CNS Results - 8/17/2019

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Eggleston returns to CNS with a victory

The last time the number twenty-two Legend car was on the track was May 4, 2019 and it was rough night for the car and driver Chris Eggleston. Three months later he has returned with the help of a new car and after an exciting finish on Saturday evening he took the checkered flag as a winner besting Kyle Clegg and DJ Stewart. Chris is a veteran Legend car driver as my records show him with #08 racing in 2003. He used his experience and driving ability to have his car set up to race on Saturday evening. A very good feature race with good racing all the way from  to checkered flag. Several caution flags towards the end of the race may have came into play to decide the winner of the race. Caution flags cause tire temps to drop and may effect the settings of car and slow them down when the green flag restarts the race.  Twenty-six Legends and fourteen Bandoleros were in the pits last night to start their feature

Welcome back Nick Cooper to the Legend racing this season as he was driving the #33c car last night.

Congratulations to Jessilyn Dike driving her #95 Legend. She took home the trophy in winning the Leg #3 Dash. This was her first checkered flag. Other trophy dash winners were # 3 Wayne Barlock and #66 Kyle Clegg.

Bandolero feature winners Tiegan Scott and Brody Moore

The Bandit feature was won by Tiegan Scott won his third feature at CNS this season. Brody Moore was the class of the field in the Outlaw division last night. This to, was his second at CNS. Brody has been racing the RMLRA schedule this season after a delayed start and has his car up front and winning at those tracks. It seems as though several cars have dropped by the wayside and the car count in the Bandolero division is down from last season. This reporter hopes to see some of you back soon when not traveling.

Legends & Bandoleros at I-25 Speedway August 24

The RMLRA cars travel to Pueblo next weekend. On the schedule two remaining scheduled races remain at I-25 Speedway. Try to help the track out with your car in the pits on race day.  Mentioned in the last newsletter the RMLRA Awards Banquet will be held November 16, 2019 at The Summit in Westminster. Do mark your calendar for this event. 

Just want to give a shout out to the RMLRA Board for their help in keeping the RMLRA moving forward this season. Many hours go into the meetings throughout the year to keep the RMLRA moving forward.

Thanks to Gary Wegener making the long trip in from out of state to race with us. He is a Master and his home town is Kalama, WA

Race days have been long and hot this season and it makes for a long day at times. Please keep in mind that all of you are out there to race your car, have some success and bring the car home with as little damage as possible. Winning the feature race is the goal of all you drivers. Many new drivers have to realize that speed comes with a lot of set up work and lots of laps on the tracks. Several drivers are in the eighteen second range in qualifying and their cars work there way to the front pretty quick in the races at CNS. I can only pass along this information to these drivers that you will be there forever if you cannot pick up your speed. Sit out a practice and watch what the other drivers are doing to bring their lap times down. To the new drivers the more you are racing the better driver you will become. When your car feels secure, then turn up the notch a little. Race at the our smaller tracks and get the feel of learning to drive and improve your driving skills.

One more thought about sportsmanship. Keep your temper under control because it can cost you a DQ, money and a few weeks not racing.

There is a good chance that the Legend division may be looking for someone to help in INEX tech at the race track. If you would like to help with this project, please contact a board member.

Awards Banquet Date Change

The RMLRA Awards Banquet date has been changed to November 23, 2019, at The Summit in Thornton. The previous date was going to be on the same date of The Bandoleros West championships Nov. 15-16 in Lake Havasu City, AZ

The Summit-Thornton
580 E. 144th Ave
Thornton, CO

Legend & Bandolero results from CNS 09-17-19

Quick time, Legend Qualifying
1. 22 Eggleston 18.123
2. 66 Clegg 18.197
3. 30 DJ Stewart 18.281
4. 16 Roe 18.391
5. 00 Saykally 18.413
6. 15 Medina 18.482
7. 46 Witherwax 18.554
8. 5 Wegener 18.554
9. 03 DL Stewart 18.608
10. 37 Scarberry 18.661
11. 3 Barlock 18.669
12. 88 P Himler 18.804
13. 44 Matthews 18.829
14. 33 N Cooper 18.862
15. 53 R. Scott 18.947

Legend Feature 25 laps (unofficial results)
1. 22 Eggleston
2. 66 Clegg
3. 30 DJ Stewart
4. 16 Roe
5. 46 Witherwax
6. 03 DL Stewart
7. 3 Barlock
8. 44 Matthews
9. 00 Saykally
10. 37 Scarberry (R)
11. 5 Wegener
12. 88 P. Himler
13. 04 Foster (R)?
14. 28 Powers
15. 53 R. Scott
16. 26 C. Brunker
17. 95 Dike -1
18. 72 Robb -1
19. 31 Brookhart -2
20. 99 Dedic -3
21. 15 Medina -8 DNF
22. 33 N. Cooper -8 DNF
23. 9 McBride -9 DNF
24. 43 Sears -9 DNF
25. 78 A. Himler -10
26. 60 Stevens -11

LEG #1 Dash
1. 95 Dike 19.603
2. 43 Sears 19.581
3. 9 McBride 19.491
4. 31 Brookhart
5. 72 Robb
6. 60 Stevens
7. 99 Dedic
8. 78 A. Himler

LEG #2 Dash
1. 3 Barlock 18.781
2. 53 Scott 18.762
3. 88 P Himler 18.659
4. 37 Scarberry (R)
5. 33c Cooper
6. 04 Foster
7. 28 Powers
8. 44 Matthews
9. 26 C. Brunker

Leg #3 Dash (Fast Dash)
1. 66 Clegg 18.314
2. 15 Medina 18.369
3. 22 Eggleston 18.282
4. 30 DJ Stewart 18.344
5. 16 Roe 18.402
6. 00 Saykally
7. 46 Witherwax
8. 03 DL Stewart
9. 5 Wegener

Bandolero Feature Bandits
1. 82 Tiegan Scott
2. 1 Joshua Cochran
3. 99 Isaiah Scott
4. 68 Wyatt Dent
5. 52 Nic Wall
6. 6 Alexandra Scott

Bandolero Feature Outlaws
1. 78 Brody Moore
2. 12 Bryanna Bruce
3. 00 Travis Sanders
4. 3 Nandini Breggin
5. 98 Samuel Haugen
6. 07 Aubrei Hilton
7. 06 Mahkrysta Hilton
8. 8 Danielle Walbaum