CNS 40 Lap Main Event Preview

posted Jun 20, 2013, 8:37 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Jun 20, 2013, 8:39 AM ]


This Saturday night Legends Cars will take to the track to race a forty lap feature. It has been many years since we have raced that many laps at CNS. Information that has been sent to me indicates a fifty lap National Qualifier held in 2004.  Danny Medina was the winner of that race. He also indicated that only twenty-six cars started the feature and several cars did not make the feature. What happens this Saturday night? Show up prepared to race to qualify, if we have a lot of cars on hand.

The RMLRA used to race the Les Baker Memorial Race in Pueblo after the death of #55 Lester Baker of Colorado Springs. He suffered a heart attack while racing. We ran a fifty-five lap memorial race for him for several years. The race was shortened to thirty-five laps several years later as several drivers thought that is was very hard on the engines racing in the hot month of August. The race was discontinued when drivers decided to not show up to race. By that, I mean we went from twenty-four cars showing up to race down to ten or twelve cars at I-25 Speedway. With a low car count you cannot put on a very good show for the fans in the stands. Several cars racing out of New Mexico have traveled to help support the races at I-25 in the past two seasons.

Six of the next nine races will be on the shorter tracks at I-25, Highway 92, and Big Country Speedways. It would be great to see many of our cars travel to Pueblo to race next weekend on the quarter mile track. Believe me folks this is a great race track for Legends to race upon, if you have never been on the track. The track is smooth and is high banked and exciting to race on.

See you in the Pits.