CNS Results - 7/31/2010

posted Aug 1, 2010, 6:58 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Aug 1, 2010, 7:06 PM ]

Racing returned to CNS last night as twenty seven cars were on hand for the racing program. A very good crowd was on hand to watch the races.

Danny Medina drove his #15 Legend to his second feature win of the season at CNS. Kyle Clegg led the first fifteen laps, but could not hold off Danny as the race restarted on the sixteenth lap. Clegg chased Medina to the checkered flag with Wayne Barlock, Terry Plummer and Corey Seip in the top five. Chalk up another feature win for Danny a veteran Legend driver at CNS has slowed down his racing appearances the past two seasons. This veteran driver has over a hundred Legends feature wins in his racing career.

David Johnson driving the #43 Legend made his season debut last night driving the car that was suppose to be driven by Todd Hunter earlier this season. I believe it originally was to be the #5 car. David has been around the Legends for many seasons starting around 1998. He has raced other cars in the past few seasons and with a little set up work this car should be a strong race car.

Heat race winners last night went to Medina and Clegg. Two disqualifications in the heat races sent to of the better cars to the back for the start of the feature.

A couple of caution flags flew in the feature race, three cars were involved in turn one when a suspension broke on one of the cars collecting three of them ending the race for each of those drivers.

This coming weekend there will be Legend racing Friday night at PPIR and then down the highway a few miles on Saturday night at I-25 Speedway. Friday night is not a RMLRA point night but national points will be awarded. Bring your car out and have some fun. The car counts at these two tracks will probably be low in numbers. Hope to see you there.

Feature results 25 laps

1.     #15 Medina
2.     #66 Clegg

3.     #3 Barlock

4.     #17 Plummer

5.     #7 C. Seip

6.     #18 McCartney

7.     #13 Dellarco

8.     #03 Stewart

9.     #71 Coughlin

10.   #6 Scott

11.   #62 Peconi

12.   #57 J. Stewart

13.   #47 Hondel

14.   #58 Ray

15.   #34 Cooper

16.   #24 D. Kopp

17.   #16 Faatz

18.   #07 B. Seip

19.   #23 Morris

20.   #11 Ellison-1

21.   #52 Hipkins-1

22.   #81 Carter-1

23.   #78 Duncan-4

24.   #22 Eggleston

25.   #43 Johnson

26.   #29 Griffith-20

Heat Race #1
1.     Medina
2.     Barlock
3.     Peconi
4.     Coughlin
5.     Duncan
6.     Morris
7.     Cooper
8.     Hondel
9.     Carter
10.   Hipkins
11.   Faatz
12.   Rusk
13.   McCartney (DQ) width

Heat Race #2
1.     Clegg
2.     Dellarco
3.     Plummer
4.     C. Seip
5.     D. Stewart
6.     Ray
7.     J. Stewart
8.     Griffith
9.     Scott
10.   D. Kopp
11.   Johnson
12.   B. Seip
13.   Ellison
14.   Eggleston (DQ) did not report to tech after finishing second.