CNS Results - 9/28/2012

posted Oct 1, 2012, 8:59 PM by Admin RMLRA
Ray wins Challenge Cup-Clegg wins CNS track championship

Kyle Ray took home the Challenge Cup trophy last night as he held off Kyle Clegg to win the twenty-five lap feature at Colorado National Speedway. The race had all the excitement for the drivers to move up in the points races in both the RMLRA and the Colorado National Speedway championships. In an early heat race Kyle Clegg suffered damage to his race car as he hit the third turn wall at the start of the race. He returned in the feature in the back up car and started last and brought the car to the front but could not pull it off on the last restart. Ray kept his car in front on the restart and went on to win the race. Mike Gallegos had an outside chance to claim the title last night but his night ended when his engine let go on the back straightaway collecting David Hondel and Wayne Barlock during the feature. David who had a chance to possibly move up in the RMLRA standings had to watch as his car was taken off the track.

Twenty-six car were on hand last night. Christopher Brunker had engine problems and Brad Tilton did not race his car as he was busy with his Late Model and Grand American Modified. Both cars did not race.

Before releasing the Newsletter tonight I rechecked the point standings and see that Kyle Clegg has a twenty-one point lead going into the banquet. Kyle Clegg overtook Corey Seip with some strong finishes in the two last races. At the banquet two dates will be drawn and those points won on those dates will be eliminated. The champion will be crowned after this is done. No banquet date has been officially set as of today. I will update this information if it changes.

The season finally came to an end last night and I think many car owners and drivers are happy to see the checkered flag thrown at the end of the feature last night. Where do we go from here? Car owners now face the cost of rebuilding engines for next season. One question to ask is, do you find a 1200 open or go with the 1250 sealed engine. Do your home work before you invest. Possibly replace the frame or body panels and a new paint scheme. Looking for sponsors to help absorb the cost of racing a Legends race car. For those of you who joined and supported the RMLRA we thank you. It would be nice to see one hundred percent participation among the drivers and possibly many pit crew members joining as associate members. The RMLRA is a nonprofit organization and money is needed to keep it running smoothly. Keep in mind that election of officers for 2013 will be held in next few months.

25 Lap Feature Results
1. Kyle Ray
2. Kyle Clegg
3. Chris Eggleston
4. Ryan Gaylord
5. Peter Dellarco
6. Ryan Jones
7. L. Scotty Scott
8. Chris Simons-Cooper
9. Corey Seip
10. Zach Witherwax
11. Adam Kasick
12. Craig Coughlin
13. Josh Richard
14. Adam Pechman
15. Brandon Moore
16. Billy Blevins
17. Tim Mein
18. Larry Pachello
19. Mike Gallegos
20. Wayne Barlock
21. David Hondel
22. Jessica Savage
23. Cody Castor
24. Bill Seip
Brad Tilton DNS
Christopher Brunker DNS

Legends 8 Lap Trophy Dash
1. Bill Seip
2. Adam Kasick
3. Craig Coughlin
4. Adam Pechman
5. Billy Blevins
6. Larry Pachello
7. Zach Witherwax
8. Josh Richard
9. Tim Mein
10. Jessica Savage
11. Cody Castor
12. Brad Tilton DNS

Legends 8 Lap Fast Dash
1. Chris Eggleston
2. Kyle Ray
3. Mike Gallegos
4. Peter Dellarco
5. Ryan Gaylord
6. Wayne Barlock
7. David Hondel
8. Scotty Scott
9. Chris Simons-Cooper
10. Corey Seip
11. Brandon Moore
12. Ryan Jones
13. Kyle Clegg