CNS Results - 6/2/2018

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Medina wins at CNS as Clegg loses front bumper to get black flagged.

I have been watching Legend car racing for many years here in Colorado and had to witnessa first as Kyle Clegg who was leading the race with just a couple of laps to go when the frontbumper fell off of his car and received a black flag for the race leading car. He did not get creditfor completing the last lap and ended up one lap down and a fourteenth place finish. Neverhad I seen a finish like that. Danny Medina won his second feature of the season. Scotty Scottfinished second with Blair Cooper, Nick Cooper and Wayne Barlock as the top five finishers inthe thirty lap feature race. AJ Canada hit the second turn retaining wall during the feature. Italked with AJ on Sunday and he has a few bumps and bruises but the car is in bad shape.  Adam Pechman had to retire his car during hot lap practice as it came to a stop on the track.Kyle Clegg had quick time with a qualifying time of 18.771 With thirty one Legend cars on hand three ten lap dashes were held with Travis Rudolph, Austin Radosta and Kyle Clegg winningthose races.

Bandolero & Legend races @ I-25 June 9, 2018

Thanks to everyone who made it to the track to race Saturday evening. Next Saturday the RMLRA Legends and Bandolero’s will be racing at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo. This is the second race of the Short Track Challenge. Let us hope for good weather and a good turnout of all race cars. I-25 is a really good race track for Legend and Bandolero race cars. Remember to all Bandolero parents to make sure you send in a notarized page seven on the application plus anassociate membership.

Please remember to go to the pit steward and talk to him if you have a racing problem such as the finish that is posted. As mentioned before the RMLRA does not make track decisions on what happens on the track. The rule book states that the track handles all calls. Please remember this as good sportsmanship is needed to handle difficult decisions in the pits. We have had Raceceiver problems this season and the RMLRA Board may meet Thursday evening to discuss several items of interest. If you have a decent two way radio headset that you would like to sell, please contact me and I will relay the information to the Board.

Legend Feature 30 Laps (unofficial)
1. Danny Medina
2. Scotty Scott
3. Blair Cooper
4. Nick Cooper
5. Wayne Barlock Jr
6. Ryan Jones
7. Travis Roe
8. Ryan Rudolph (R)
9. Zachary Witherwax
10. Darrell L. Stewart
11. Alfred Williams
12. Jason Hulvey
13. Larry Pachello
14. Kyle Clegg
15. Travis Rudolph (R)-1
16. Kynzer Riddell -1
17. Cody Dempster -1
18. Krystal Faulkingham -1
19. Dana Smith (R)-1
20. Paul Himler -1
21. Dean Kallas -1
22. Ray Oakley -1
23. Adam Powers (R) -1
24. Jessilyn Dike (R) -2
25. Rob Sears -2
26. Gregory Lee -3
27. Adam Romero -3
28. Cynthia Robb (R)-5
29. AJ Canada DNF
30. Austyn Radosta DNF
31. Ashlyn Himler DNF
Adam Pechman DNS

Legend Dash 10 Laps (unofficial)
1. Travis Rudolph
2. Dean Kallas
3. Krystal Faulkingham
4. Ray Oakley
5. Paul Himler
6. Adam Powers
7. Jessilyn Dike
8. Cynthia Robb
9. Adam Romero
10. Rob Sears
11. Gregory Lee
12. Ashlyn Himler

Legend Fast Dash 1 (unofficial)
1. Austyn Radosta
2. Alfred Williams
3. AJ Canada
4. Larry Pachello
5. Zachary Witherwax
6. Darrell L. Stewart
7. Jason Hulvey
8. Dana Smith
9. Kynzer Riddell

Legend Fast Dash 2
1. Kyle Clegg
2. Danny Medina
3. Nick Cooper
4. Blair Cooper
5. Cody Dempster
6. Ryan Jones
7. Scotty Scott
8. Wayne Barlock Jr
9. Ryan Rudolph
10. Travis Roe