2012 RMLRA Awards Banquet

posted Jan 13, 2013, 9:34 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Jan 13, 2013, 9:34 PM ]

RMLRA 2012 Awards Banquet Has Kyle Ray as 2012 Points Champion.

The 2012 season officially ended last night as the Awards Dinner drawing was held and Kyle Ray was the winner last night after the drawing and elimination of several dates as has been the custom the past two years. This was the second straight season as the RMLRA points champion. Qualifications for the championship were explained early in the season, and drivers had to fulfill the number of races required at three of the four tracks that we raced at.

The second top award was the Sportsmanship Award and the recipients of this award were the Witherwax Racing Team. Jeremiah, Greg and Zachary. This award was presented by vice-president James Stevens.
  • Rookie of the Year award was Ryan Jones.
  • Most Improved driver went to David Hondel.
  • Young Gun Award was presented to Ryan Jones.
  • Hard Luck Award was presented to Scotty Scott.
  • Best Looking Car, #34 Chris Cooper.
Several people were recognized for their continued support and contributions for the betterment of the RMLRA. They were presented to Mike Leary, Dan Clegg, Ron Hough, Scotty Scott, Harold Kraus, and Joe Starr. And a special thanks to Mead Lumber and OʼReilly Auto Parts, and Eric Scott for their contributions to the 2012 RMLRA season.

Mike Leary also presented awards to John Clute and Kyle McCartney for their help as Tech Officials this past season.

Also special thanks went out to Derrick Pechman, Jessica Savage, Craig Coughlin, and Scotty Scott for their help at the Grey Beard car show in Denver this winter. I hope I did not miss anybody as the information was quickly released Awards Banquet 2012 Top Ten Points Drivers

1. Kyle Ray
2. Corey Seip
3. L. Scotty Scott
4. David Hondel
5. Brandon Moore
6. Kyle Clegg
7. Ryan Jones
8. Zachary Witherwax
9. Chris Cooper
10. Adam Pechman

All drivers that were present were given prizes and a special thanks to the companies that donated them.
Next RMLRA Meeting The 2013 season will officially get under way with the membership meeting February 2,
2013 at Leary Racing Products in Denver. The meeting will start at 10:00 AM. More information to follow. Please plan to attend.

2013 Season Schedule Released Last Night

A total of twenty-three races possible. 12 @ CNS, 5 @ I-25, 3 @ Highway 92, 3 @ Big Country Speedway.

  1. 4/20 CNS
  2. 5/4 CNS
  3. 5/18 CNS
  4. 5/24 HiWay 92 Raceway Park RMLRA Classic
  5. 5/25 Big Country Speedway RMLRA Classic
  6. 5/26 CNS RMLRA Classic
  7. 6/7 HiWay 92 Raceway Park
  8. 6/8 Big Country Speedway
  9. 6/15 CNS
  10. 6/ 22 CNS
  11. 6/29 I-25
  12. 7/5 CNS
  13. 7/6 CNS
  14. 7/13 I-25
  15. 7/14 I-25 (AM Special Midnight Race)
  16. 8/3 I-25
  17. 8/9 HiWay 92 Raceway Park
  18. 8/10 Big Country Speedway
  19. 8/17 CNS
  20. 8/24 CNS
  21. 9/7 CNS
  22. 9/14 I-25
  23. 9/28 CNS