CNS Results - 09-JUN-2012

posted Jun 10, 2012, 8:56 PM by Admin RMLRA
The races at Colorado National Speedway Saturday night were exciting as the twenty-five lap feature went green, white, checker. Kyle Clegg again the winner as he drove a great race to take the checkered flag. The best part of the race was when the leaders started to lap the slower cars towards the end of the race and they had to weave in and out to get by those cars. The top three cars of Clegg, Mike Gallegos and Chris Eggleston were within 0.727 at the finish line.  Danny Medina (18.775 top speed in feature) and Corey Seip finished in the top five. Other top ten racers were Wayne Barlock Jr, in sixth place. Scotty Scott, placed seventh and pole setter Brandon Moore eighth, David Hondel and Cole MacEwen finished out the top ten positions. The race between Clegg, Gallegos and Eggleston was exciting to watch, but Seip, Scott and Barlock also had a great race among themselves. It was a good race to have seen.

Kyle Clegg was the top qualifier with a 19.013, Gallegos 19.046 and Eggleston with a 19:126. Cole MacEwen was the Trophy Dash winner and Clegg with a win in the Fast Dash.

Twenty Legend cars were on hand last night and Kyle Ray had engine problems with his car and had to put the car on the trailer before qualifying began. It was the second straight week for this racing team to have engine problems. They raced their back up car last weekend and had a win at Gering on Friday night. On Saturday at Big Country the engine gave out in the feature.

25 Lap Feature
1. Clegg
2. Galllegos
3. Eggleston
4. Medina
5. C. Seip
6. Barlock
7. Scott
8. Moore
9. Hondel
10. MacEwen
11. G. Richard
12. Jones
13. Pechman
14. Tilton-1
15. Witherwax-1
16. J. Richard-1
17. Pachello-1
18. Blevins-3
19. Brunker-4

12 Lap Trophy Dash
1. MacEwen
2. J. Richard
3. Pechman
4. G. Richard
5. Brunker
6. Witherwax
7. Blevins
Tilton DQ
Pachello DQ

12 Lap Legends Fast Dash
1. Clegg
2. Eggleston
3. Gallegos
4. Scott
5. C. Seip
6. Medina
7. Moore
8. Hondel
9. Jones
Barlock DNS

Information from Darrell Stewart
Darrell Stewart has asked me to pass along this information. As most of you know his open 1200 had problems Saturday night at Cheyenne. After checking out the engine they discovered a rod bearing went bad. Darrell wanted to pass along that Ron Hough had rebuilt the top end during the winter, and after inspecting the top end, everything was good. The bottom end of this engine was NOT built by HO Motorsports.

Racing Grandmother follow up.
Several weeks ago I reported that the grandmother of Brandon Moore was injured in the Pits at I-25 Speedway. Reports the next day had her out and about and that she was doing fine. Yesterday afternoon I walked into the #77 trailer and chatted with her and her husband. She told me that what happened in the Pits was an accident and she had no bad feelings toward the driver of the car. That is what she passed along to me after talking to an I-25 track representative later that night. She did say that after she was hit and tumbled to the ground, she was dragged by the car for a short distance. At that time she started to become worried but the car stopped real quick and she was disengaged from the car. She did suffer cuts from the gravel in the Pits on her face at the time of the accident.  She is just about completely healed from this accident and in talking with her she enjoys watching her grandson race. In all the conversation I forgot to ask her for her first name. Her conversation made my day.

We were a little short on cars last night for the first time at Colorado National. Several cars that were damaged last weekend, are expected to be back on the track at the National qualifier at I-25 in Pueblo this coming Saturday night.

Ron Hough of HO Motor sports was in the tech area last night after the feature when the Tech officials were checking engines. Everyone passed the feature tech. I did notice that we did have a couple of dissqualifications in the heat race.

Numbers count for I-25 Regional Qualifier June 16, 2012
If you would take the time to let John Ulander know if you will be racing at I-25 he would appreciate it. It is my understanding that the cars from New Mexico that raced with us last month cannot be there with their cars for this race. Please contact John Ulander @ so he can have an idea on the car count. We can always use a few more cars if they are ready to race. I might be Race @ Big Country Speedway June 2, 2012 By now for those of you who raced at Big Country Speedway last weekend, you should have received your checks from Kyle McCartney yesterday. Thanks go to David Hondel for helping to obtain sponsorship for the race for our RMLRA.

Cambercutter wins Trophy Dash in Sportsman Division
Did you see the race last night. Gary Cagle former Legend car racer drives a Sportsman at CNS won the Trophy Dash. Gary is our local tire cutter for Legend tires.