BCS Results - 9/20/2014

posted Sep 23, 2014, 12:32 PM by Admin RMLRA

Barlock wins at Big Country

Wayne Barlock JR won the twenty-five lap feature race at Big Country Speedway in Cheyenne Saturday evening. Ten cars were on hand last night to entertain the fans with the addition of the cars that normally race on Saturday evening at the track.

Young Darrell J. Stewart had the quick time during qualifying with 14.161. Zach Witherwax won the trophy dash and David Hondel won the heat race. In the feature Barlock held off the top four cars of Hondel, D. J. Stewart, AJ Canada and Darrell Stewart to claim his second RMLRA feature in a row. This was the third feature win of the season at Big Country Speedway.

This coming Saturday evening the RMLRA will be at Colorado National Speedway for the last points race of the 2014 season. The Legends Asphalt Nationals will be held in Las Vegas, October 16-18. Several drivers representing the RMLRA will be attending this race.

25 Lap Feature Results unofficial
1. #3 Barlock
2. #47 Hondel
3. #30 D. J. Stewart (R)
4. #51 Canada
5. #03 D. Stewart
6. #46 Witherwax
7. #5 Haynes
8. #96 Snow (R)
9. #17 Adkinson
10. #97 Blevins

Trophy Dash
1. #46 Witherwax
2. #5 Haynes
3. #96 Snow (R)
4. #97 Blevins
5. #17 Adkinson

Heat Race
1. #47 Hondel
2. #3 Barlock
3. #30 D. J. Stewart (R)
4. #51 Canada
5. #03 D. Stewart