2017 RMRLA Banquet

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Darrell J Stewart receives championship trophy at Awards Banquet

Darrell J. Stewart was on top of the point standings at the end of the RMLRA racing season and was crowned champion at the Awards Banquet. This event was held December 10, 2017 at Unser Racing in Denver.  
Approximately sixty people attended the Awards Banquet and the winners of special awards.

ROTY                        #08k  Krystal Faulkingham
Best looking car          #16  Travis Roe
Most Improved Driver   #32 Blair Cooper
Most Popular Driver      #48  Cody Dempster
Hard Luck Award         #16 Travis Roe
Sportsmanship Award   #3 Wayne Barlock Jr.
Harold Kraus Award      #3 Wayne Barlock Jr.                                    

RMLRA 2018 Top Ten 
1. Darrell J Stewart  #30
2. Nick Cooper  #05
3. L Scotty Scott  #6
4. Wayne Barlock Jr  #3
5. Cody Dempster  #48
6. Darrell L Stewart  #03
7. Adam Pechman  #25
8. Jason Hulvey #13
9. Travis Roe  #16
10. Krystal Faulkingham  #08k  

Many sponsors and people were given credit for their work and contributions to the club  this season. President Scotty Scott also mentioned the fact that many Legend organizations know the success that the RMLRA has with the Legend Car racing in our area.  Some great door prizes were given out during the drawings throughout the evening. Winners of 2018 INEX memberships went to Krystal Faulkingham and Travis Roe. These were donated by John Haggan of USLCI. Also the USLCI gear was donated from US Legends by Ash Garrett. These men went out of their way to help this Awards Banquet to be a success. Thank you USLCI for these gifts. Those gifts were valued at $165.00 per membership.

Colorado National Speedway and Big Country Speedway donated two track registrations for the 2018 season, with the #17, 08k, #16 taking home these awards. #17 was a double winner at CNS and BCS. Pit passes went to #16 and #9 at Big Country Speedway. Sponsors at Awards Banquet Big Country Speedway Colorado National Speedway Ingram Car Care Centers Colorado Axle & Gear Adam’s Polishes Clegg Racing Products  Many t-shirts, hats and sweatshirts were won by drivers in attendance. Also given away to drivers in the drawings were many items from Clegg Racing Products such as wheel covers and steering wheel covers. You had to be there to appreciate all the items that were donated by the RMLRA sponsors this season. 

At the end of the Awards Banquet an award was given out for his many years of involvement with the RMLRA. So many nice things were said about this award with his dedication and presence with the RMLRA for many years. On this jacket it read RMLRA Lifetime Member. Scotty mentioned that it was the first Lifetime Membership awarded to anyone from the club. Your reporter Harold Kraus accepted this award and thanked all in attendance for allowing himself to be a part of RMLRA since Legend Cars first started racing in 1995. I was at a loss for words to say to those in attendance. Here is hoping that you understood what I was trying to say to you.                               

2018 Membership Meeting Date Set The RMLRA will hold their membership meeting on January 6, 2018 at O’REILLY Auto Parts store located at 5861 N. Broadway in Denver. As of this date it is tentative, but almost certain to take place. Time for meeting to start will be announced shortly. Do plan to attend this important meeting. Terry McBride who is employed by O’REILLY has asked that you please park across the street if you plan to attend. You will not need to bring a chair as they have chairs available for this meeting.A second meeting will take place in February at Tim Coopers shop in Frederick, located north of CNS, with a set up class to follow. CNS will make an announcement during this time as to when they will open up for practice during the month of March.  Be sure to pass along this information to your friends who may be interested in racing a Legend car in 2018. Times and dates will be released as they are confirmed. If you know of someone looking for a race car, have them contact an officer on the RMLRA Board.

There are several cars that are for sale in our area.  If you have sold your car and will no longer be racing in the RMLRA please let me know so I can release your number. And the last item to mention to the readers is that if you know longer wish to receive this Newsletter, please let me know so I can remove you from my mailing list. The mailing list includes several drivers that have bought cars and have not raced with us.

Let me know your plans for 2018. Thanks to all of you for the support and kind words throughout the seasons.