CNS Results - 4/14/2018

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RMLRA opens season at CNS with thirty -two cars in the pits @ CNS

The weather was sunny but the wind was brutal as the temperature warmed just slightly as drivers, mechanics and fans tried to stay warm throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Thanks to all of you who travelled a long distance to be with us.

As the sun was setting behind the mountains Kyle Clegg had a big smile on his face after winning the twenty-five lap feature, beating Chris Eggleston by just inches at the finish line. Thirty one cars started the feature and twenty-eight drivers took the checkered flag. One caution flag on lap one but after the restart it was green, white and checker to the end. Traffic played a big part as the finish neared an end and the drivers up front weaved their way through many cars to take the checkered flag. Danny Medina finished third and Blair Cooper and Nick Cooper rounded out your top five finishers.

Earlier in the evening Chris Eggleston had quick time while qualifying with a 18.673 In the first heat race Darrell L. Stewart won the trophy, with Zachary Witherwax finishing second and Christopher Saykally third. Fourteen cars started this Legend Dash. Kyle Clegg won the Legend Fast Dash, with Cody Dempster and Chris Eggleston in the top three.

I would like to thank all the rookies that showed up to race Saturday evening. We do have some good young drivers this season and it will be nice to see what happens to them after learning to drive a Legend car after a few weeks of driving experience. New drivers in their rookie season do check your cars for minor infractions such as ride height, wheel base and rear end off set. These are basic weekly checks after heat races. Read your rule book and know what has to be done and what you can do to help you and your car handle on the track. Ask questions and get answers about tech.

We are off for a couple of weeks before heading to Big Country Speedway in Cheyenne for our next scheduled race May 5th. The RMLRA will hold a Driver orientation class for Bandolero cars and for First and Second year Legend drivers April 28th at Big Country Speedway. Come and practice and learn how to get around this tough race track. More information to come later. INEX memberships that were collected at the track yesterday will be mailed Monday to USLegendcars. For a few of you who have not sent for your INEX license do it now, so you can get your national points right away.

We had some problems with some Receivers last nigh and they appear to be the newer version. If you heard me doing a Raceceiver test many times last night, that was the problem. If you have been with us for many years you know that I have been on the Raceceiver a long time. I need some help for somebody to fill in for me, as I am going to be away from Colorado several times this summer. Contact me please. One more thing, drivers car owners please make sure that you have a transponder in your car to keep track of you on the track. The only track that is not equipped with scoring tape is Hwy 92 in Gering, NE

CNS Legend 25 Lap Feature Race
1. 66 Kyle Clegg 18.738 72.406 MPH
2. 22 Chris Eggleston-0.032
3. 15 Danny Medina
4. 32 Blair Cooper
5. 05 Nick Cooper
6. 3 Wayne Barlock
7. 48 Cody Dempster
8. 25 Adam Pechman
9. 6 Scotty Scott
10. 03 Darrell L. Stewart
11. 13 Jason Hulvey
12. 16 Travis Roe
13. 23 Austin Radosta
14. 44 Alfred Matthews
15. 19 Larry Pachello
16. 96 Ryan Rudolph R-1
17. 46 Zachary Witherwax -1
18. 88 Paul Himler-1
19. 9 Terry McBride-1
20. 1 Dana Smith R -1
21. 33 Dean Kallas -1
22. 08 Krystal Faulkingham-1
23. 86 Travis Rudolph R -1
24. 27 Ray Oakley -2
25. 28 Adam Powers R-2
26. 43 Rob Sears R -3
27. 72 Cynthia Robb R -4
28. 10 Adam Romero -4
29. 62 Roy Dunlap -20 DNF
30. 20 Kynzer Riddell -25 DNF
31. 00 Christopher Saykally R DNF accident

First Legend Dash1.
1. 30 Stewart
2. 46 Witherwax
3. 00 Saykally R
4. 33 Kallas
5. 1 Smith R
6. 08 Faulkingham
7. 28 Powers R
8. 43 Sears R
9. 72 Robb R
10. 10 Romero
11. 9 McBride
12. 88 Himler
13. 62 Dunlap

Not classified
DNS 27 Oakley
DQ tech 96 Rudolph