CNS Rain-Out - 8/23/2014

posted Aug 24, 2014, 10:19 PM by Admin RMLRA

Another Rain out

Saturday afternoon and the rain began to fall around 2:30 PM. The Legends were just about ready to to take the track for practice when the rain started to fall. Drivers took their cars back to their trailers and tried to escape the rain. It rained hard and lighting hit very close to the pit area. After the rain stopped, the track made the decision to not race because of mud and water in the parking lots. A lot of water was around the track. It also lost the electricity when lighting was in the area. This was the fourth race this season cancelled by rain once the cars had arrived. I guess the old saying is “better luck next time.”

Good to see the number seven of Corey Seip at the track yesterday. It was his first appearance of the season and he said that he will be back for another race.

The RMLRA is scheduled to race next Saturday, August 30 at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo. The schedule shows four races remaining on the schedule. There was the possibility of holding a meeting yesterday and discussing the possibility of racing at Big Country on September 20. That was the original date that was to be raced at Hwy 92.  Because of the rain that cancelled the races yesterday the meeting was not held. The officers will probably meet and discuss this a little further and information will be passed on to you.

Hope to see you there.