CNS Results

posted Aug 2, 2015, 1:01 AM by Admin RMLRA

Kyle Clegg wins 25 lap main at Colorado National

August 1 was a good day for Kyle Clegg and got the break he needed and got past Danny Medina on the restart with four laps to go and won his third main in a row at Colorado National.  On the restart Clegg on the outside row one drove in deep to take the lead. At turn three Medina drove in hard and pushed up scraping the fourth turn wall and some damage to his car. He pulled into the pits as the race continued. Ryan Jones closed the gap but could not get in front of Clegg. Jones finished second with Scott third. Darrell L Stewart finished fourth and Jereme Wall finished fifth.

Twenty-six cars were on hand to start the evening. The number nineteen of Larry Pachello was damaged in hot lap practice and scratched the rest of the evening. In the Legends fast dash DJ Stewart apparently spun in turn four collecting the number seven of Corey Seip. Both cars were done for the evening. In the twenty five lap main Chris Brunker and Josiah King made contact in turn three and The number seventy-seven of King hit the wall hard. He was taken to the hospital for observation. After the race word came down from his Dad that Josiah had three broken bones in his hand and a broken kneecap. No internal injuries. If I hear anything more, I will pass it along. Josiah we are rooting for you to heal without any complications. Josiah had earlier won the Legends ten lap dash. Winner of the Legends Fast Dash (Trophy Dash) was Danny Medina.  Quick time in qualifying went to Scotty Scott with a 18.891 Clegg with a 18.892

Just want to remind you if you plan to attend the national qualifier in Gering on Friday, August 25 to make your reservations now with Super 8. Remember to tell them that you are with the RMLRA racing at Hwy 92. Make the reservation now and if you have to cancel there is no charge. We race at Big Country on Saturday, August 29.

25 Lap Legend Main
1. Clegg
2. Jones
3. Scott
4. DL Stewart
5. Wall
6. Pechman
7. Riddell
8. Cave
9. Witherwax
10. Radosta (R)
11. C. Adkins
12. Blevins
13. Adkison
14. Roe (R)
15. McBride
16. Bedore
17. Hulvey
18. Ross -1
19. Medina -3
20. C. Brunker -3
21. Johnson (R) -5 DNF
22. King -10 DNF
23. Redmond -13 DNF

Legends Fast Dash Trophy Dash
1. Medina
2. Clegg
3. Scott
4. Jones
5. DL Stewart
6. Pechman
7. Radosta
8. Witherwax
9. Riddell
10. Cave
11. Wall -1
12. DJ Stewart -5
13. C. Seip -5

Legends Dash
1. King
2. Brunker
3. Blevins
4. Adkison
5. Bedore
6. Adkins
7. McBride
8. Ross
9. Hulvey
10. Roe
11. Johnson DNF
12. Redmond DNS