CNS Results - 7/21/2018

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Kyle Clegg wins two main events at the Elite V-Twin Saturday Showdown

Kyle is almost unstoppable this season at Colorado National Speedway. In winning both feature races Saturday evening Kyle’s winning streak is at six straight feature wins at Colorado National Speedway. Twenty eight cars were on hand for the Elite V-Twin Saturday Night Showdown. It was a great night for the races and the only bad thing that happened at the track was four Legend cars were removed from the track by the tow trucks after a big accident inturns three and four during the first feature. The cars did not return for the second main race.

The past few races at Colorado National have shown some hard heavy racing involving a lot of contact and damage to the cars. With a lot of work the cars have been able to return to thetrack. Only the drivers that are involved in these accidents can comment on these conditions.  My comment to the drivers would be know your cars ability and drive within those limits.Speed will come with more experience and possibly changing your set up.

With twenty eight cars in the pits Danny Medina was the top qualifier with a time of 19:01.
Scotty Scott and Kyle Clegg were dash winners.

The number thirty car of Darrell J. Scott showed up with the new FZ09 engine in his car. They were in Wisconsin last weekend for two races and the car raced well. The second night of racing, a flat tire ended their evening early. Darrell had some engine problems with the engine Saturday evening and did not race in the twenty five and thirty lap main races. It may take a few races to work out the problems with the new equipment, but should return soon with a setup and good speed. Several other drivers are awaiting their engine to be delivered.

National Qualifier @ I-25 Speedway July 28. 2018

The RMLRA Legends will be in Pueblo this weekend for the National Qualifier. A big purse with $500.00 to win. The track owner will pay that amount if twenty Legends are on hand to race. Try to make this race if possible. The Bandolero’s will join the Legends this weekend accordingto the schedule on our web site.

Legends Feature #1
1. Clegg
2. Medina
3. Gallegos
4. Barlock
5. B. Cooper
6. Jones
7. Scott
8. R. Rudolph (R)
9. DL Stewart
10. Witherwax
11. Matthews
12. Roe
13. Pachello
14. Anderson (NV)
15. Riddell
16. P. Himler
17. Saykally (R)
18. Powers (R)
19. Savage
20. Robb (R)
21. McBride
22. A. Himler (R)
23. T. Rudolph (R)
24. N. Cooper
25. Hulvey
26. Dunlap
27. Dike (R)
28. DJ Stewart DNS

Legends Feature #2
1. Clegg
2. Medina
3. Gallegos
4. Barlock
5. Jones
6. B. Cooper
7. N. Cooper
8. R. Rudolph
9. Roe
10. DL Stewart
11. Anderson (NV)
12. Pachello
13. P. Himler
14. Riddell
15. Powers (R)
16. McBride
17. Matthews
18. Savage
19. A. Himler (R)
20. Robb (R)
21. Dike (R)
22. Scott
23. Saykally (R)
24 T. Rudolph (R) DNS
Hulvey DNS
Dunlap DNS
DJ Stewart DNS

Legends Dash
1. Scott
2. Roe
3. P. Himler
4. Riddell
5. DJ Stewart
6. McBride
7. Robb
8. Savage
9. T. Rudolph
10. Dike -1
11. A. Himler -1
12. Saykally DNF
13. Anderson DNF
14. Powers DNF

Legends Fast Dash
1. Clegg
2. Medina
3. Jones
4. Barlock
5. Gallegos
6. N. Cooper
7. B. Cooper
8. Hulvey
9. R. Rudolph
10. DL Stewart
11. Witherwax
12. Pachello
13. Matthews
14. Dunlap