CNS Challenge Cup Results - 10/5/2015

posted Oct 5, 2015, 8:11 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Oct 5, 2015, 8:11 AM ]

Eggleston wins Legends Challenge Cup Feature Race

The feature race Saturday evening went green, white and checker and Chris Eggleston passed Kyle Clegg with a few laps left in the feature to take the win. As the cars left the track the Raceceiver was turned off for the last time this season. With weather a threat for the races the rain held off until after the Legend feature and the fireworks had been set off. The Super Late Models race ended after forty-six laps because of rain. It was good race as the weather cooled off and the engines came alive and ran strong. Twenty-one cars were in the pits and they were all supposed to start the feature.

Kyle Clegg finished second, Danny Medina third, Scotty Scott with a fourth place finish, And Adam Pechman was your fifth place finisher.

With Scotty Scott finishing fourth he unofficially finishes atop the RMLRA point standings claiming his first RMLRA championship. Darrell J. Stewart finished second, and Adam Pechman finished third. If by chance there is a change we will notify everyone. I will get with Scotty this week and get some details from him. Scotty won his first feature this season and had many good top five finishes to claim the top spot. His team spent many hours working on his number six Legend. Congratulations Scotty.

Dillon Foster #04 was on hand to start his first race of the season. Thanks for making the show. We missed you this summer. Thanks again to all of you who supported Legend racing along the Front Range. Hope to see many of you back next season.

In the first race of the evening which was changed from a twenty lap set up feature to ten laps because of rain forecasted for the evening. All the early features were changed to ten laps.

2015 Season comes to an end

With the season coming to an end, we all need a break to get away from all the tension that goes along with a schedule that did not include any weeks off for many weeks. The schedule has to be reduced and more weeks off are needed. Please don’t allow this to happen again.

For those of you traveling to the Asphalt Nationals good luck to you. Several cars have indicated that they were going.

1st Legend Feature (Dash) 10 Laps
1. Clegg
2. Eggleston
3. Pechman
4. Pachello
5. Scott
6. Witherwax
7. Medina
8. Roe (R)
9. Gallegos
10. Radosta (R)
11. Hipkins
12. Wall
13. Seip
14. Savage
15. Hulvey
16. McBride
17. Adkison
18. Pearson (R)
19. Foster
20. Jones -8

Challenge Cup Feature 25 Laps (official results)
1. Eggleston
2. Clegg
3. Medina
4. Scott
5. Pechman
6. Jones
7. Wall
8. Witherwax
9. Roe (R)
10. Hulvey
11. Radosta (R)
12. Pachello -1
13. Seip -1
14. Hipkins -1
15. McBride -1
16. Savage -1
17. Foster -1
18. Cave-1
19. Pearson -2
20. Adkison broke down first lap (throttle cable)
21. Gallegos DNS