CNS Race Results - 4/8/2017

posted Apr 9, 2017, 4:44 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 9, 2017, 4:46 PM ]

Chris Eggleston wins season opener at Colorado National Speedway

It was a beautiful evening in Dacona, Colorado and at the local speedway a lot of Legend race cars were on hand and thirty cars took the green flag for the twenty-five lap main. A very exciting race took place and at the checkered flag veteran Chris Eggleston crossed the finish line with the win. You had to be there to see all the driving through the thirty car field to appreciate this win by Chris. Following Chis to the finish line were Scotty Scott, Jace Hansen, Brent Scheidmantle, and Danny Medina for the second through fifth positions. They all finished within 0.811 behind Chris Eggleston.

It was an evening of many new drivers for the season and thanks to all of them and the returning drivers for a great evening of racing. First year drivers were Gary Radosta, Krystal Faulkingham, Ray Oakley, Floyd Whiting and Alfred Matthews. Welcome back after missing seven seasons due to work possibly was former RMLRA champion #05 Nick Cooper. Glad to have you back.

Drivers will now have a few weeks off before the start of a long schedule that will take them into the first week of October.

25 Lap Feature
1. Eggleston
2. Scott
3. Hansen
4. Scheidemantle
5. Medina
6. Clegg
7. Cooper
8. Dempster
9. Blair Cooper
10. Roe
11. Corey Seip
12. Barlock
13. Wall
14. Witherwax
15. Pachello
16. Canada
17. Austin Radosta
18. Hulvey
19. Brunker
20. Himler
21. McBride
22. Matthews
23. Whitting (R)
24. Oakley (R)
25. Faulkingham (R)
26. Riddell
27. Pechman
28. Romero
29. Osborne (R)
30. Gary Radosta

10 lap Dash races were won by AJ Canada and Adam Pechman