CNS Results - 22-May-2010

posted May 23, 2010, 8:27 PM by Admin RMLRA

A large field of Legend cars was on hand last night at Colorado National Speedway. As the wind blew  throughout the day to help keep the temperatures down, the Gremlins were doing there thing as many top tier cars dropped out of the feature or did not start the feature due to electrical problems.

There were thirty cars on hand for last night’s races. That is our best turn out of cars for this season. Kyle Clegg won the Trophy Dash, Darrell Stewart won heat #1 and Wayne Barlock took the checkered flag in heat #3. With two cars pulling off the track during the parade laps for the feature twenty eight cars started the feature as #66 Kyle Clegg and # 1 Eric Stedman had battery problems and had to withdraw from the race.

After several caution flags and a couple of accidents the twenty five lap feature race was won by Wayne Barlock Jr. Starting from the third row inside, Wayne made his way to the front quickly and won over #15 Terry Plummer, #13 Pete Dellarco, #03 Darrell Stewart and # 18 Kyle McCartney. A photo finish for fifth place with #57 Jason Stewart had not been verified as of this morning.

Heat Race # 1. 
1.  D. Stewart
2.  J. Stewart
3.  Rusk
4.  Faatz
5.  Ray
6.  Webber
7.  Griffith
8.  G. Kopp
9.  D. Kopp
10. C. Seip (DQ wheel base)

Heat Race # 2.  Trophy Dash,  
1.  Clegg
2.  Scott
3.  Dellarco
4.  Morris
5.  Hondel
6.  Bandstra
7.  B. Seip
8.  Canada
9.  Coughlin
10. Ellison 

Heat Race # 3. 
1.  Barlock
2.  Plummer
3.  Krizman
4.  Peconi
5.  McCartney
6.  Duncan
7.  Stedman
8.  Cooper
9.  Hipkins
10. Carter
25 Lap Feature Race.  Unofficial results
1.  Barlock
2.  Plummer
3.  Dellarco
4.  D. Stewart
5.  McCartney
6.  J. Stewart
7.  Peconi
8.  Faatz
9.  C. Seip
10. Hondel
11. Bandstra
12. D. Kopp
13. Ray
14. Webber
15. Canada
16. Cooper
17. G. Kopp
18. Ellison
19. Hipkins
20. B. Seip
21. Carter
22. Rusk
23. Scott
24. Griffith
25. Coughlin
26. Krizman
27. Morris
28. Duncan
The RMLRA point’s leader after last nights racing will be Darrell Stewart. There will be a change after next week’s races, as several of the top drivers will not be on hand to race at I-25 Speedway.

Several new drivers were on hand last night as they made the 2010 debut. #29 Scott Griffith from Colorado Springs, #23 Mike Morris, Colorado Springs and #52 Eric Hipkins of Woodland Park. Griffith had an eight place finish in the heat race and finished twenty fourth in the feature. Morris finished fourth in the Trophy Dash and pulled off the track during the feature and was credited with a twenty seventh place finish. Eric Hipkins making his first oval race, drove cautiously to a ninth place finish in the third heat race and then with a little experience under his belt drove his car to a nineteenth place finish in the feature. As reported earlier many cars dropped out with electrical problem during the race.  

Just a reminder to all of you who have friends looking for Legend cars and parts. Tell them to go to our web page. There are a lot of cars and parts listed in the Classifieds section. Anything you need to know about the RMLRA should be found on this web page.

This weekend we will be traveling to I-25 Speedway in Pueblo. This quarter mile track is probably one of the great tracks to race a Legend. If you have not raced there it is high banked and very fast. I hope that many of you make the trip south to race there.