CNS Results - 8/19/2012

posted Aug 19, 2012, 8:11 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Aug 19, 2012, 8:11 PM ]


Legend Cars racing at CNS, Saturday night again pushed the time limit as many caution flags were thrown and with a few cars having to be helped from the track, it was not one of our better races this season. These kind of nights happen and up in the tower on the front straightaway it is so dark at that time of the night, that I cannot report what really happened to bring out several of the caution flags. From where I sit I do not get a good view of turn four without making an extra effort to set up to look in that direction. With twenty-four cars on the track this past race and twenty-six last weekend this should not be a problem getting these races run in the time allowed. Sometimes you have to go slow to go fast. You cannot win the race if your car is in the pits when the checkered flag is thrown to the winner. It is a lot cheaper to sometimes back off the throttle when racing gets a little tight and there is no place to go without making contact. Winning comes with the experience of driving a race car.

On the bright side of the evening Kyle Ray won his fourth feature of the 2012 season and is on a roll. The cars up front put on a heck of a good show for the fans as the top five cars were very close after a restart with six laps to go. Chris Eggleston, Kyle Clegg, Mike Gallegos and Peter Dellarco were your top five finishers and they were very competitive throughout the race. Adam Pechman won the trophy dash and Kyle Clegg won the heat race.

In earlier hot lap practice during the afternoon Kyle Ray was the fast car with a time of 18.678. In official qualifying Kyle posted a time of 18.783. Eggleston with a 18.915 and Clegg, recorded a time of 18.918.

For the second week in a row a top car in a heat race was sent to the back to start the feature because of a tech infraction. Someone is not doing their checks of these infractions. Starting in the back at the start of the feature is a lot different the starting in possibly the first couple of rows.

Hey, it is now time to get those cars repaired and make the trip to Gering, Nebraska and Cheyenne, Wyoming. We need cars to travel next weekend for these races. If you have not committed to going, reconsider and try to help the RMLRA with a good showing of cars. These are points races and are worth sixty show up points at each track. Contact John Ulander to confirm your racing at the tracks next weekend.

Legends 25 Lap Feature
1. #58 Kyle Ray
2. #22 Chris Eggleston
3. #66 Kyle Clegg
4. #06 Mike Gallegos
5. #13 Peter Dellarco
6. #47 David Hondel
7. #3 Wayne Barlock
8. #34 Chris Simons-Cooper
9. #6 Scotty Scott
10. #7 Corey Seip
11. #85 Cole MacEwen
12. #77 Brandon Moore
13. #84 Mike Webber
14. #07 Bill Seip
15. #46 Zach Witherwax
16. #11 Jessica Savage
17. #26 Chris Brunker
18. #21 Ryan Jones
19. #5 Ryan Gaylord
20. #87 Bill Blevins
21. #12 Cody Castor
22. #25 Adam Pechman
23. #78 Brittany Duncan
24. #36 Josh Richard
#31 Tim Mein DNS
#4 Brad Tilton DNS

10 Lap Trophy Dash
1. Pechman
2. Duncan
3. Webber
4. Witherwax
5. Savage
6. Blevins
7. Mein
8. Castor
9. Moore
10. J. Richard
11. B. Seip
12. Brunker

10 Lap Heat Race
1. Clegg
2. Eggleston
3. Gallegos
4. Ray
5. Gaylord
6. Dellarco
7. Jones
8. Hondel
9. Barlock
10. C. Seip
11. Scott
12. MacEwen
13. Simons-Cooper