CNS Results - 5/25/2014

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Medina wins at Colorado National Speedway

A great turnout of Mead Lumber RMLRA Legends, a tremendous feature and a scary ride. Twenty-nine Legends cars were on hand Sunday for the third qualifying race of the Rocky Mountain Legends Cars Shootout this weekend. A lot of dark clouds showed up late in the afternoon, dropped a few drops of rain and then moved on. Don Brunker driving his number twenty-eight car joined the upside down club last night during his heat race. I could not tell what happened, but there must have been contact with another car. The show ran a little late, but it was worth the wait. The feature race was moved from thirty to thirty-five laps, and the race ended with Medina winning over Jason Irwin of Albuquerque, NM. by a nose with Chris Eggleston and Kyle Clegg just a few feet from them. Track announcer Marc Moser told me to pass along to the drivers just how great the race was. He said that it was the best Legend race he ever witnessed.  Chris Eggleston would eventually be penalized from a black flag thrown at him with four laps to go. His rear bumper was dragging on the ground. The bumper eventually came off. In the INEX rule book it is an automatic black flag during this situation. Chris eventually finished twenty-first. Chris was the top qualifier with a time of 18.577 and then went on to win the trophy dash. Later in the evening he won the hundred lap Super Late Model race.

Danny Medina wins National Qualifier at CNS

Danny Medina is off to a hot start this season by winning his first three feature races.  Sunday night he won an exciting race that was so close you had to be at the finish line to see who won. He also won the feature at Gering, Nebraska on Friday night. As previously mentioned the front runners put on a heck of a great race.

Wayne Barlock JR, who led early in the race was in contention until a faulty switch on the dash went bad taking him out of the race. This weekend the driver of the number minty-nine car was Brian VanMatre. Brian is a Master and Brady is a Semi-Pro. They are going to share the ride.

Thanks to those of you who raced all three races this weekend. It takes a lot of dedication to commit to those three days. And to those of you who raced at two of the races, thank you. Friday night racing in Nebraska is a long drive and getting off from work to make the commitment to go racing is almost impossible. It would have been nice to see about four more cars at Gering and Cheyenne. Those of you who could only race one night we appreciate the commitment that you made for Sunday to make it a great turnout of cars. Drivers, keep up the good effort.

In next weeks Newsletter I will release the information on who won the prizes and the Shootout, and all the information that I can come up with. Thanks to Jim Stevens for all the work he did on this special racing weekend.

Qualified Drivers For Nationals (Las Vegas)
Danny Medina Pro Hwy 92, Nebraska
Adam Pechman Semi-Pro Hwy 92, Nebraska
Darrell Stewart Masters Hwy 92, Nebraska
Jason Irwin Pro Big Country Speedway, Wyoming
Larry Pachello Masters Big Country Speedway, Wyoming
Peter Dellarco Semi-Pro Colorado National Speedway, CO.

The above list is not official and I may have missed somebody. A driver could finish behind a qualified driver and become eligible. Also not sure of the Young Lions awards.  Those drivers should be contacted sometime this season. A National qualifier will be held next Saturday in Salt Lake City, Utah next Saturday, May 31, 2014. If you feel like traveling the RMLRA is not scheduled to race next weekend.

CNS 35 Lap Feature unofficial results
1. #15 Danny Medina
2. #9i Jason Irwin
3. #66 Kyle Clegg
4. #06 Mike Gallegos
5. #13 Pete Dellarco
6. #34 Chris Cooper
7. #25 Adam Pechman
8. #03 Darrell Stewart
9. #30 Darrell J. Stewart (R)
10. #14 Chappy Adkins
11. #20 Kynzer Riddell
12. #26 Christopher Brunker
13. #84 Mike Webber
14. #51 AJ Canada
15. #11 Jessica Savage
16. #31 Tim Mein
17. #17 Austyn Radosta (R)
18. #09 Terry McBride
19. #42 Patrick Manchego
20. #17 BreAnn Adkison
21. #22 Chris Eggleston
22. #46 Zach Witherwax
23. #99 Brian Van Matre (R)
24. #19 Larry Pachello
25. #3 Wayne Barlock JR.
26. #8 Brian Grandin
27. #83 Don Bedore

#07 Bill Seip Did not start feature
#28 Don Brunker Did not start feature

Legends Fast Dash (Trophy)
1. Eggleston
2. Irwin
3. Clegg
4. Medina
5. Gallegos
6. Barlock
7. Grandin
8. Witherwax
9. Pechman
10. Stewart
11. Dellarco
12. Pachello
13. Adkins
14. D. J. Stewart (R)
15. Seip

Legends Dash
1. Cooper
2. Riddell
3. Canada
4. Bedore
5. Webber
6. Adkison
7. Savage
8. Mein
9. Radosta
10. C. Brunker
11. Van Matre
12. McBride
13. D. Brunker