CNS Promotional Updates - 6/16/2016

posted Jun 16, 2016, 2:15 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Jun 16, 2016, 2:15 PM ]

The RMLRA would like to thank the drivers,family, and crew for traveling to Gering and Cheyenne this past weekend! We all know it is very hard to get out of work on Fridays, but if you have never raced in Gering you should try it at least once. It is a beautiful facility and the management loves having us there! Cheyenne is also another beautiful facility and the track operator Tommy Gess truly appreciates having the cars there! We would like to congratulate the winners this past weekend, Wayne Barlock on Friday and Scotty Scott on Saturday.

It has been just cleared through National that this weekend will be a double feature race at Colorado National Speedway. We are not 100% sure of the format but there will be a 15 lap feature after intermission and a 25 lap feature after all the other classes have ran their features. You will get points from Inex for both features. RMRLA points will only be received from the finishing order of the FIRST FEATURE. I believe after talking to Jim at CNS the race will be ran similar to the race in October in years past. Good luck to all the drivers this weekend. The weather is looking hot so please hydrate and drink lots of fluids.
 Please remember drivers, this is a long year. Respect not only the drivers that you race against but their family, crew, track workers, INEX tech, and your own family and crew. We are here to have fun, make memories and stay as safe as possible. Remember the old saying, treat others as you would want to be treated! We have the most competitive group of racers in the nation, show them that we are the classiest also.

The RMLRA points race is close as always. Adam Pechman is leading Scotty Scott with Jason Hulvey in third place! Scotty Scott is the featured driver this week! Here are some fun facts about Scotty!.

DOB: 7-22-69

Age: 46

Years Racing: 8

Favorite racing memory: Spending time with his dad and uncle. Also being on the podium in the Asphalt Nationals!

Interesting Fact: Scotty has a degree in Electrical Engineering!

Favorite Track: CNS

Toughest Competitor: Danny Medina 

Favorite Food: Mexican

Scotty would like to thank his wife, dad, and kids for their support!