BCS Results - 5/5/2018

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Scott wins Short Track Challenge @ Big Country - Walker-Scott wins inaugural Bandolero Feature

Scotty Scott won the first leg of the 2018 Short Track Challenge Saturday evening. Scott trying to defend his championship during the 2017 season started from the inside front row pole and led from the start of the race to the checkered flag. Fifteen Legend cars on hand to qualify for the race but did loose two cars during the Trophy Dash. Darrell J. Stewart driving the #17 Landon Birney Legend took the car to a second place finish. Third place was Wayne Barlock who also was the top qualifier with a 14.203 All results are unofficial at this time. The RMLRA does no scoring at the tracks that we race at. We rely on the scorers at the track to be

We did have a caution flag during the first lap. A complete restart was in effect and the race race was yellow flagged on the last lap and Scott who had taken the white flag just seconds before a yellow flag came out and the race was official at that time.

The Trophy Dash was won by Dean Kallas. Krystal Faulkingham won Heat #1 and Scotty Scott took the win in Heat #2.

Trayc Walker-Scott sweeps Bandolero action

The RMLRA Bandolero cars took to the track for their first race of the season and put on a good show for their time racing on the oval. We had a few minor problems with transponders and a few spin outs on the track during the race. The drivers will get better in the next week and improvement with the little things will prevail. These are rookie drivers and they should improve week week. They are going to be exciting to watch wherever they are racing. I believe that all the Bandolero cars made it through the night without any damage and the car owners were happy to be able to load the cars in the trailers with no damage. Congratulations young drivers you did exceptionally well.

Trayc Walker-Scott proved to be the strongest Bandolero car in the field of seven cars. His time of 15.814 led all qualifier’s. Drivers will have to get some experience and find some speed to catch him. Greg Rayl #55 and Brody Moore #78 are two strong cars and should put some pressure on Walker Scott. In winning the feature race Trayc also won the Trophy Dash and two heat races.

I had the chance to talk with all the Bandolero drivers and many parents Saturday and they were all happy with the opportunity to race their Bandolero cars. Before the cars took to the track all cars were given a restrictor plate for their carburetor to slow them down. Car owners at the tracks where we use the transponder for scoring. please be sure it is working properly. The Bandolero cars will make their season debut at Colorado National Speedway this Saturday evening May 12, 2018 We should see a few more Bandolero cars at this track. Legend cars will also be racing on that date. See you at the track.

Raceceiver Information

Driver and car owners of both divisions please remember to turn your Raceceiver off when leaving the track to save the battery for days when it is in use a lot of time. I had to change my battery on the main Raceceiver microphone during the feature race. One more thing to remember is possibly make sure the transponder is sitting low in the car to send a signal to the timing unit when passing over it. That may have been some of the problems with the transponder not working properly.

Legend Main 24 laps (unofficial results)
1. #6 Scotty Scott 14.116
2. #30 D. J. Scott 14.125
3. #3 Wayne Barlock 14.183
4. #16 Travis Roe 14.228
5. #03 DL Stewart 14.258
6. #51 A. J. Canada 14.288
7. #1 Dana Smith 14.468 (R)
8. #88 Paul Himler 14.565
9. #00 Chris Saykally 14.443 (R)
10. #08 Krystal Faulkingham 14.729
11. #33 Dean Kallas 14.683
12. #28 Adam Powers 15.111 (R)
13. #13 Jason Harvey DNS
14. #5 Mike Vail DNS

Bandolero Main 20 laps (unofficial results)
1. #74 Trayc Walker-Scott 15.584
2. #78 Brody Moore 15.844
3. #55 Greg Wall 16.078
4. #10 Lillian McAfee 16.339
5. #11 Corey Sefcovic 16.800
6. #7 Katie Morse 17.097
7. #63 James Starcher 18.906

Legend Trophy Dash
1. #33 Dean Kallas
2. #88 Paul Himler
3. #08 Krystal Faulkingham
4. #28 Adam Powers
5. #13 Jason Hulvey DNF
6. #5 Mike Vail DNF

Legends Heat Race #2
1. #6 Scott
2. #30 DJ Stewart
3. #3 Barlock
4. #16 Roe
5. #03 DL Stewart
6. #1 Dana Smith
7. #51 Canada
8. #00 Saykally

Bandolero Trophy Dash
1. #74 Walker-Scott (transponder not working)
2. #55 Rayl
3. #11 Sefcovic
4. #7 Morse
5. #63 Starcher