2014 Membership Meeting Minutes - 2/15/2014

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RMLRA Annual Membership Meeting Notes

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Club Officer Elections

The President role and three Board Member roles were up for re-election this year. The 2014 officer team is as follows:

·         President – John Ulander

·         Vice President – Dan Clegg (continuing year 2 of term)

·         Treasurer – Katie Eggleston (continuing term)

·         Board Members:

o    Craig Coughlin (continuing year 2 of term)

o    Chris Eggleston (continuing year 2 of term)

o    Dave Hondel

o    Tim Cooper

o    Mike Gallegos


Twenty-nine drivers registered at the meeting. Thirty-eight members, including associate members supporting the club, registered at the meeting. Thank you all for the support. If you still need to submit a RMLRA membership form before the 2014 race season, you will be able to print the form from the website (www.rmlra.org) and mail in your completed membership application.

Upcoming Events

Engine reseal program:
Mike Leary reminded everyone that U.S. Legend Cars Int’l. representatives will be in Colorado at Leary Racing Products to conduct the 2014 engine reseal program on Friday, February 28 and Saturday, March 1. This is a chance to save the cost of shipping your motor to have it resealed, and the cost can go down even more depending on the number of people participating. Please contact Mike Leary if you would like to sign up or for more information.


Setup class: The 2014 setup class will be held Sunday, March 2 at 1:00 p.m. at Tim Cooper’s shop (Creative Mechanical & Welding Services – 7603 Miller Drive, Frederick, CO). This is about 3 miles north of Colorado National Speedway, near I-25. This is a good chance for rookies and all those wanting to refresh their memory or get new ideas about how to square and set up a legend car.


Regional Legends race: There is a legends race scheduled at Rocky Mountain Raceway in West Valley City, Utah on Saturday, May 31, 2014. This race is expected to pay $100 tow money and $100 to start the main event.


Three-day race: Jim Stevens is making plans for the Gering-Cheyenne-Dacono race weekend on Friday, May 23 to Sunday, May 25 in hopes to draw out even more drivers for this big racing weekend for the legend cars. RaceCentral will be presenting sponsor, and Battery Savers of Colorado and Stevens Hardwood Floors have agreed to participate as contingency sponsors. For those racing this weekend and registering for the special weekend program, bonus purse money and prizes will be available. Contact Jim at marketing@rmlra.org for more information or to share your ideas for making this weekend a success.


Big Country Speedway hot laps: It was mentioned that BCS in Cheyenne, WY has opens practice sessions Wednesdays from 3:00 p.m. until dark with possible Sunday open practice days in April. These are $25/car, and keep in mind that wreckers/paramedics typically are not on site for these open practices.

Mead Lumber sponsorship

Dave Hondel shared exciting news that Mead Lumber of Cheyenne has increased their participation this year as a sponsor of RMLRA, and will be our 2014 title sponsor! Look for Mead Lumber decals from Dave at hot lap days and the first race of the season to put on your legend car. Mead Lumber has committed to sponsor the 2014 points fund, as well as the purse payout for the June 28 and August 9 RMLRA races at Big Country Speedway in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We want to thank Mead Lumber for their support throughout the years and welcome them as RMLRA’s 2014 title sponsor!

RMLRA Points System

The membership voted on the RMLRA points system to use for the 2014 season. There were four choices presented, including (1) a “chase for the championship” structure similar to as used in the 2013 season, (2) a structure similar to as used in the 2012 season where throw out races are randomly determined at the year-end banquet, (3) a straight up points structure throw out races, and (4) a straight up points structure with no throw out dates.

The fourth option (straight up points with no throw out dates) was selected from the vote.

Rules discussion

A long discussion of 2014 rules, including rule changes and the enforcement of existing rules, was held.

·         Head and neck restraints – required for all legend drivers in 2014; this is a new rule from U.S. Legend Cars Int’l. Most drivers already use head and neck restraints, but for those who do not have one, they typically run ~$600.

·         CNS caution flags – to try to avoid drivers unknowingly oiling down the track, it sounds like CNS will be asking drivers who have damage from a wreck to stop on the track until an official checks for oil leaks and clears you to move

·         Tires – ideas for marking/branding worn tires versus drilling them at the end of the night were discussed in order to enforce tire rules while allowing racers to keep worn tires as practice tires, especially for those tracks that are rough on tires; a discussion about the interpretation of “two flat wearbars in a row” ensued, and Mike Leary is planning to obtain clarification on this rule with John Clute, Jr. when U.S. Legend Cars Int’l is in town for the engine reseal program

·         Gering/Cheyenne/Pueblo pill draw tech – a discussion was held about the club’s plans to enhance the tech performed at Gering/Cheyenne/Pueblo by having each driver who goes to tech draw an item randomly to be teched on their car that night. This will hopefully help encourage rule compliance at the tracks where there are typically not enough officials to perform a normal tech inspection. If you have ideas of items to add to the list of possible tech inspections, please send them to chriseggleston22@gmail.com.

·         Drug testing – a friendly reminder (given the recent laws in Colorado) was given that the U.S. Legend Cars Int’l rulebook treats drugs the same as alcohol, so they are not allowed in your system on raceday; racetracks can conduct random tests

·         Radios – although rumored in the prior year, two-way radios are still not allowed in legend cars

·         Engine prices – the price of buying a legend car engine from 600 has gone up by $500 effective February 17 and no longer come with carbs