CNS Results - 6/13/2015

posted Jun 15, 2015, 8:50 AM by Admin RMLRA

In the RMLRA feature at Colorado National Speedway Saturday night, Danny Medina won his second feature at CNS and his third RMLRA feature of the 2015 season. From what I read, it was a very close race once the two cars overtook Scotty Scott who lead early in the race. Danny also has the lead in the CNS points race. Darrell J. Stewart finished third in the feature and is driving a very good car racing out of the Stewart Garage with their two team effort. Both cars are now in the top five of the RMLRA standings. Speaking of points this saturday June 20 will be a double points race for the RMLRA. If you are chasing the points you won’t want to miss this race. Adam Pechman who leads the RMLRA points finished fourth in the feature, followed by DJ Stewart. Zach Witherwax who has raced in all of the races this season finished sixth. Jereme Wall, Chappy Adkins, Kynzer Riddell and Don Bedore were top ten finishers.

Kyle Clegg was the top qualifier in time trials with a 18.710 The CNS web site shows Danny Medina and Don Bedore as Legend dash winners.

Thanks to Jacob Hough for filling in for me on Saturday evening. He will be there at the next race, and I will be back for the next race at I-25.

Steve's Transmission Pays Bonus

Steve's Transmission sponsored a $100 bonus to the driver that finished in a position that officials picked before the start of the main event.  The 11th position was chosen and Bill Blevins collected the $100 bonus.  Congratulations Bill and thanks to Steve's Transmission for your support.

Feature Race Results (unofficial)
1. Medina
2. Clegg
3. DJ Stewart
4. Pechman
5. D Stewart
6. Witherwax
7. Wall
8. Adkins
9. Riddell
10. Bedore
11. Blevins
12. Ross
13. C. Brunker
14. Johnson (R)
15. Roe (R)
16. Scott
17. Pachello
18. King (R)
19. Lee (R)
20. Radosta (R)
21. Haynes (R)
22. McBride
DNS Dellarco
DNS Hipkins