CNS Bandolero Results - 4/20/2019

posted Apr 23, 2019, 8:18 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Apr 23, 2019, 8:19 AM ]

Bandoleros season opener @ CNS

The RMLRA opened up the 2019 season Saturday evening with the Bandoleros getting their first opportunity to race their cars this season. The weather was great and approximately twenty cars on hand. A lot of new drivers this season looking to win the first race of the season. First year driver Chasen Groff of Denver took home the Bandolero Fast Feature win. Greg Rayl of Watkins, CO finished a very close second place. Winning the Bandolero Feature was Nic Wall of Commerce City.

Opening up with four dash races,
Bando Dash #1, #52 Nic Wall
Bando Dash #2, # 99 Isiah Scott
Bando Outlaws Fast Dash #1, #55 Greg Rayl
Bando Outlaws Fast Dash #2, #06 Mahkrysta Hilton

The racing was a little rough at times and had several restarts. Both divisions will be off next weekend and will return to race at CNS on May 4th. Thanks to those parents that helped with the completion of the INEX application forms. RMLRA memberships must be filled out and submitted with payment to receive points towards the tour championship. You WILL NOT be awarded RMLRA Championship Tour points until your membership application is submitted WITH payment.

Bando Outlaw Feature 13 laps
1. #77 Chasen Groff O
2. #55 Greg Rayl O
3. #22 Andy Jones Crull O
4. #08 Mahkrysta Hilton O
5. #89 Zachary Morris O
6. #07 Aubrei Hilton O
7. #98 Sammy Haugen O
8. #11 Tyler Sefcovic O
9. #18 Chello Milligan O
10. #00 Travis Sanders O
11. #3 Nandini Breggin O
12. #8 Danielle Walbaum O
13. #03 Isaac Almaswari O

Bando Bandit Feature 10 laps
1. #52 Nic Wall B
2. #68 Wyatt Dent B
3. #16 Kendall Gonzalez O
4. #82 Tiegan Scott B
5. #99 Isaiah Scott B
6. #17 Alexander Riley B