CNS Results - 4/9/2016

posted Apr 10, 2016, 7:00 PM by Admin RMLRA

Chris Eggleston wins season opener

The top four qualifiers of the evening battled from lap one to the finish of Saturday evenings RMLRA season opener. With three laps to go Clegg and Jones got together and Jones had to leave the track with a damaged car. Clegg was sent to the rear for the restart. Three laps later Eggleston beat Medina by 0.181 at the finish line. Scotty Scott, Jereme Wall and Adam Pechman were your top five finishers. A great race for the winner but six restarts kept the race at a slow pace. It did help Jereme Wall who started last in the lineup and moved all the way up to fourth place. With a little more experience from our drivers we should be able to eliminate a few caution flags. All in all a good job by all drivers.

Chris Eggleston led all qualifiers with a 18.789. Chris also won the fast dash in a good race with Clegg, Medina and Jones. AJ Canada won the Legend Dash. (Trophy Dash)

Twenty-three Legends in the pits tonight for the season opener. Four rookie drivers in their first Legends car race. Blair Cooper, Cody Dempster, Adam Romero and Adam Osbourne.

RMLRA cars will not race next two weekends but return on April 30th at Colorado National Speedway.

25 Lap Feature
1. Chris Eggleston
2. Danny Medina
3. Scotty Scott
4. Jereme Wall
5. Adam Pechman
6. Zach Witherwax
7. Larry Pachello
8. Kynzer Riddell
9. Kyle Clegg
10. Travis Roe
11. Chris Cox
12. AJ Canada
13. BreAnn ADkison
14. Terry McBride
15. Blair Cooper (R)
16. Cody Dempster (R)-1
17. Ryan Jones -3
18. Chris Brunker -3
19. Adam Osborne (R) -5
20. Adam Romero (R) -7
21. Corey Seip -8
22. Austyn Radosta -11
23. Jason Hurley -17

10 Lap Legend Dash-(Trophy Dash)
1. Canada
2. Riddell
3. Brunker
4. McBride
5. Radosta
6. Cox
7. Hulvey
8. Dempster (R)
9. Adkinson
10. Cooper (R)
11. Romero (R)
12. Osborne (R)

10 Lap Legend Fast Dash
1. Eggleston
2. Clegg
3. Medina
4. Jones
5. Scott
6. Pechman
7. Witherwax
8. Pachello
9. Roe
10. Seip
11. Wall