CNS Results - 5/5/2013

posted May 5, 2013, 11:33 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated May 6, 2013, 7:50 AM ]

Danny Medina wins season opener at CNS

The first race of the season is officially over. Danny Medina of Colorado Springs, weaved his way through heavy traffic Saturday night to claim the victory in the twenty-five lap feature. Medina crossed the finish line ahead of Chris Eggleston, Kyle Ray, Mike Gallegos and Kyle Clegg. Clegg the 2012 CNS track champion had problems in the heat race when he pulled off the track. Kyle found his problem and stayed in contention throughout the feature. Eggleston the top qualifier, and 2012 RMLRA points champion Kyle Ray stayed very close to Medina as they were in heavy traffic much of the race.

As the temperature went down it did allow for faster times in the feature race. Mike Gallegos driving the #06 car suffered damage during hot laps, but made repairs to the car and finished fourth. Medina posted the quickest lap during the race with an 18.544. Twenty-eight Legends were on hand last night and many drivers were making their debut in their race cars.

Rookie driver Sidney Ross of Broomfield was the top rookie finisher last night as she drove her #61 to a fourteenth place finish. She along with all the young drivers did a great job in their first Legend race. In the feature results, there is a letter (R) beside your name indicating rookie. If you think you should be listed as a rookie, please contact me and I will follow up on your legibility to be a contender. Remember the rule change over the winter for both RMLRA and CNS. If you raced in five features last season you are not elgible for ROTY. That rule change can be viewed on the CNS web page, Two race cars were damaged in the feature race on lap one on the back straightaway. The cars of Wayne Barlock JR. and Scotty Scott ended up in the infield dirt near turn three. Both cars may need a lot of work to get them back on the track.

The RMLRA will not be racing this weekend, but will return to CNS, May 18. Remember to get your room reservations infor the race in Gering, Nebraska. The rooms will go fast. An error in last weeks Newsletter had you trying to book a room in Scottsbluff. Since there is no Scottsdale, Nebraska, Scottsbluff was supposed to be the proper wording. Try to make room on your schedule to race this three day weekend of racing. Just plan to remember that it is three days of racing back to back and a damaged race car is hard to repair away from home. You may have to drive on the conservative side to keep your car in contention for three races.

The number eleven car lost a muffler during the feature last night and it was supposed to have been brought back to the tower. By the time the crew went to pick it up it was gone. If somebody picked it up or saw somebody pick it up we need to get it back to the car owner. Please contact me or John Ulander @ 720-937-900.

25 Lap Feature Results
1. 15 Danny Medina
2. 22 Chris Eggleston
3. 58 Kyle Ray
4. 06 Mike Gallegos
5. 66 Kyle Clegg
6. 34 Chris Cooper
7. 21 Ryan Jones
8. 03 Darrell Stewart
9. 37 Josh Richard
10. 07 Bill Seip
11. 84 Mike Webber
12. 46 Zach Witherwax
13. 25 Adam Pechman
14. 61 Sidney Ross (R)
15. 19 Larry Pachello
16. 20 Kynzer Riddell (R)
17. 97 Bill Blevens
18. 14 Chappy Adkins (R)
19. 19 Christopher Brunker
20. 11 Jessica Savage
21. 04 Dillon Foster (R)
22. 31 Tim Mein
23. 09 Terry McBride (R)
24. 17 BreAnn Adkison (R)
25. 12 Cody Castor
26. 1 Jereme Wall (R)
27. 3 Wayne Barlock Jr.
28. 6 Scotty Scott

Legends Dash
1. Mike Webber
2. Larry Pachello
3. Tim Mein
4. Zach Witherwax
5. Kynzer Riddell
6. Bill Blevins
7. Terry McBride
8. Chappy Adkins
9. Dillon Foster
10. Christopher Brunker
11. Jessica Savage
12. Cody Castor
13. Sidney Ross
14. BreAnn Adkison

Legends Fast Dash
1. Danny Medina
2. Chris Eggleston
3. Kyle Ray
4. Wayne Barlock Jr.
5. Chris Cooper
6. Scotty Scott
7. Mike Gallegos
8. Ryan Jones
9. Darrell Stewart
10. Adam Pechman
11. Josh Richard
12. Bill Seip
13. Jereme Wall
14. Kyle Clegg

Qualifying, Quick Time Chris Eggleston 18.761
Hot Lap Practice, Quick Time Chris Eggleston 18.647