CNS Results - 10/7/2017

posted Oct 9, 2017, 11:39 AM by Unknown user

Clegg and Eggleston close out season with feature wins

Saturday evening the season came to an end as the Legends of the RMLRA raced two features, of twenty and thirty laps. In winning the first feature Kyle Clegg clinched the track championship at Colorado National Speedway for 2017. Krystal Faulkingham was the ROTY at CNS as she missed only one race at Colorado National Speedway. Chris Eggleston and Danny Medina battled for the win in the second feature with Eggleston taking the win. It was a great night for racing, and just about everybody escaped the races with just minor damage to their cars. Adam Pechman blew a engine in the first feature.

There were twenty-six cars on hand for the doubleheader. With the Asphalt Nationals next weekend several cars elected to not try and get involved in any accidents and played it very conservative.

Ryan Rudolph #11d and Rob Sears #43 were on the track at CNS this season with their cars to race with the RMLRA. Ryan is a resident of Denver and Rob call Firestone his place of residence. We are happy to have you with us and hopefully next season.

DJ Stewart 2017 RMLRA Champion

If the standings are complete and up to-date, Darrell J. Stewart is your 2017 RMLRA champion. Do check the standings if you have not done so already. Congratulations to this young man. The Wildlife Racing Team had an aggressive schedule to race this season and part of it was accomplished with this championship. They are off to Las Vegas for the Asphalt Nationals.

2017 RMLRA Racing Season ENDS

As the 2017 season came to an end locally, several teams will be headed out to Las Vegas in a few days to the Asphalt Nationals. We will say good luck to those traveling as winter weather may bring snow to I-70 if you are traveling that way.

A date for the banquet should be announced very soon and we hope to see many of you there. Just a couple of things to remind you of is to make sure that as a RMLRA member, you get a chance to voice your opinion on this seasons operations and schedule.

Thanks for putting up with my Newsletters this season. It has been a lot of fun doing this. I would like to see somebody take over the RMLRA Newsletter. If I return next season as part of the organization, it will be a no traveling clause in my contract. LOL

One more thing to pass along is to inform anybody interested in a car number to please contact me so we don’t duplicate numbers. Members that pay their membership during the off season automatically keep their number from year to year. I have one car changing numbers for next season.

The Raceceiver that I have been using for many years may need to be repaired or replaced. If you had problem hearing me last night you know what I am talking about. Let me know if you know of somebody that can troubleshoot our Two Way Radio.

Legend Feature #1
1. 66 Kyle Clegg 18.612
2. 22 Chris Eggleston 18.700
3. 15 Danny Medina 18.701
4. 3 Wayne Barlock 18.802
5. 05 Nick Cooper 18.766
6. 6 Scotty Scott 18.871
7. 48 Cody Dempster 18.884
8. 32 Blair Cooper 18.875
9. 98 Brent Scheidemantle 18.934
10. 03 Dl Stewart 19.127
11. 16 Travis Roe 19.041
12. 51 AJ Canada 19.111
13. 23 Austyn Radosta 19.322
14. 19 Larry Pachello 19.298
15. 08k Krystal Faulkingham R 19.619
16. 46 Zach Witherwax 19.147
17. 88 Paul Himler 19.325
18. 33 Dean Kallas 19.904
19. 41 Gregory Lee 20.277 -1
20. 43 Rob Sears 21.369 -3
21. 9 Terry McBride 19.577 -7
22. 25 Adam Pechman 18.942 -9
23. 30 DJ Stewart 19.270 -9
24. 13 Jason Hulvey 19.754 -10
DNS Ryan Rudolph
DNS Jace Hansen

Legend Feature #2
1. Eggleston 18.750
2. Medina 18.734
3. Scott 18.814
4. N. Cooper 18.903
5. Wayne Barlock Jr. 18.896
6. B. Cooper 18.896
7. Dempster 18.822
8. Roe 19.040
9. DL Stewart 19.039
10. Canada 19.031
11. Witherwax 19.264
12. Radosta 19.327
13. Faulkingham 19.588
14. Pachello 19.258
15. McBride 19.604
16. Rudolph 19.894 -1
17. Lee 20.296 -2
18. Hulvey 19.586 -2
19. Kallas 19.741 -3
20. Sears 21.144 -3
21. Himler 19.520 -10 DNF
22. Scheidemantle 18.940 -15 DNF
23. DJ Stewart 19.233 -18 DNF
Clegg DNS
Pechman DNS
Hansen DNS