CNS Results - 6/16/2018

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Kyle Clegg wins 25 Lap CNS Legend Feature/Nandini Breggin wins Bando Fast Feature

The RMLRA raced both the Legends and Bandolero’s Saturday evening at Colorado National Speedway. A good turnout of thirty-two Legends and nineteen Bandolero’s were in the pits. Rain started to fall just as the Bandolero’s took to the track to practice. When the rain subsided the track was dried and the practice session became a short one time on the track practice forall divisions.

In qualifying Kyle Clegg was quick time with a 18.855 for the Legend cars. Racing for the first time this season #8 Eric Hipkins of Woodland Park. Good to see you back on the track. In the Legend Dashes, #44 Alfred Matthews and #66 Kyle Clegg were winners of their races. The Legend cars return to Colorado National Speedway this Saturday evening June 23, 2018 formore good hard racing.

The new Raceceiver radio was used for the first time and I hope it worked well for you. Let the Board know if you are still having problems. CH 1161 464.5000 Keep in mind the following weekend is a two day race at Gering, NE. Plan ahead for your motel if you are going to attend. Both Legends and Bandolero cars will be racing both nights. On Friday June 29th the Legends will be racing the third race of the Short Track Challenge. For Bandolero cars this is a great track for you.

During the feature race Adam Pechman hit the fourth corner wall very hard and did go to the hospital that night to be checked out. He suffered a head concussion from the reports that Ireceived from his Dad.

The points and results of the races have been posted. Remember to all classes that you receive no national points until your membership has been processed. Please check with Brittany Beck for information on you membership application. Her phone number is 704-455-3896

Legend Qualifying,
1. #66 Clegg 18.855
2. #32 B. Cooper 18.929
3. #15 Medina 19.016
4. #6 Scott 19.020
5. #48 Dempster 19.023

Legend 25 Laps (unofficial results)
1. Kyle Clegg
2. Danny Medina
3. Nick Cooper
4. Wayne Barlock Jr
5. Scotty Scott
6. Ryan Jones
7. Travis Roe
8. Ryan Rudolph (R)
9. Zachary Witherwax
10. Darrell L. Stewart
11. Alfred Matthews
12. Cody Dempster
13. Jason Hulvey
14. Krystal Faulkingham
15. Kynzer Riddell
16. Travis Rudolph (R)
17. Christopher Saykally (R)
18. Terry McBride
19. Eric Hipkins
20. Bill Blevins
21. Adam Powers (R)
22. Paul Himler
23. Dean Kallas
24. Ray Oakley -1
25. Dana Smith -2
26. Jessilyn Dike (R)-2
27. Cynthia Robb (R)-2
28. Blair Cooper-4
29. Ashlyn Himler (R)-6
30. Adan Pechman DNF
31. Larry Pachello DNF
32. Austyn Radosta DNF

Legend Dash
1. Matthews
2. Riddell
3. P. Himler
4. McBride
5. Hipkins
6. DL Stewart
7. Kallas
8. T. Rudolph
9. Faulkingham
10. Blevins
11. Smith
12. Powers
13. Oakley
14. Robb
15. Dike
16. A. Himler

Legend Fast Dash
1. Clegg
2. Medina
3. Barlock
4. Pechman
5. N. Cooper
6. B. Cooper
7. Roe
8. Dempster
9. Witherwax
10. R. Rudolph
11. Jones
12. Hulvey
13. Saykally
14. Radosta
15. Pachello
16. Scott DNF

Bandolero’s race two Features 10 Laps (unofficial results)

The Bandolero cars ran two features last night a fast and slow separation of the cars. They also
raced four dashes to start the racing program Saturday evening. Winners of these races were
Andy Jones, Aubrei Hilton, Cullen Lewis and Nandini Breggin. The #3 car of Nandini Breggin
appeared to to be the fastest car on the track in the Bandolero division. The Bandolero cars
have next week off but return to the track at Hwy 92 in Gering for both Friday and Saturday
evening races. Hope to see you there.

Fast Feature
1. #3 Nandini Breggin
2. #16 Cullen Lewis
3. #06 Mahkrysta Hilton
4. #18 Jim Chello Milligan
5. #78 Brody Moore
6. #10 Lili McAfee
7. #22 Andy Jones
8. #2 Caleb Smith
9. #03 Isaac Almaswari

Bandolero Second Feature 10 Laps (unofficial results)
1. #8 Daniele Walbaum
2. #51 Jim Huston Milligan
3. #07 Aubrei Hilton
4. #99 Isaiah Scott
5. #92 Riley Smith
6. #52 Nic Wall
7. #17 Cooper Lewis
8. #05 Salamon DeBauche
9. #82Teagan Smith
10. #29 Ashlee Smith