CNS Results - 6/17/2017

posted Jun 18, 2017, 7:47 PM by Unknown user

Eggleston wins at Colorado National June 17, 2016

Chris Eggleston won the twenty-five lap feature Saturday evening. It was his fourth feature win this season at Colorado National Speedway in the Legend car races. twenty-three cars took the green flag to start the race. Kyle Clegg, Danny Medina, Adam Pechman and Ryan jones were your top five cars.

Twenty-five cars were on hand for tonights races. Paul Himler driver of the number eighty eight car was involved in a bad accident in the dash race and was removed from his car and taken to a near by hospital. More information to pass along as I receive it. 10:10 PM Received information from Board members that Paul received a concussion, no broken bones and is headed home tonight with some good meds. So good to hear.

Next weekend is the two day trip to Gering, and I hope to see you there. Sorry I could not be at the races tonight. Hope to see you next Friday.

Quick Time: Chris Eggleston 18.737
Legend Fast Dash, Kyle Clegg #66
Legend Dash, Darrell L. Stewart #03

25 Lap Feature results (unofficial)
1. #22 Chris Eggleston
2. #66 Kyle Clegg
3. #15 Danny Medina
4. #25 Adam Pechman
5. #21 Ryan Jones
6. #3 Wayne Barlock Jr.
7. #30 DJ Stewart
8. #48 Cody Dempster
9. #6 Scotty Scott
10. #05 Nick Cooper
11. #46 Zach Witherwax
12. #1w Jereme Wall
13. #03 DL Stewart
14. #32 Blair Cooper
15. #16 Travis Roe
16. #51 AJ Canada
17. #19 Larry Pachello
18. #17 BreAnn Adkison
19. #26 Chris Brunker
20. #2 Floyd Whiting R
21. #08k Krystal Faulkingham R
22. #57 Adam Osborne R
23. #13 Jason Hulvey
DNS #23
DNS #88 Paul Himler