BCS Results - 7/30/2016

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Pechman wins at Big Country- Hwy 92 a rain out

Adam Pechman drove his car to the lead in the late laps of the feature race at Big Country Speedway Saturday evening. The feature was shortened to twenty-one laps because of time. Eleven cars on hand at the Big Country Speedway and all started the feature. Early problems saw the caution flag come out after six completed laps for oil on the track. After a lengthly clean up the race was restarted and shortened due to time. During the red flag all cars left the track and the decision to a single file restart was made in the pits. Communication was not made to the Raceceiver in the tower. Everything worked out well and the race was completed.

If you have raced or owned a Legend you will probably relate to this comment. An oil cooler is on every one of the Legend race cars and they often get damaged in accidents on the track. Friday evening before the rains came a new oil cooler developed a leak and had to be replaced. One of our drivers came to his rescue and told him that he had a repaired cooler in his trailer. I was standing close bye and thought what a great opportunity there would be for someone to repair these oil coolers to save and possibly make a few dollars for their racing team. Since we did not race or get on the track after that the cooler was not tested to my knowledge. It failed during the running of the feature Saturday evening. To shorten this subject during all the racing seasons that I have been involved, it seems to me that a comment was either discussed or was seen somewhere that an oil cooler could not be repaired once damaged. That is a shame because small leaks that could be repaired would be beneficial to the race team for dollars saved. It is a discussion to bring up in the pits and talk about. If I remember, the core is not good once damaged. If you know something to add to this subject I would be happy to pass it along. It appears that a lot of money is spent on these coolers.

Drivers returning to Big Country Speedway for races may want to keep the racing and passing cars with two wheels below the yellow line in mind. The track made comments on this at the Drivers Meeting. It looked to me that all divisions violate the rule. The flagman was making the call last night. Big Country could paint the yellow line as it may be hard to see at times. It sure was dark in the pits last night. Maybe someone may have forgotten to turn on the pit lights last night after it got dark.

Hwy 92 Raceway Park

Friday evening was a double points night, and with the rain out, all drivers received eighty points as of right now. After the races were called, we all headed over to the steak house and had a good meal and lots of laughs.

Thanks to all the drivers that raced this past weekend. This coming Saturday August 6th,
racing will be at Colorado National Speedway. This is listed on our web page as a double
feature race night. August 13 will be a National Qualifier at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo. Four of the
next six races are at Colorado National Speedway. Try to attend these dates.

If you are planning to race in Nebraska in September you may want tp plan ahead for a motel room. September 16-17 is a two day racing weekend with Hwy 92 and Big Country Speedway. September 24 is the Shootout and is on a Saturday. Plan ahead as the Comfort Inn told me that the rooms are filling up for the September 16 date. Reserve your room, you can always cancel.

After Saturday’s races, August 6th, I will not be around for the month of August. See you when I get back.

Driver looking to possibly rent to test drive and buy

One more item to discuss. A person has contacted us and asked if anybody has a car to rent for possibly one night. If you are interested in leasing a car out with the possibility that he might buy it, please contact me.

Hwy 92 cars in attendance (rain out)
1. #6 Scotty Scott
2. #6x Phil Peconi
3. #17 BreAnn Adkison
4. #19 Larry Pachello
5. #25 Adam Pechman
6. #43 Jason Hulvey
7. #51 A J Canada
8. #77 Josiah King
9. #96 Connor Snow

Big Country Speedway Feature Results unofficial
1. Adam Pechman
2. Scotty Scott
3. D J Stewart
4. Jason Hulvey
5. AJ Canada
6. Larry Pachello
7. BreAnn Adkison
8. Terry McBride
9. Paul Himler-1
10. Connor Snow-7 DNF flat tire
11. Josiah King-15 DNF oil leak

Quick Time Qualifying. DJ Stewart 14.179

Trophy Dash, Adam Pechman