CNS Results - 9/15/2012

posted Sep 18, 2012, 7:13 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Oct 1, 2012, 9:01 PM ]

It was another great night for racing with twenty-six cars in the Pits. Danny Medina debuted his new coupe and with the feature being called by time, Danny was sitting in the number one spot when the race was called. The race was under a yellow flag at that point. Kyle Ray led the first eighteen laps when the first caution came out. After the second red flag in the feature the race was called. Billy Blevins a rookie this season who
has been improving every week, found himself in a bad situation last night when his number eighty-seven joined the upside down club during the feature. Talked to Billy after the race and he said he was OK. The down side of last nights races was the fact that the race was not completed due to the time restriction of thirty minutes.

Scotty Scott just edged out Zachary Witherwax by 0.054 to win the trophy dash. A very good race as the two drivers tried to out do each other as they came to the checkered flag. Kyle Ray won the Fast Dash as he beat Danny medina to the finish line by 0.508. Mike Gallegos had the toughest night for drivers as he came to the night leading the CNS track points. After having problems in hot laps he pulled out his back up car and
started last in the feature. After moving into seventh position for the restart he got caught up in a crash on the back straight away. That was when the race was called.

Corey Seip track champ at I-25 Speedway

I forgot to mention in last weeks release that Corey Seip won the track championship. Corey is having a very good season and the Seip racing crew have kept the car competitive all season. Corey did have a feature win and several third place finishes to claim the title. The date for the I-25 banquet will be released later. Corey is also having a very good season in the RMLRA points, and with one race to go, he is trying to hold off many drivers who are slowly closing in on the top spot. As of early Tuesday morning, Saturdays points have not been posted due to the review of the race. Remember this is the best sixteen races of the season before the banquet has the drawing to eliminate several races. Check out the web page standings, as several more drivers could make it interesting.

CNS Championship

The points for the Colorado National Speedway were posted Monday night and Kyle Clegg has moved ahead of Mike Gallegos who has led for many weeks. Our last race September 29 which is part of the Challenge Cup will feature double points.

1. #15 Danny Medina
2. #66 Kyle Clegg
3. #21 Ryan Jones
4. #58 Kyle Ray
5. #47 David Hondel
6. #34 Chris Simons Cooper
7. #7 Corey Seip
8. #6 Scotty Scott
9. #71 Craig Coughlin
10. #07 Bill Seip
11. #77 Brandon Moore
12. #73 Adam Kasick
13. #25 Adam Pechman
14. #03 Darrell Stewart
15. #06 Mike Gallegos-1
16. #11 Jessica Savage-1
17. #26 Christopher Brunker-1
18. #18 Cody Castor-2
19. #13 Peter Dellarco-3
20. #85 Cole MacEwen-4
21. #46 Zachary Witherwax-4
22. #87 Billy Blevins-4
23. #37 Josh Richard-5
24. #31 Tim Mein-6
25. #5 Ryan Gaylord-6
#44 Brad Tilton DNS

Trophy Dash 10 Laps
1. Scotty Scott
2. Zach Witherwax
3. Brandon Moore
4. Josh Richard
5. Billy Blevins
6. Adam Kasick
7. Cody Castor
8. Adam Pechman
9. Christopher Brunker
10. Tim Mein
11. Jessica Savage
Brad Tilton DNS
Mike Gallegos DNS

Fast Dash 10 Laps
1. Kyle Clegg
2. Danny Medina
3. Kyle Ray
4. David Hondel
5. Ryan Jones
6. Peter Dellarco
7. Ryan Gaylord
8. Chris Simons-Cooper
9. Cole MacEwen
10. Corey Seip
11. Darrell Stewart
12. Craig Coughlin
13. Bill Seip

Legend Qualifying
1. Kyle Clegg 18.853
2. Kyle Ray 18.857
3. Danny Medina 18.921