CamberCutters™ Changes for 2012 Racing Season

posted Feb 7, 2012, 2:48 PM by Admin RMLRA

Thank you for a great 2011 season. There will be only a few changes in 2012 regarding cutting Legends tires:

·         Cutting costs will go from $25 for each tire to $28. (I have not had a price change since 2005.)
·         I will continue to dismount and mount tires FREE OF CHARGE.
·         I will continue to rate springs FREE OF CHARGE with my Intercomp digital spring tester.
·         I will continue to provide “at track support” for most of your races.
·         I will continue to cut tires supplied by Leary Racing Products.
·         RMLRA organization and members will continue to get first priority when scheduling jobs.

Finally, I was able to get a bank loan to purchase ($7000+) the latest Amermac Racer Tire Cutter (1200R). This is a long term investment in cutting Legends tires and provides the latest cutting technology and techniques.

Place your order for tires as early as possible with Leary Racing Products. As always you can call me any time at 970-231-8983 (always leave a message.)  Have a great 2012 season!

Gary Cagle, PhD
Ph: 970-223-5460 msg