CNS Practice and RMLRA Updates - 3/27/2017

posted Mar 27, 2017, 12:36 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 27, 2017, 12:38 PM ]

Action at Colorado National Speedway Saturday March 21, 2017

Saturday afternoon Colorado National Speedway showed their appreciation by treating the drivers and pit crews and friends to a great BBQ as practice was winding down. Just one of many things that CNS does for their drivers and crews. Thank you CNS. We hope that you were on hand and that you enjoyed yourself at the BBQ. There were about fifteen Legend cars in the pits Saturday and a couple of the cars did not go on the track. It appeared that many of the new drivers received a lot of practice time to help them prepare for the upcoming season. The RMLRA would like to see many of you drivers starting off the season at the first race April 8 at Colorado National Speedway. The turnout for practice was great and many thanks to the Board
Members for their help in our safety inspection of the Legend race cars during the first two practice sessions. There are thirty racing dates scheduled this season with several Double Features. We hope that you can support our racing program. Plan ahead for the out of town trips. See you in the pits.

There are several drivers who have not applied for their INEX licenses. I will keep up with them and have a list at the first race. If you have applied and not received your license let me know and I will check for you, to see if it has been processed. Thirty-nine drivers have their licenses as of May 27. For those of you who have purchased their RMLRA membership, thank you.

Las Vegas Races

Cody Dempster made the trip to Las Vegas over the weekend to participate in the Opening Night at The Bullring. Cody finished fifth. Eleven cars were shown starting the twenty-five lap feature. Results were taken from The Bullring web site.

Raceceiver channel change to #1031

Some information to pass along to everyone is that we will be switching Raceceiver channels as of the next race. We now have a new headset with a stronger signal. In testing the new headset yesterday in the pits we found the new headset much more clearer. Please work with us while we make the switch. We will now be using channel # 1031. (frequency 462.8750) We will not be using #165 effective this Newsletter.

Drivers on hand Saturday were:
#7 Corey Seip
#9 Terry McBride
#13 Jason Hulvey (2)
#15 Danny Medina (2)
#16 Travis Roe
#17 BreAnn Adkison
#19 Larry Pachello
#25 Adam Pechman
#27 Ray Oakley
#30 Darrell J. Stewart
#33 Dean Kallas/Alfred Matthews
#46 Zach Witherwax
#08 Jace Hansen
#08k Krystal Faulkingham