2020 Membership Meeting

posted Dec 12, 2019, 11:42 AM by Admin RMLRA


The RMLRA membership meeting for Legend Cars will be held January 11, 2020 at O’Reilly Auto Parts in Denver, 5861 N. Broadway, Denver. Legend car drivers and owners meeting will start at 9:30 AM, Bandoleros will meet at 12:00 PM This is our annual business meeting and along with several officers being elected to serve on the RMLRA Board. Plans for the upcoming season will be discussed in preparation for the 2020 racing season. There is a good chance that the 2020 RMLRA racing schedule may be available to be handed out. Additional information can be found on the RMLRA Facebook site. A set up class is being organized and times and dates will be released soon. A good possibility that this may be held at Leary Racing Products. If so, this will be a good time to buy or order your parts from our Legend dealership. Your annual membership can be paid at either meeting. The yearly fee for this membership is $35.00 for the driver. To be eligible for the RMLRA points championship you must be a member. If you are not chasing the points, a membership shows to other members that you support and are helping promote Legend and Bandolero racing in our area.

Several items on the US Legends web site under the INEX Tech Area have addressed the fender policy for Legend cars effective 2020. Please also read the New Social Media Policy that is now in effect.

The Bandolero cars are being reorganized for the 2020 season. Since the Bandolero class was organized in 2018 the car count has been good at CNS but could use a few more participants at the other three tracks that we race at here in the Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska area.


Drivers that are planning to attend the Chilly Willy racing weekend are encouraged to contact Wayne Barlock to plan ahead for this event. There is a registration fee for this weekend of racing.

RMLRA 2019/20 Fuel Rule

RMLRA race cars Legends and Bandoleros will race with premium gasoline. The Yamaha Motor Corp. recommends the use of 89 octane unleaded gasoline. Please see 2019 INEX Rule Book page 31 for further information. This fuel can be obtained at CNS for about $4.00 per gallon. When buying make sure that you do
not buy the racing fuel that CNS has available for their Super Late Models and other classes. Fuel samples will be tested after feature races if needed. If you are traveling to race a INEX championship race, make sure that you have drained your tank before going to that track as sometimes what you buy at that track or designated place to purchase fuel may not test clean when tested.

Car Numbers for Legends & Bandoleros

We do have a rule in the organization about racing the same number that a member is racingthat you have on your car. Please check with Harold for a number to place on your car. Tracks that we race at with score boards cannot add a number or letter for your car. Please help us out when thinking of a number for your car. When you join the RMLRA your number is yours as long as your membership is paid. We also want you to race at least once a year. If by chance you sell your car I would like to know. Thanks for your help with this item. I try to keep up with email addresses and news releases and I need your address. If you have just purchased a car
and plan to race with the RMLRA in 2020, or the person that you may have sold a car to, to place them on the list. We would like to keep you informed.