CNS Results - 7/3/2010

posted Jul 6, 2010, 7:24 AM by Admin RMLRA

Kyle Clegg, driving his #66 Legend led the entire race Saturday night at Colorado National Speedway and took his car to the winners circle last night for his second feature win this season at Colorado National.  Earlier in the evening Kyle won the first heat race of the evening. Wayne Barlock won the second heat race.The twenty five lap feature went green, white and checker. Justin Irwin from Albuquerque, NM started sixth in last nights feature but got boxed in and had trouble getting clear of traffic to chase Clegg. Irwin and Barlock had a great race going between them for several laps until he got by Barlock to chase Clegg. Handling problems late in the race kept him from closing in on the feature winner. Wayne Barlock finished right behind Irwin. With his third place finish he moves back ahead of Corey Seip by three points in the RMLRA point’s chase. Terry Plummer finished fourth last night after figuring out the electrical problem that caused him problems last week. Darrell Stewart just edged out Jon Krizman at the finish line for fifth place. Darrell still leads the CNS point’s race by three points over Wayne Barlock.

In talking to many drivers last night, the new Federal tires are still a problem in trying to get their cars to handle as well as the older BFG tires from years past. In a comment in my last Newsletter several people may have thought that tires were hard to come by. The tire problem that was one earlier in the season is not one now as there are tires available in our area at Leary Racing Products.

Saturday Night CNS Results.

1st Heat Race

1.      Clegg

2.      Plummer

3.      Krizman

4.      Peconi

5.      C. Seip

6.      Dellarco

7.      McCartney

8.      Ray

9.      Canada

10.  Carter

2nd Heat Race

1.      Barlock

2.      D. Stewart

3.      Irwin

4.      Hondel

5.      B. Seip

6.      J. Stewart

7.      Rusk

8.      Scott

9.      Faatz

Feature Race

1.    Clegg

2.    Irwin

3.    Barlock

4.    Plummer

5.    D. Stewart

6.    Krizman

7.    C. Seip

8.    Dellarco

9.    Peconi

10.  McCartney

11.  J. Stewart

12.  Canada

13.  Ray

14.  Rusk

15.  Hondel

16.  Scott

17.  B. Seip

18.  Faatz

19.  Carter