. Also remember come race day you will have to have your INEX license. If you need help with these forms you can reach me at 303-903-4824

RMLRA Newsletter - 3/21/2019

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Weather looks good for Saturday practice and inspections

The weather looks much better for Saturday’s excitement heading to Colorado National Speedway. Although it is suppose to rain on Friday it will be a Saturday morning wake up and check the weather. Hope to see many of you there. The hours posted for Saturday are 11AM-5PM All cars will go through the CNS inspection for equipment and safety items. The RMLRA will also check your car for items not checked by the track. Track time will depend on how many classes and cars are in the pits. This a great time for rookie drivers to get on the track and a good time for alldrivers to go out of their way and say hello to a new face that is joining us this season.

Just a reminder to those of you who have not sent their applications into INEX for your 2019 license we will accept them in the pits on Saturday. Application forms are available on the RMLRA and USLegends web sites. The Bandolero numbers are down as only eight have been released. Thirty-one Legends applications have been
processed. I will bring the official list to the track with me Saturday morning. Please take care of this important project now. Just a reminder if your application has not been placed in our hands or sent to INEX, you will not be able to race when the sanctioned races begin. Our local season begins April 13. The same goes for RMLRA
memberships for drivers. If you are going to race many races this season be sure to follow your driver on the US LEGEND CARS web site as well as the RMLRA web site. Get excited and join in on your quest for the points championship.

There have been many new drivers added to the Bandolero and Legend divisions forthis season. Make sure you become a member of the RMLRA. Your RMLRAmembership includes your security of your car number year to year and yourphotograph on our web site.

You may ask why we race as the RMLRA and the answer is several years ago we became a traveling division of race cars and many wanted to race enough races to qualify for National Championships. The RMLRA is run under the national rule book of INEX. The only rules that might override the rule book would be safety rules required at the track that you are racing at. It is your job as a driver or a parent of a minor driver to
familiarize yourself with these rules. In case you have not received your INEX rule book, it is available to be seen on the web site.

RMRLA Newsletter - 3/14/2019

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March 16 Practice Date @ CNS Cancelled

The big snow fall has cancelled the Saturday Hot Laps and Car Inspections. Looking forward
to next Saturday March 23 to try it again.

Darrell J. Stewart wins twice at Tucson Speedway

DJ Stewart driving the #30 Legend won both features in Tucson this past weekend. There were sixteen Legends on hand from around the western states to put on the races for race fans in the area. On Friday Scotty Scott finished second with Wayne Barlock finishing third. On Saturday evening they swapped spots. It looks as though there were six local Legends that made the trip to start their season. Other drivers making the trip to Tucson were Adam Powers, Jason Hulvey and DL Stewart. I received comments on the speedway and the track was rated excellent. Several Bandoleros also were on hand to race. Team Squirrel Racing consisting of two new Bandolero drivers Chasen Groff and Zachary Morris raced really good and Zachary won the Saturday night feature. They are next headed out to Dallas to race with the Bandolero cars on the short track at Texas Motor Speedway. Another RMLRA driver Charles Starcher traveled to Las Vegas and a fourth and fifth place finish at the Bullring. Congratulations to these young drivers.

If you are new to Bandolero and Legend cars make sure you bring all your safety equipment with you so the track can check off your items. You must go through CNS inspection to receive a decal to get on the track. If something does not pass you can make the change and possibly get back in line for inspection. RMLRA officials will also check your vehicle for other possible safety items.

RMLRA memberships are now due. Drivers please send them in to Tim Cooper.

RMLRA membership applications can be found at www.rmlra.orgscroll down left side to Become A Member

RMLRA Newsletter - 3/1/2019

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Getting ready to take your car to the track

There are still drivers inquiring about racing a Legend car this season and we are making room for them. Please contact me for information on your number as we race as the “Rocky Mountain Legends Racing Association” Our schedule includes four tracks in Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. With your INEX license you can race in many states and countries. It is your choice where you race, but we would like to see you racing the dates on our schedule. Don’t forget the Rumble in the Rockies on Memorial Day weekend, May 24-26 This event will be a three day event starting on Friday at Gering, Nebraska, then traveling to race on Saturday night in Cheyenne, Wyoming and then closing out the weekend on Sunday night at ColoradoNational Speedway. All three nights will be National Qualifiers.

Support the dates on our out of town races. Car counts are usually down at these tracks and you can get a lot of experience on these short tracks. Last season was a great year for the RMLRA Legends and we had a Legend car count of thirty-eight cars show up at CNS and thirty cars started the feature event after a B-Main eliminated cars going on to race in the main event.

CNS Practice dates

When the new season rolls around and the vegetation starts to turn green it must be time to take the race car to the track for track inspection of your car and also inspection by the RMLRA to make sure your car is safe to put on the track. CNS will open their track Saturday March 16 for three straight weekends of car inspections and hot lapping. We will try to get the first year drivers on the track by themselves early in the day.

CNS Track Rule

I have listed a few items from the CNS rule book for all cars racing on their track. Please go to their web site and get up to date on their rules.
  • Wheel weights: Wheel weights are NOT allowed.
  • Plugs: All plugs for rear ends, transmissions, oil pans, and oil tanks must be drilled, securely installed, and safety wired. See penalty section for fines regarding not following this rule.

DECALS: RMLRA sponsors will provide decals to each competing team and are required for competition and awards. All of the decals of the various manufacturers who support the RMLRA Weekly Racing Series. The money that is paid out on race night may include money from the sponsors decal on your race car. You are required to have the decal on your car to receive your check from race day events.

INEX License Required

You must have a current 2019 INEX license to race when the season starts. The INEX series starts February 11, 2019 through October 5, 2019

As with the RMLRA all drivers, Legends and Bandoleros will be required to have a Raceceiver on, and be able to hear instructions from the Raceceiver Official while on the track. The frequency for the Raceceiver is 464.500 This is channel #1161 If you are using a different type Raceceiver make sure that your are on the 464.500 frequency. We will be standing at the pit entrance on practice and race days. No Raceceiver, no entrance to the track.

RMLRA 2019 Fuel Rule

RMLRA race cars will race with premium gasoline. The Yamaha Motor Corp. recommends the use of 89 octane unleaded gasoline. Please see 2019 INEX Rule Book page 31 for further information. This fuel can be obtained at CNS for about $4.00 per gallon. When buying make Sure that you do not buy the racing fuel that CNS has available for their Super Late Models and other classes. Fuel samples will be tested after feature races if needed.

Driver Orientation @ Intermountain Speedway (formerly Big Country Speedway)

A orientation class for Rookie Legend & Bandolero drivers and second year drivers will be held April 6th at 9:30 AM for practice and orientation to prepare for the upcoming season. John Ulander of Hwy 92 would like the Bandolero drivers to attend this practice if they want to race at Hwy 92 this season. Put this date on your calendar.

RMLRA Newsletter - 2/21/2019

posted Feb 21, 2019, 11:26 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Feb 21, 2019, 11:27 AM ]

Not much to report to RMLRA members with this newsletter as the count down nears for teams heading to Tucson Arizona to race a two day event, March 8-9. Safe travel to those teams headed down there. If you are going, please contact Wayne or Scotty. This race is notan RMLRA points race, but national points will be awarded.

March 16, 23, 30 are practice days at Colorado National Speedway. The last practice date March 30 will include a Appreciation BBQ after practice. Do plan to try and attend these practices and car inspections at the track on these three weekends. If you have any questions about the upcoming season, you can contact me at this email address or go to the web site, click on contact us and find the email address or phone number to talk with a RMLRA Board member.

The RMLRA is here to promote Legend and Bandolero racing at the four tracks listed on the 2019 schedule. Do continue to check Facebook, RMLRA for many updates.

Driver and car owners should be receiving their 2019 Rule Book soon. I have read mine and see a few changes. Remember if you don’t see it in the Rule Book, you can not have it on your car.

We have had a few more drivers added to our Legend list since our membership meeting and we continue to ask all drivers to check with us for a number for you car before you put one on.

Your membership is important and we hope that you join us for the championship run this season. So do send your membership application to Tim Cooper. His address is on the application.

The RMLRA runs as a club and we do have bylaws to cover most items that come up.

Attention Legend Car owners

The RMLRA thanks you for your membership and Legend cars that you race. We do have a problem with car owners paying their memberships but not racing the car. Our Bylaws, state that you must race your car at least once during the season to keep your number. Please make an attempt to have your car on the track by June 1, 2019 or you may lose your number due to not fulfilling your obligation. We now have about sixty-five
Legend cars on our Legend list of cars.

The INEX 2019 Rule Book is now available on line and members that have joined for 2019 should be receiving them in the mail with their membership card. Please remember that we race by the rules in that rule book and only a track rule could possibly over rule the 2019 INEX rule book.

2019 RMLRA Setup Clinics

posted Feb 7, 2019, 7:50 PM by Admin RMLRA

This is the weekend to gather for the setup class at Tim Coopersshop in Frederick. There is no charge and a lot of information to learn frominstructor Chris Eggleston. Drivers at all levels can possibly upgrade their
racing programs with information at this class. If you are planning to make the trip to Tucson to race March 8-9 please let Wayne know. Youwill need an INEX license to race.

We have had some duplicate numbers this season and we are trying to eliminate them right now. If you have friends that want to buy a car and race with us we suggest you contact us here at the RMLRA before you
choose a number. Thanks for your help in this matter. As of this date it looks like we have six new drivers in each of our classes Legends and Bandoleros for 2019. RMLRA memberships can be paid at the setup class

1. Factory manufactured automotive head and neck restraint systems are mandatory for ALL LEGEND AND BANDO DRIVERS.
2. A Raceceiver is required in EVERY CAR, at EVERY EVENT, EVERY TIME your car is on the race track; even if your car is equip with two-way radio communication.

Both items will be checked in pre-season technical inspections, and strictly policed the entire season.

To purchase the above items for the 2019 race season call or visit yourlocal U.S. Legend Cars International and INEX dealer, Leary RacingProducts and Shock Shop.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact one of your 2019 RMLRA Board or Committee members.

RMLRA Newsletter - 1/31/2019

posted Feb 1, 2019, 7:33 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Feb 1, 2019, 7:33 AM ]

RMLRA Now Getting Ready For Set Up Class Saturday February 9, 2019

The set up classes for both Legends and Bandoleros will be held February 9th at Tim Cooper’s shop in Frederick.

The 2019 Legends Setup Class will be held on:
• February 9th at 10AM-12:30PM

•Lunch break 12:30PM-1:30PM

The Bando setup meeting will follow from:
• 1:30PM -4PM

Both classes will have a car or two on hand with the body removed so you can follow alongas set up tips are explained to the newer car owners and drivers. If you have never attendedone of these classes it would be very beneficial for you to attend. All you need is paper and apencil to write information down that you hear and see. If you think that you need a chair to siton bring one.

This will be the first year for a Bandolero set up class. I am sure there will be many questions.There was talk at the Membership meeting about gear ratios for different tracks that we race at.

Please remember that if a slower speed is run for your drivers ability, safety is of most importance. If you should decide to race your car away from the RMLRA scheduled races you may run into a gear ratio that will produce higher speeds. If you had the opportunity to race at the Bullring in Las Vegas with your Bandolero you will know what I am referring to. With many of the Bandoleros racing at the four tracks that we race at we may need to have different gearrule for each track. Hang in there with us as we figure it out.

Thanks to those of you who purchased the RMLRA membership at the meeting. We look forward to seeing more members signing up soon. Do get your INEX form in the mail as it takes longer to process the application for Bandolero drivers that are considered a minor.

If the driver is 17 or younger they MUST have a parent or guardian as an associate member.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

RMLRA Board Meeting Jan. 29, 2019 “notes”

In two separate meetings Tuesday evening the Bandoleros and Legends are getting closer tothe season opener. One subject talked about was the gear ratio for the Bandoleros and will bedelt with as soon as the weather will allow the cars to get on the tracks and experiment withthem. This is very important as we need to keep the speeds of these cars in control for safetyreasons. More news to be released later.

New car owners coming into Bandolero racing should read the rule book very close and payattention to the ballast rule.

Hope to see all of you new car owners at the set up class.

Do ask your friends that have just come into the Legends and Bandolero racing that may not be receiving the Newsletter. Have them contact me so I can set them up for our Newsletter.

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