6/5/2010 I-25 Results

posted Jun 6, 2010, 7:29 PM by Admin RMLRA

For the first time this season our car count was down as only fourteen cars were on hand. A thank you to all who made it to the track. Several cars were down with mechanical issues and I heard that the Medina race team was on vacation, and out of the state. The number four car of Gary Kopp had contact with another car in the heat race and hit the wall and suffered major damage to his car. He may be down for a while.

Chris Eggleston turned in the quick time with a 14.146, and went on to win the trophy dash and twenty five lap feature. Chris followed Wayne Barlock for many laps after getting hung up in traffic and closed in on him. Barlock led the feature for many laps, but could not hold back Eggleston who cleared traffic and eventually ran Barlock down. Chris made a clean pass and got by in the closing laps. Kyle Clegg and Corey Seip finished in the third and fourth positions and Pete Dellarco got around AJ Canada on the last lap to take fifth position.

PPIR schedules three Legend dates.

Received word in the Pits last night from Larry Griffith that there will be three racing dates added to the local Legends area. The race will be sanctioned this week as the paper work has been forwarded to INEX and should be in place. As mentioned in an earlier Newsletter, there will be National points for these races, but no RMMLRA points as the schedule had been made out before these races were scheduled. Beginning June 18, PPIR will host these three oval races on the quarter mile track. For the racer, that puts three back to back dates for those who want to get more races in on their summer schedule. Plan to race on Friday and stay over night in Pueblo and race at I-25 the following day. What more could you ask for.

A lot of interest shown in Legend racing last night as many people have asked a lot of questions about the cars.

Trophy Dash

1.       Eggleston

2.       Clegg

3.       Barlock

4.       Ray

5.       Dellarco

6.       C. Seip


Heat Race

1.       Canada

2.       D. Kopp

3.       Duncan

4.       B. Seip

5.       Stedman

6.       Stevens

7.       Morris

8.       G. Kopp  DNF  (accident, front end damage)

Feature (unofficial)

1.       # 22 Eggleston

2.       # 3   Barlock

3.       # 66 Clegg

4.       # 7   C. Seip

5.       # 13 Dellarco

6.       # 51 Canada

7.       # 58 Ray

8.       # 78 Duncan

9.       # 07 B. Seip -1

10.   # 23 Morris -1

11.   # 88 Stevens -1

12.   # 1 Stedman -1

13.   # 24 D. Kopp -22 (broken trailing arm)

Next week the RMLRA will be at Colorado National Speedway. Then on to PPIR and I-25 the following weekend. Looking forward to seeing more new cars at these races. Talked to Alan Jamnick # 01 last night in the pits and he expects to have his car on the track next month. Work is keeping him on the road and very busy at work.

A lot of action in the tech area after the feature last night. Six cars were really looked at and a lot of people from the stands, walked over to the pits and watched with a lot of amazement. The Legends were the last feature of the evening and I am sure it was late for everyone getting home. More information to come in Wednesday’s Newsletter