CNS Results - 27-MAY-2012

posted May 28, 2012, 7:37 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated May 30, 2012, 12:44 PM ]
Twenty-six Legends on hand last night at Colorado National Speedway. Mike Webber
#84 and Chris Brunker #26 made their 2012 season debut. It was great to see Mike again after the illness that had him out of work for a long time. Mike finished in the twelfth position in the feature. Chris Brunker a rookie on the track struggled for some speed but finished the feature race. Chris will need some experience driving on the track and should pick up his speed as he comes along gaining some experience. He did see the move over flag and was down low staying out of the way of the great race being run by the front of the pack.

Mike Gallegos won his second feature of the season at CNS last night with a great effort and held off Danny Medina who pressured him the whole race. Kyle Ray still looking for his first win of the season with Chris Eggleston and Kyle Clegg were in
position to win in case the two cars leading the race made a mistake. Eighteen of the twenty-six cars finished on the lead lap. Eight cars were recorded with under 19.000 lap times. The times are really quick this season. Pete Dellarco and Scotty Scott had some unfortunate problems on the track and finished down the official finishing order with some sub nineteen-second laps. If you want to see good racing from the Legend cars you don't have to look to far to see some very good racing and the leaders are all packed in with each other making for great races. The racing was close last night and it was exciting. We had a couple of yellow flags come out that slowed the race down towards the end.

In qualifying Kyle Clegg led all qualifiers with a time of 18.868, Kyle Ray 18.880 and
Mike Gallegos at 18.890.

Gering-Cheyenne June 1-2

Just to remind everyone to notify John Ulander about your status for next weekends race in Gering and Cheyenne. If you have already told him your plans disregard this message. Contact John at I will not be with you next weekend as I have a family graduation party to attend early Saturday morning.
  • Brandon Moore won the trophy race and got to sign autographs for the crowd at intermission.
  • Kyle Clegg took first place in the Fast Dash.
Here are Sunday nightsresults.

25 Lap Feature
1. Gallegos
2. Medina
3. Ray
4. Eggleston
5. Clegg
6. C. Seip
7. Barlock
8. Moore
9. MacEwen
10. Simons-Cooper
11. Hondel
12. Webber
13. Witherwax
14. Tilton
15. Jones
16. Pechman
17. J. Richard
18. Coughlin
19. Pachello
20. Savage
21. Blevins
22. Scott
23. Brunker #26
24. B. Seip
25. Dellarco
26. G. Richard

Legends Trophy Dash
1. Moore
2. Webber
3. Jones
4. Coughlin
5. Tilton
6. J. Richard
7. Savage
8. Blevins
9. Brunker
10. G. Richard
11. Pachello
Pechman DQʼd
Seip DQʼd

Legends Fast Dash
1. Clegg
2. Ray
3. Gallegos
4. Eggleston
5. Medina
6. Dellarco
7. Scott
8. Barlock
9. C. Seip
10. MacEwen
11. Hondel
12. Simons-Cooper
13. Witherwax