RMLRA Newsletter - 9/11/2019

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RMLRA news update

Asphalt Nationals

As the season is coming to the end here in our region lets not forget the Asphalt Nationals to be held at Carteret County Speedway in Swansboro, NC October 17-19 Do expect at least a hundred cars in the pits because of the North Carolina location.  Not to worry as you will only be racing against drivers in your classification.  f you have not read anything about this racetrack, it is a 4/10 mile track with 8 degree banking in the turns and the straightaways are banked at 4 degrees. This will be a very fast track and finding the correct gear ratio may be the answer to a lot of speed. Maybe you have seen some results from previous Legend races that were held there and know somebody to contact and give you the information that you are looking for.

Bandolero West National Championships

The INEX Bandolero West Asphalt Oval Championship will be held November 15-16 at Havasu95Speedway in Lake Havasu, AZ Several of our Bandolero drivers will be there for this championship event. The track web site link is listed below

RMLRA News update

A little local info to pass on to you. We are guests at the speedways that we race at and in case you have a problem with the feature results do contact the pit boss or pit shack to find out the results of the race. These results are usually posted at the pit shack shortly after the race. What I post are unofficial results and what the track sends to INEX as results are usually what is official. Make sure when you talk to the track officials after the race that you are in control of what you are trying to pass along to them with your information. Be calm and I hope that you get your point across to them.  We will try to address the problem should it come to our attention.

Double points for the RMLRA championship are available for the next three races. You may not want to miss any of these if you are in the hunt for the points championship. The weather looks good for this Saturday for Legends and Bandoleros and looking to see you at the track.

The US Legends schedule shows the Legends with two features on October 5 at Colorado National Speedway. This is Challenge Cup XLV, Track points for the CNS  hampionship will be available as well as RMLRA club points and national points.    

I-25 Results

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DJ Stewart wins Legend Main @ I-25 / Brody Moore wins Bando Main

DJ Stewart continues to win the main events at I-25 Speedway. He also had quick time in qualifying. DL Stewart also had a good night of racing and came home second in the main. Barlock, Witherwax and Alfred Matthews were your top five finishers in Saturday nights twenty-five lap main at I-25 Speedway. In other Legend races Ray Oakley was the trophy dash winner and Ryan Scott driving the #53 Legend won the heat race. Thirteen cars were on handto race the quarter mile oval.

Bandolero cars were with several car not in attendance due to damage or maybe college football in Colorado this weekend. Brody Moore driving his #78 Bandolero swept the races winning the fifteen lap main and trophy dash. He also had quick time in qualifying. Both RMLRA divisions will be back at CNS next weekend and as always we hope to see youthere.

Up to date points were posted Sunday and with the double points you may see some changes in the RMLRA point standing in the next few weeks of racing. DJ Stewart leads the points race as of today. Brody Moore now leads the RMLRA Bandolero division. Legends 25 Lap Main 25 laps (unofficial results)
1. 30 DJ Johnson
2. 03 DL Johnson
3. 3 Barlock
4. 46 Witherwax
5. 44 Matthews
6. 37 Scarberry (R)
7. 27 Oakley
8. 88 P. Himler
9. 53 R. Scott
10. 04 Foster (R)
11. 28 Powers
12. 2 Reid (R)
13. 78 A. Himler

QT 30 DJ Johnson
TD 27 Ray Oakley

Bandolero 15 Lap Main (unofficial results)
1. 78 Brody Moore
2. 22 Andy Jones
3. 68 Wyatt Dent
4. 12 Bryanna Bruce

QT Brody Moore
TD Brody Moore

CNS Results - 8/31/2019

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Colorado National results August 31, 2019

Kyle Clegg wins at CNS

A great race to the checkered flag and a good turnout of thirty cars Saturday evening as Kyle Clegg took the checkered flag beating Chris Eggleston by 0.026 at the finish line. Darrell J. Stewart, Danny Medina and Travis Roe in close pursuit finished in the top five positions. D J Stewart was the top qualifier with a 18.272 Dash winners were Adam Powers, Alfred Matthews and Chris Eggleston.

Another new driver making his first appearance of the season was Ezekiel “Zeke” Hanger from Brighton. He was driving the 93 car last night and will switch to #39 at his next race. He was unaware that the #93 had been retired from the accident of John Baker several years ago. I heard that he had bought the car from Randy Rooker. Matt Brunker #29 was also on the track for the first time last night. Good to have you both with us.

You may have notices Jason Hulvey driving a different car last night. He has purchased the #61 car from LD Smith.

If you have not received a check from CNS this season from previous races and think that you have one coming to you please contact Sue Nordhougen at I had a driver ask me last night about a missing check.

Drivers, just a reminder to have your transponder charged up when you get to the track so you don’t miss any laps with a weak transponder. The same goes for you Raceceiver. When we are at CNS I am using the Raceceiver to keep you advised of any trouble on the speedway during the hot lap practice. Keep that battery fresh.

Legends and Bandoleros will travel to I-25 Speedway next Saturday evening for a double points race. Five races remain on the 2019 scheduled for both divisions. The only double points race at Colorado National Speedway will be September 14th. Check out your point standings for the RMLRA if you don’t see any points you may have possibly not joined the RMLRA this season. Check with our board members and you can maybe regain your pointstotal for the season.

Legends 25 Lap Feature (unofficial results)
1. 66 Clegg 18.156
2. 22 Eggleston 18.159
3. 30 DJ Stewart 18.203
4. 15 Medina 18.382
5. 16 Roe 18.343
6. 21 Jones 18.308
7. 27 Oakley 18.455
8. 03 DL Stewart 18.510
9. 46 Witherwax 18.609
10. 96 R. Rudolph 18.662
11. 3 Barlock
12. 44 Matthews
13. 88 P. Himler
14. 04 Foster (R)
15. 28 Power
16. 86 T. Rudolph
17. 13 Hulvey
18. 00 Saykally
19. 29 M Brunker
20. 95 Dike
21. 26 C. Brunker -1
22. 31 Brookhart -1
23. 93 Zeke Hanger -1
24. 42 Bowman -3
25. 78 A. Himler -3
26. 37 Scarberry -5 (R)
27. 72 Robb -13
28. 53 R. Scott -14
29. 9 McBride -16 DNF
30. 82 Austin Sanders TX -17 DNF

Legend Dash #1
1. 28 Powers
2. 29 Matthew Brunker
3. 9 McBride
4. 95 Dike
5. 26 Chris Brunker
6. 31 Kurt Brookhart
7. 72 Robb
8. 93 Hanger
9. 42 Bowman
10. 88 A. Himler

Legends Dash #2
1. 44 Matthews
2. 46 Witherwax
3. 82 Austin Sanders
4. 96 R. Rudolph
5. 04 Foster
6. 37 Scarberry
7. 53 R. Scott
8. 88 P. Himler
9. 86 T. Rudolph
10. 3 Barlock DNS

Legends Fast Dash
1. 22 Eggleston
2. 66 Clegg
3. 30 D J Stewart
4. 15 Medina
5. 16 Roe
6. 21 Jones
7. 03 D L Stewart
8. 27 Oakley
9. 00 Saykally
10. 13 Hulvey

I-25 Results - 8/24/2019

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I-25 Racing August 24, 2019

The RMLRA Legends & Bandoleros were at I-25 Speedway Saturday night with the Legends racing two mains. DJ Stewart has been hot lately on these short tracks and won both mains. Austin Sanders racing out of Texas finished second in both mains. Wayne Barlock Jr placed third in both mains.

Brody Moore drove his #78 Bandolero to victory while Chasen Groff and Zachary Morris were involved in some accidents and both had DNF’s for their effort in the main. Andy Jones-Crull finished second with Joshua Cochran in third place The Legend cars will be back at CNS on August 31 while the Bandoleros have the weekend off. Both classes will return to I-25 September 7 for their last visit to I-25 this season.

I would like to welcome Jim Bowman #42 racing out of Livermore, CO to the RMLRA Legend racing family. Jim has come back to racing after sitting out several years of competition in another class. The new car arrived last week and after setting up the car they took it to Intermountain Speedway on Wednesday to practice and then made the trip to I-25 on Saturday.

Legend's #1 Main (unofficial results)
1. 30 DJ Stewart
2. 82 Austin Sanders TX
3. 3 Barlock
4. 03 DL Stewart
5. 21 Jones
6. 88 P Himler
7. 46 Witherwax
8. 37 Scarberry (R)
9. 75 Hackenberg (R)
10. 42 Jim Bowman -2
11. 78 A. Himler -4
12. 00 Saykally DNF

Legends #2 Main (unofficial results)
1. 30 DJ Stewart
2. 82 Austin Sanders TX
3. 3 Barlock
4. 46 Witherwax
5. 21 Jones
6. 03 DL Stewart
7. 37 Scarberry (R)
8. 75 Hackenberg (R)
9. 42 Bowman
10. 88 P. Himler
11. 78 A. Himler
12. 00 Saykally DNS

Quick Time; #30 D J Stewart
Trophy Dash; #00 Chris Saykally

Bandoleros 15 Laps (unofficial results)
1. 78 Brody Moore O
2. 22 Andy Jones-Crull O
3. 1 Cochran B
4. 98 Haugen O
5. 68 Wyatt Dent O
6. 77 Chasen Groff DNF O
7. 12 Bryanna Bruce DNF O
8. 89 Zach Morris DNF O

Trophy Dash 78 Brody Moore
Heat Race #1 68 Wyatt Dent
Heat Race #2 ?

CNS Results - 8/17/2019

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Eggleston returns to CNS with a victory

The last time the number twenty-two Legend car was on the track was May 4, 2019 and it was rough night for the car and driver Chris Eggleston. Three months later he has returned with the help of a new car and after an exciting finish on Saturday evening he took the checkered flag as a winner besting Kyle Clegg and DJ Stewart. Chris is a veteran Legend car driver as my records show him with #08 racing in 2003. He used his experience and driving ability to have his car set up to race on Saturday evening. A very good feature race with good racing all the way from  to checkered flag. Several caution flags towards the end of the race may have came into play to decide the winner of the race. Caution flags cause tire temps to drop and may effect the settings of car and slow them down when the green flag restarts the race.  Twenty-six Legends and fourteen Bandoleros were in the pits last night to start their feature

Welcome back Nick Cooper to the Legend racing this season as he was driving the #33c car last night.

Congratulations to Jessilyn Dike driving her #95 Legend. She took home the trophy in winning the Leg #3 Dash. This was her first checkered flag. Other trophy dash winners were # 3 Wayne Barlock and #66 Kyle Clegg.

Bandolero feature winners Tiegan Scott and Brody Moore

The Bandit feature was won by Tiegan Scott won his third feature at CNS this season. Brody Moore was the class of the field in the Outlaw division last night. This to, was his second at CNS. Brody has been racing the RMLRA schedule this season after a delayed start and has his car up front and winning at those tracks. It seems as though several cars have dropped by the wayside and the car count in the Bandolero division is down from last season. This reporter hopes to see some of you back soon when not traveling.

Legends & Bandoleros at I-25 Speedway August 24

The RMLRA cars travel to Pueblo next weekend. On the schedule two remaining scheduled races remain at I-25 Speedway. Try to help the track out with your car in the pits on race day.  Mentioned in the last newsletter the RMLRA Awards Banquet will be held November 16, 2019 at The Summit in Westminster. Do mark your calendar for this event. 

Just want to give a shout out to the RMLRA Board for their help in keeping the RMLRA moving forward this season. Many hours go into the meetings throughout the year to keep the RMLRA moving forward.

Thanks to Gary Wegener making the long trip in from out of state to race with us. He is a Master and his home town is Kalama, WA

Race days have been long and hot this season and it makes for a long day at times. Please keep in mind that all of you are out there to race your car, have some success and bring the car home with as little damage as possible. Winning the feature race is the goal of all you drivers. Many new drivers have to realize that speed comes with a lot of set up work and lots of laps on the tracks. Several drivers are in the eighteen second range in qualifying and their cars work there way to the front pretty quick in the races at CNS. I can only pass along this information to these drivers that you will be there forever if you cannot pick up your speed. Sit out a practice and watch what the other drivers are doing to bring their lap times down. To the new drivers the more you are racing the better driver you will become. When your car feels secure, then turn up the notch a little. Race at the our smaller tracks and get the feel of learning to drive and improve your driving skills.

One more thought about sportsmanship. Keep your temper under control because it can cost you a DQ, money and a few weeks not racing.

There is a good chance that the Legend division may be looking for someone to help in INEX tech at the race track. If you would like to help with this project, please contact a board member.

Awards Banquet Date Change

The RMLRA Awards Banquet date has been changed to November 23, 2019, at The Summit in Thornton. The previous date was going to be on the same date of The Bandoleros West championships Nov. 15-16 in Lake Havasu City, AZ

The Summit-Thornton
580 E. 144th Ave
Thornton, CO

Legend & Bandolero results from CNS 09-17-19

Quick time, Legend Qualifying
1. 22 Eggleston 18.123
2. 66 Clegg 18.197
3. 30 DJ Stewart 18.281
4. 16 Roe 18.391
5. 00 Saykally 18.413
6. 15 Medina 18.482
7. 46 Witherwax 18.554
8. 5 Wegener 18.554
9. 03 DL Stewart 18.608
10. 37 Scarberry 18.661
11. 3 Barlock 18.669
12. 88 P Himler 18.804
13. 44 Matthews 18.829
14. 33 N Cooper 18.862
15. 53 R. Scott 18.947

Legend Feature 25 laps (unofficial results)
1. 22 Eggleston
2. 66 Clegg
3. 30 DJ Stewart
4. 16 Roe
5. 46 Witherwax
6. 03 DL Stewart
7. 3 Barlock
8. 44 Matthews
9. 00 Saykally
10. 37 Scarberry (R)
11. 5 Wegener
12. 88 P. Himler
13. 04 Foster (R)?
14. 28 Powers
15. 53 R. Scott
16. 26 C. Brunker
17. 95 Dike -1
18. 72 Robb -1
19. 31 Brookhart -2
20. 99 Dedic -3
21. 15 Medina -8 DNF
22. 33 N. Cooper -8 DNF
23. 9 McBride -9 DNF
24. 43 Sears -9 DNF
25. 78 A. Himler -10
26. 60 Stevens -11

LEG #1 Dash
1. 95 Dike 19.603
2. 43 Sears 19.581
3. 9 McBride 19.491
4. 31 Brookhart
5. 72 Robb
6. 60 Stevens
7. 99 Dedic
8. 78 A. Himler

LEG #2 Dash
1. 3 Barlock 18.781
2. 53 Scott 18.762
3. 88 P Himler 18.659
4. 37 Scarberry (R)
5. 33c Cooper
6. 04 Foster
7. 28 Powers
8. 44 Matthews
9. 26 C. Brunker

Leg #3 Dash (Fast Dash)
1. 66 Clegg 18.314
2. 15 Medina 18.369
3. 22 Eggleston 18.282
4. 30 DJ Stewart 18.344
5. 16 Roe 18.402
6. 00 Saykally
7. 46 Witherwax
8. 03 DL Stewart
9. 5 Wegener

Bandolero Feature Bandits
1. 82 Tiegan Scott
2. 1 Joshua Cochran
3. 99 Isaiah Scott
4. 68 Wyatt Dent
5. 52 Nic Wall
6. 6 Alexandra Scott

Bandolero Feature Outlaws
1. 78 Brody Moore
2. 12 Bryanna Bruce
3. 00 Travis Sanders
4. 3 Nandini Breggin
5. 98 Samuel Haugen
6. 07 Aubrei Hilton
7. 06 Mahkrysta Hilton
8. 8 Danielle Walbaum

RMLRA Newsletter - 8/13/2019

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DJ Stewart sweeps Battle of the Bluffs in Gering, Nebraska

Darrell J. Stewart driving the #30 Legend car won both feature races at Hwy 92 this past weekend. Congratulations on a job well done. Saturdays field of Legends included thirteen cars starting and finishing the race. Also heard that we had a wreck on the track with about ten to go. Thanks to the cars that made the trip to race. It is a long way to travel and hope the fifty lap race on Saturday was good for all drivers. Friday evening there were eleven cars on hand As your reporter I will not be doing any results on tracks away from CNS. The RMLRA Newsletter is coming to an end, and will cease at the end of the season.

Do expect a few new cars to be on the track in the next few weeks as several were ordered and expected to ship from Harrisburg, NC very soon.

Legends and Bandoleros return to Colorado National Speedway this weekend August 17th and we hope to see you there.

Banquet announcement

The Awards Banquet will be held November 16, 2019 at the Summit in Westminster. More information to be released later.

Legend Feature results 50 laps (unofficial results) August 10, 2019
1. #30 DJ Stewart
2. #15 Danny Medina
3. #3 Wayne Barlock
4. #03 DL Stewart
5. #7 Corey Seip
6. #37 Tanner Scarberry (R)
7. #62 Roy Dunlap
8. #95 Jessilyn Dike
9. #78 Ashlyn Himler
10. #44 Alfred Matthews
11. #13 Jason Hulvey
12. #88 Paul Himler
13. #72 Cynthia Robb

Bandolero Feature results (unofficial results Aug. 10, 2019
1. #77 Chasen Groff O
2. #78 Brody Moore O
3. #79 Zachary Morris O
4. #12 Bryanna Bruce O
5. #11 Tyler Sefcovic O
6. #63 James Starcher B

Legend Feature results 25 laps (unofficial results) Aug. 9, 2019
1. #30 DJ Stewart
2. #03 DL Stewart
3. #3 Barlock
4. #7 Seip
5. #13 Hulvey
6. #44 Matthews
7. #37 Scarberry (R)
8. #88 P. Himler
9. #62 Dunlap
10. #6 S. Scott
11. #78 A Himler

Heat race winners Friday evening were DJ Stewart winning the Trophy Dash and Wayne Barlock Jr in the heat race.

Bandolero Feature results (unofficial results) Aug. 9, 2019
1. #12 Bryanna Bruce OW
2. #77 Chasen Groff OW
3. #89 Zachary Morris OW
4. #78 Brody Moore OW
5. #03 Ryker McConahay BW
6. #63 Charles Starcher BW
7. #11 Tyler Sefcovic OW

CNS Results - 8/3/2019

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Stewart and Kyle Clegg win Legend Features at Intermountain & CNS

Another good field of thirty-one Legend cars were on hand Saturday evening for the CNS Elite Diesel Service night races. #5W Wegener & #13 Hulvey with engine problems did not make it past the practice sessions earlier in the afternoon. In the second dash Barlock beat Zach Witherwax to the checkered flag by 0.008 seconds.We had some good Dash races and the Legend feature had another last lap pass by Kyle Clegg to take the checkered flag. Kyle out raced Danny Medina by 0.064 for the win. Ryan Jones, Brent Scheidmantle and DJ Stewartrounded out the top five positions.

At Intermountain Speedway on Friday evening, DJ Stewart was untouchable during the main event as Wayne Barlock was a couple of car lengths behind and trying to catch Stewart during this race. We had one caution flag during the race and everybody appeared to go home with a few minor repairs. I sent out a short note with the Legends results on Saturday morning. Aubrei Hilton won the Bandolero feature race which was called after ten laps. A major accident which collected many cars in it had the race called because of time. The trophy dash and heat races went well but the lure of a main event win may have caught the drivers not quite ready to win the race. Thanks to all of the drivers in both divisions for racing at Intermountain Speedway. At Colorado National Speedway the racing looked clean and there was only one caution flag during the three dash races.I personally thought the racing was excellent and we did have a few caution flags it was a very good race to watch. Give a thumbs up to the drivers who made their way through lapped cars on their way to the checkered flag. To me it looked as drivers were watching the flag stand when the move over flag was shown and I hope the Raceceiver kept you aware of the traffic on the track.

Hwy 92 Raceway Park August 9-10

Legends and Bandoleros will be racing two feature races. Saturdays race will be a fifty lap event for Legends with a great guaranteed purse. Hope that many of you can find time to make the trip and race.

CNS August 3, 2019

LEG - Qualifying Top 5
1. #16 Roe 18.301
2. #30 DJ Stewart 18.324
3. #21 Jones 18.374
4. #66 Clegg 18.460
5. #27 Oakley 18.466

LEG Feature 25 Laps (unofficial results)
1. 66 Clegg 18.302
2. 15 Medina 18.269
3. 21 Jones 18.303
4. 96 Scheidemantle 18.317
5. 30 DJ Stewart 18.240
6. 27 Oakley 18.508
7. 46 Witherwax 18.513
8. 16 Roe 18.394
9. 3 Barlock 18.541
10. 03 DL Stewart 18.512
11. 96 R. Rudolph
12. 00 Saykally
13. 44 Matthews
14. 37 Scarberry (R)
15. 04 Foster
16. 53 R Scott
17. 19 Pachello
18. 26 Brunker
19. 28 Powers
20. 9 McBride
21. 43 Sears
22. 75 Hackenberg (R)
23. 95 Dike
24. 72 Robb -1
25. 97 Blevins -2
26. 99 Dedic -2
27. 78 A. Himler -3
28. 31 Brookhart -3
29. 88 P. Himler -5 DNF
DNS 5W Wegener
DNS 13 Hulvey

Legends Fast Dash
1. 66 Clegg
2. 30 DJ Stewart
3. 15 Medina 18.171
4. 21 Jones
5. 98 Scheidemantle
6. 27 Oakley
7. 00 Saykally
8. 44 Matthews
9. 37 Scarberry (R)
10. 16 Roe

Legends Dash 10 laps
1. 3 Barlock
2. 46 Witherwax
3. 03 DL Stewart
4. 96 R Rudolph
5. 88 P Himler
6. 53 R Scott
7. 75 Hackenberg (R)
8. 19 Pachello
9. 28 Powers
10. 04 Foster

Legend Elimination Dash
1. 9 McBride
2. 43 Sears
3. 72 Robb
4. 95 Dike
5. 99 Dedic
6. 31 Brookhart
7. 78 A Himler
8. 97 Blevins DNF
9. 26 Brunker DNF

Legend Feature (unofficial results)
1. 30 DJ Stewart
2. 3 Barlock
3. 03 DL Stewart
4. 88 P. Himler
5. 1 D. Smith
6. 2 Reid (R)
7. 37 Scarberry (R)
8. 9 McBride
9. 44 Matthews
10. 78 A. Himler

Trophy Dash 8 Laps
1. 03 DL Stewart
2. 44 Alfred Matthews
3. 37 Tanner Scarberry
4. 9 Terry McBride
5. 78 Ashlyn Himler DNF

Heat Race 12 laps
1. 30 DJ Stewart
2. 3 Wayne Barlock
3. 1 Dana Smith
4. 88 Paul Himler
5. 2 Brett Reid

Bandolero Feature 15 laps DNF (unofficial results)
1. 07 Aubrei Hilton
2. 78 Brody Moore OW
3. 12 Bryanna Bruce OW
4. 89 Zachary Morris OW
5. 77 Chasen Groff OW
6. 06 Mahkrysta Hilton BW
7. 68 Wyatt Dent BW
8. 92 Riley Smith BW
9. 2 Cale Smith BW
10. 03 Ryker McConahay BW

I-25 Results - 7/27/2019

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Danny Medina wins Legend feature/Brody Moore takes checkered flag in Bandos

It was a late night for racing at I-25 Speedway Saturday evening with rain falling early in the evening. Ten Legend cars made the trip to race but only had seven cars started the main. The cars of #3, #27 and #28 did not start the feature race. Danny Medina took the checkered flag and it was his third win of the season ai I-25 Speedway. Corey Seip finished second with Zach Witherwax coming in third.

Six Bandolero cars were on hand to take the green flag of their fifteen lap main event. Brody Moore driving his #78 to capture the checkered flag. Chasen Groff was second and Bryanna Moore was third.

Thanks to all of you in both divisions who made the trip to I-25 to race.

Legends and Bandoleros at Intermountain Speedway August 3, 2019

This coming Friday evening Legends and Bandoleros will be back in Cheyenne, Wyoming for a make up rain out date that was to be raced June 22nd. Legend cars will be racing two main events. The Bandolero cars will only race one main event. An error on our RMLRA web page indicated two main events for the Bandoleros. There will only be one main event for Bandoleros. We will have the administrator correct the web site ASAP. Legend cars will then be at Colorado National for a scheduled race Saturday evening, August 4th and looking forward to seeing a lot of cars for the Legends two nights of racing. If you are running for the RMLRA points championship this is a good weekend to make up some points.

Legend Main
1. Medina 15
2. C. Seip 7
3. Witherwax 46
4. R. Scott 53
5. McBride 9
6. Scarberry 37
7. Dike 95
DNS Barlock 3
Oakley 27
Powers 28

Bandolero Main
1. Moore 78 O
2. Groff 77 O
3. Bruce 12 O
4. Morris 89 O
5. M. Hilton 06 O
6. Dent 68 B

RMLRA Newsletter - 7/24/2019

posted Jul 24, 2019, 9:27 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Jul 24, 2019, 9:27 AM ]

Legends rained out at Colorado National Speedway

Twenty-six Legends on hand Saturday evening to go racing, but the rain moved in about six o’clock and the track called the races right after qualifying. Darrell J Stewart led all drivers with a qualifying time 18.176

This Saturday July 27th the Legends and Bandoleros will be racing at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo. We have had a low car count for both divisions at our short tracks and could use some support from those of you not traveling to these tracks. The payouts at these tracks depend on how many cars are in the pits. I can tell you that I-25 Speedway with twenty plus cars, the payoff is $500.00 to win, $300.00 for second and $200.00 for third.

We are now past the half way portion of our racing schedule for 2019. We have seen a growth of Legends for this season with many new drivers joining us to race their Legend car. There are two great weekends of racing coming up starting with the make up date of a rainout at Intermountain Speedway in Cheyenne. That makeup date will be Friday evening August 2. Racers will then travel to CNS for their regular scheduled race, Saturday, August 3rd. Thanks to all of our new drivers this season. With all of our drivers support at CNS we have had a very successful season so far.

A two night racing weekend on August 9-10 at Hwy 92 in Gering, Nebraska will feature a guaranteed winners purse of $1500.00 The payout for this race has been elevated and guaranteed for the Saturday night feature race. Saturday’s payoff includes:

$1500 to win
$750 for 2nd
$500 for 3rd
$100 to start
50 laps

The Friday night race will be a normal twenty-five lap race. More information to come later.Make your motel reservations now.

One last bit of information to pass along to you is that the #61 car of LD Smith is for sale. Let me know and I can help you contact him. The car is in Commerce City.

CNS qualifying July 20, 2019
1. #30 Darrell J. Stewart 18.176
2. #16 Travis Roe 18.200
3. #15 Danny Medina 18.212
4. #66 Kyle Clegg 18.276
5. #21 Ryan Jones 18.299
6. #6 Scotty Scott 18.328
7. #46 Zachary Witherwax 18.343
8. #03 D L Stewart 18.427
9. #27 Ray Oakley 18.502
10. #25A Michael Anderson 18.574
11. #44 Alfred Matthews 18.616
12. #00 Chris Saykally 18.670
13. #53 Ryan Scott 18.725
14. #37 Tanner Scarberry 18.762
15. #88 Paul Himler 18.776
16. #8 Eric Hipkins 18.779
17. #04 Natalie Foster 18.886
18. #75 Austin Hackenberg 18.965
19. #28 Adam Powers 19.000
20. #9 Terry McBride 19.129
21. #97 Bill Blevins 19.156
22. #26 Chris Brunker 19.312
23. #95 Jessilyn Dike 19.791
24. #43 Robert Sears 20.203
25. #78 Ashlyn Himler 20.462
26. #72 Cynthia Robb 20.679

RMLRA Newsletter - 7/19/2019

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The Legends and Bandoleros return to I-25 on July 27th.

Barlock and Moore win National Qualifiers races at I-25

A very small field of eight Legends turned out for the national qualifier at I-25 Speedway
Saturday evening. We have problems when only eight cars are on hand to race a qualifier. It
used to be a large turnout to race even though you had no thoughts to go to the nationals.
Thanks to all of you who made the trip to race this past weekend.

Wayne Barlock won the feature race in the Legend cars division with Corey Seip second and
Chris Saykally in third place.

Brody Moore won the Bandolero feature, with Chasen Groff second and Zach Morris third.
Still several drivers in Bandolero class without completed INEX.  Several drivers in this division need to complete their INEX application if you have received a email back from B. Beck at USLegendcars. Drivers that have no INEX license are receiving no national points until completed. You have to do this to compete and protect yourself with the insurance if needed.

Legends return to CNS this weekend July 20

Racing returns to Colorado National Speedway this Saturday evening. Car counts at this speedway have been great this season with thirty or more cars on several dates. The new racing surface has been a plus for the Legends. Lap times have come down by about a half second since the repaving of the track.

Legend Feature (unofficial results)
1. 2 Barlock
2. 7 Seip
3. 00 Saykally
4. 46 Witherwax
5. 37 Scarberry (R)
6. 75 Hackenberg (R)
7. 28 Powers
8. 72 Robb

Bandolero Feature (unofficial)
1. 78 Moore
2. 77 Groff
3. 89 Morris
4. 68 Dent
5. 63 Starcher
6. 1 Cochran, Josh
7. 12 Bruce, Bryanna
8. 03 McConahay, Ryker

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