2015 RMLRA Membership Meeting - 1/11/2015

posted Jan 11, 2015, 11:10 AM by Admin RMLRA

Tim Cooper to lead RMLRA in 2015

The RMLRA met Saturday morning with much information and fanfare. Many drivers, car owners and friends  were on hand for the membership and business meeting to take place. Election of officers for the 2015 season were held and Tim Cooper will preside over the RMLRA for the season. Elected as vice president was Mike Gallegos. Katie Eggleston will remain as the treasure, and elected as Board Members were Butch Scott, John Ulander and Ray Jones. Dave Hondel will serve on this committee for his second year. He was elected to a two year term in 2014.Terry McBride will serve as the alternate Board Member.

John Clute Jr. talked briefly on the tech side of racing. It was brought up by someone about the Hank Scott oil filter that is bolted onto the engine. Apparently this was a problem at the Nationals with oil all over the track. It will be illegal for 2015. Dan Clegg also commended the RMLRA drivers for great maintenance on their cars at CNS and oil on the track was not a problem with the Legend race cars in 2014.

A drawing was held for an 2015 INEX membership and first year driver Travis Roe, was the winner of the 2015 INEX membership. For those of you who were hoping to win the membership and did not, you have until February 1 to get your membership at the price of $135.00. The rate will then move to $165.00.

A tentative schedule of twenty-nine racing dates was handed out and drivers will have plenty of racing opportunities this season. Four races at Hwy 92 in Gering, five races at Big Country Speedway, eight races at I-25 and thirteen scheduled for Colorado National Speedway.There will be four National Qualifiers this season. One at each track. Drivers will use their best twenty races of the season for points. To be eligible for the points championship you must be a RMLRA member. Drivers will have to race at three of the tracks at least one time to qualify for the RMLRA points championship. Deadline for the RMLRA driver membership is June 1.

At the start of the meeting President Dan Clegg gave a great thank you to John Ulander who had to step down early last season due to health and work. John held the office as president for three years 2011-2013.

Dan then talked about the awards banquet last season and asked drivers to try and attend in 2015. Many door prizes and point money were given out at that time. You did not need to be in the top ten to win these door prizes. In case you were not aware of it the RMLRA always has money in the points fund that is given out at the end of the season. Your RMLRA membership helps support this pay out.

Scotty Scott talked about the RMLRA web page and the interest that many people have in visiting our web site. The classified section drew a lot of interest. Also discussed by Mike Gallegos was the possibility at the end of the season to possibly race on the dirt at I-76 Speedway or another dirt track in Colorado. Racing would be for non-points and as an exhibition only. No special dirt tires or rims would be used for this first attempt to race on the dirt. Enough interest was shown by drivers, and Mike Gallegos will follow up on this and get back with the drivers.