CNS Results - 7/17/2010

posted Jul 21, 2010, 2:23 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Jul 21, 2010, 2:27 PM ]

It was the weather that caused it?? It was hot Saturday with temps close to a hundred degrees. Twenty four cars were on hand to race and in the feature it was one of those races that you did not want to be caught up in. Cars that leaked oil and those that were involved in spin outs, and were collected up in the wrecks that followed. Kyle Clegg won the feature last night when it was set up for a green, white checker finish after long delays for clean ups during the Legend twenty five lap feature. The race I believe was shortened to nineteen laps. Wayne Barlock, Jon Krizman and Darrell Stewart had a great race for second place finishing several car lengths behind Clegg. The sixty six car had the field covered last night and was very fast.

Heat race winners were Clegg and the trophy dash was won by Pete Dellarco.

I received a email from Mike Morris #23 who raced last night at the Million Dollar race. He was running fourth and  was rear ended so hard he flipped his car. Daniel Hemric who raced with us last season at the Rocky Mountain Classic won the hundred lap race with a pass in the later stages of the race to take over first place. A $250,000.00 first place prize for winning the race. I wonder how much Uncle Sam takes from that winning.

Our next RMLRA race is scheduled for next Saturday night at I-25 and then back to CNS the following week end.

Heat #1

1.     Clegg
2.     C. Seip
3.     Krizman
4.     J. Stewart
5.     McCartney
6.     Coughlin
7.     Peconi
8.     Faatz
9.     Duncan
10.   Cooper
11.   Ellison
12.   Carter

Heat #2 Trophy Dash

1.     Dellarco
2.     D. Stewart
3.     Barlock
4.     Ray
5.     Hondel
6.     Webber
7.     Bandstra
8.     B. Seip
9.     Jim Stevens
10.   Rusk
11.   Canada
12.   Stedman


1.     Clegg
2.     Barlock
3.     Krizman
4.     D. Stewart
5.     C. Seip
6.     Coughlin
7.     Hondel
8.     McCartney
9.     Duncan
10.   Faatz
11.   B. Seip
12.   Cooper
13.   Ellison
14.   Rusk
15.   Carter -1
16.   Stedman-1
17.   Peconi-2
18.   Bandstra-2
19.   Ray-2
20.   Stevens-2
21.   Webber-2
22.   Bellarco-3
23.   J. Stewart-13
24.   Canada-13