CNS Results - 5/3/2014

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“Mead Lumber” RMLRA season opener

Eggleston wins RMLRA season opener at Colorado National Speedway!

Saturday’s weather and a good turnout of cars led to a good night of racing, Twenty-seven cars timed in and started the thirty lap feature. Larry Pachello driver of the number nineteen had his car break down during hot lap practice and it could not be repaired at the track. As most of you know Mead Lumber has come aboard this season as our major sponsor. Mead Lumber is located in seven states throughout the Colorado area. The track announcer last night did a great job for the RMLRA talking up our sponsor. Tell your friends about Mead Lumber.

Chris Eggleston was the top driver in qualifying with a 18.633. In the feature race, Kyle Clegg and Eggleston would battle for the lead throughout the race. Wayne Barlock Jr. led a few laps early in the race and Chris Cooper, Mike Gallegos and Peter Dellarco were your top five finishers.

#21 Ryan Jones, #83 Don Bedore and #97 Billy Blevins finally had their cars on the track last night for the first time. Don Bedore’s car suffered damage in the feature race and did not finish the feature. #12 Cody Castor took the green flag for the feature and then had the red box fail on him as he made it to the pits. Jereme Wall drove the back up car of Adam Pechman last night and finished thirteenth in the feature. To my knowledge he had not been in the car until timing in earlier in the evening.

Just a little to add to my Newsletter as I watched the race. Most of the nights that we race at Colorado National Speedway we usually have the largest number of cars starting a feature. We have several drivers that are not up to speed as drivers are getting used to their cars. If you are not up to speed and the Raceceiver in your ears tell you the leaders are close, try to stay low on the track as the cars that are lapping you may be going twenty-thirty miles and hour faster than you and they have no place to go, if you suddenly change lanes. It was really nice to open the season with a thirty lap feature. Drivers make sure you turn off your Raceceiver when you get out of the car. The battery has a tendency to loose power through the days racing events. If you start hearing static it could be the battery is loosing power. Remember to use good quality batteries so they will last you all day. Yes, we do use the Raceceiver during hot lap practice.

The RMLRA will travel to Cheyenne, Wyoming next weekend. Go and enjoy the fun of racing on a short track. Thanks to Jacob Hough who made his debut with the Raceceiver during the heat races last night.

Thirty Lap Feature Results
1. #22 Chris Eggleston
2. #66 Kyle Clegg
3. #34 Chris Cooper
4. #06 Mike Gallegos
5. #13 Peter Gallego
6. #3 Wayne Barlock Jr.
7. #21 Ryan Jones
8. #03 Darrell Stewart
9. #25 Adam Pechman
10. #46 Zach Witherwax
11. #30 Darrell J. Stewart (R)
12. #07 Bill Seip
13. #25w Jereme Wall
14. #26 Christopher Brunker
15. #14 Chappy Adkins
16. #20 Kynzer Riddell
17. #04 Dillon Foster
18. #11 Jessica Savage
19. #09 Terry McBride
20. #99 Brady Van Matre (R)
21. #17 BreAnn Adkison
22. #28 Don Brunker (R)
23. #83 Don Bedore
24. #97 Billy Blevins
25. #64 Randy Rooker
26. #31 Tim Mein
27. #12 Cody Castor

10 Lap Trophy Dash (Fast Dash)
1. Gallegos
2. Clegg
3. Cooper
4. Barlock Jr.
5. Dellarco
6. Jones
7. D. Stewart
8. Foster
9. Pechman
10. D. Stewart Jr. (R)
11. Witherwax
12. Seip
13. Adkins
14. Eggleston

10 Lap Legends Dash (Heat Race)
1. Wall
2. C. Brunker
3. Riddell
4. Bedore
5. Savage
6. Castor
7. Mein
8. McBride
9. Van Matre (R)
10. Blevins
11. Rooker
12. D. Brunker (R)
13. Adkison

1. Eggleston 18.633
2. Clegg 18.697
3. Cooper 18.790
4. Gallegos 18.810
5. Barlock Jr. 18.84