CNS Results - 8/11/2012

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RMLRA Newsletter-CNS Results-News and Information August 12, 2012

Another night of Legend racing at CNS, with a little rain, wind and of course some excitement on the track in the feature at the start of the race. A big check on all the cars by tech after the feature which I cannot pass along any information to you, as I am not sure what all was checked.

Kyle Ray won the twenty-five lap feature in a race that had many restarts at the beginning of the race. This was his third RMLRA feature win of the season. Kyle Clegg stayed close throughout much of the race but could not catch up to him. Mike Gallegos started last in the feature finished third and Chris Simons-Cooper finished fourth, and Wayne Barlock was the fifth place finisher. CNS officials changed the finish later in the evening after review that the number twenty-two car was show as one lap down. Although several cars received damage at the start of the race, most of them were repaired quickly and made it back to the track.

In hot lap practice Kyle Ray had a quick time of 18.767. In official qualifying Kyle Clegg recorded a time of 18.842. In the feature race eight cars were under nineteen-seconds. Mike Gallegos had a time of 18.637 for the fastest lap ran in the feature.

Twenty-eight cars were on hand Saturday night and twenty-six started the feature. Thanks to all of you who help make the RMLRA a great racing organization. Brittany Duncan was back in the #78 car for the first time this season and won a heat race. The sale of this car earlier in the season did not go through, so they brought the car out to race last night. Good to see the Duncan family back at the track. The #60 car of Adam Kasick also was on the track last night for his first race in a Legend car. Adam drove the car hard and finished twentieth in the feature one lap down. But as I watched him at times, I look for him to move his car upwards as he gets more experience in the car. Colorado National Speedway has approached us to notify drivers about the speeds that you are driving at in the pits. Please slow down. They can possibly fine you for breaking their speed limit in the pits. Be a safe driver.

Sandy Thompson, the track manager at Hwy 92 in Gering, Nebraska is also the manager of the Super 8 Motel in Scottsbluff. If you are looking for a room for the night of the twenty-fourth when we race up there, you can purchase through the RMLRA a discounted room for $55.00 plus tax. 308-635-1600. There was eleven rooms left as of Thursday, August 9. The rooms are clean and very nice. It includes a breakfast
according to the information I received.

Kevin Collins of Gering will be driving the #90 car of Steve Newton. Kevin plans to race the car at Big Country and I-25 to get a feel for racing next season. Kevin has raced at Hwy 92, Big Country and I-25.

Mead Lumber of Cheyenne, Wyoming is coming on board for the August 24-25 races at Gering and Cheyenne as a cosponsor. More information to be released next week. We are going to ask you to please let John Ulander know who will be making the trip to Gering and Cheyenne. Please contact John at, We would also like to know if anyone has the capabilities of hauling another car in their trailer. Pass that information along to John Ulander. Thanks everyone for your help.

CNS unofficial Feature finish 25 laps
1. #58 Ray
2. #66 Clegg
3. #06 Gallegos
4. #34 Simons-Cooper
5. #3 Barlock
6. #5 Gaylord
7. #6 Scott
8. #7 C. Seip
9. #13 Dellarco
10. #47 Hondel
11. #78 Duncan
12. #21 Jones
13. #36 J. Richard
14. #84 Webber
15. #07 B. Seip-1
16. #25 Pechman-1
17. #22 Eggleston-1
18. #87 Blevins-1
19. #11 Savage-1
20. #60 Kasick-1
21. #26 Brunker-1
22. #85 MacEwen-2
23. #31 Mein-3
24. #19 Pachello-3
25. #46 Witherwax-23
26. #77 Moore-23

Trophy Dash 10 Laps
1. Eggleston
2. Ray
3. Gallegos
4. Clegg
5. Simons-Cooper
6. C. Seip
7. Barlock
8. Jones
9. MacEwen
10. Hondel
11. Gaylord
12. Dellarco
13. Scott
14. B. Seip

Legends Heat #2
1. Duncan
2. Moore
3. J. Richard
4. Pechman
5. Webber
6. Witherwax
7. Blevins
8. Savage
9. Brunker
10. Pachello
11. Kasick
12. Mein
13. Tilton