CNS Results - 21-APR-2012

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Opening night for the RMLRA at Colorado National Speedway last night, and twenty six
Legends were on hand. You could not have asked for a better day of weather as this warm sunny day in April provided plenty of good racing for the Legends. A short meeting for RMLRA drivers with an CNS official to explain the new procedure of qualifying for races took place after a practice session on the track. It looks like it was what many drivers wanted. #66 Kyle Clegg had the top qualifying speed with a time of 19.009. In the feature race seven drivers would get under Kyleʼs time.

In the feature race Kyle Clegg (2011 CNS champion) jumped off to a lead and held it
for many laps. Mike Gallegos a veteran Legend driver moved up close and became a contender for several laps finally passing him and weaving through heavy traffic, to become the first RMLRA winner of the season by 1.523 seconds better than Clegg. The 2011, RMLRA champion Kyle Ray finished third, with Chris Eggleston and Jace Hansen the top five finishers.

We did have a red flag on the second lap of the race when #44 Kevin Kurtz and #21 Ryan Jones made contact on the back straight away with Kurtz suffering major damage. It looked like he got on top of the car of Jones and eventually rolled on his top. Both drivers were attended to by the medical staff. I talked with Ray Jones this afternoon and he passed along to me that Ryan was OK and at the time, they had the car in shop under repair. In talking with Kevin Sunday afternoon, he was stiff and sore in spots. His race car is badly damaged but said that he will try to be back in about a month.


the track went back to green flag racing the race went green the rest of the race.

Our next race is scheduled for May 5, 2012 at Colorado National Speedway. Races will start one hour later starting in May.

Making their first start in a Legend car Saturday,
#14 Jereme Wall
#33 Ryan Gaylord
#36 Garrett Richard
#37 Josh Richard
#19 Larry Pachello
#21 Ryan Jones
#11 Jessica Savage
Remember that Sportsmanship is a necessity in our division. We are all in it for the fun.

Feature Results 25 laps

1. #06 Mike Gallegos 18.657
2. #66 Kyle Clegg 18.628
3. #58 Kyle Ray 18.688
4. #22 Chris Eggleston 18.720
5. #08 Jace Hansen 18.830
6. #13 Pete Dellarco 18.931
7. #77 Brandon Moore 18.929
8. #6 Scotty Scott
9. #85 Cole MacEwen
10. #47 David Hondel
11. #7 Corey Seip
12. #3 Wayne Barlock
13. #14 Jereme Wall
14. #33 Ryan Gaylord-1
15. #07 Bill Seip-1
16. #37 Garrett Richard-1
17. #46 Zach Witherwax-1
18. #4 Brad Tilton-1
19. #71 Craig Coughlin-1
20. #36 Josh Richard-2
21. #34 Chris Simons-Cooper-3
22. #19 Larry Pachello-17
23. #21 Ryan Jones-24
24. Kevin Kurtz-24
25. #25 Adam Pechman -24
#11 Jessica Savage DNS

Trophy Dash

1. Corey Seip
2. Ryan Gaylord
3. Chris Simons-Cooper
4. Brad Tilton
5. Jereme Wall
6. Ryan Jones
7. Garrett Richard
8. Kevin Kurtz
9. Craig Coughlin
10. Josh Richard
11. Larry Pachello
12. Zach Witherwax
13. Jessica Savage

Legends Fast Dash

1. Kyle Clegg
2. Kyle Ray
3. Mike Gallegos
4. Jace Hansen
5. Scotty Scott
6. Peter Dellarco
7. Wayne Barlock
8. David Hondel
9. Brandon Moore
10. Bill Seip
11. Chris Eggleston
12. Cole MacEwen