CNS Results - 9/5/2015

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Medina wins Labor Day Weekend Race @ Colorado National Speedway

Danny Medina stopped Kyle Clegg’s four in a row winning streak at CNS Saturday evening.  Kyle had won four in row beginning July 3rd. He also won July 25, August 1, and August 8. Clegg starting on the pole held the lead briefly as Medina, Clegg and Jones battled for the win. In the top five Ryan Jones finished third, Adam Pechman fourth and Jereme Wall fifth. Jereme won the Figure Eight feature just ahead of the Legends feature. In a twenty-five lap feature race that went green, white checker they passed many cars on the way to the checkered flag. Great race drivers.

Kyle Clegg qualified with a 18.794 to lead all drivers in qualifying. Medina won the trophy dash
and AJ Canada won the Legends Dash.

Greg Lee hits wall in practice

In a serious crash during hot laps Greg Lee a rookie lost control of his car and went head first into the wall on the back straight away. He was taken to the hospital and released. Greg suffered a bruised chest and will probably feel the soreness for several days. He was at the track by himself and many drivers and mechanics helped load his car on the trailer and secure it. His wife came later and picked up the truck and trailer. She said to pass along a big thanks to all who helped out. The race car appeared to be seriously damaged.

Larry Lambert former INEX tech inspector was in the pits tonight helping with tech. Good to see you Larry. I understand that he may be back full time to assist the Denver Tech officials.

AJ Canada #51 made his official start this evening to save his number for next season. Also racing this evening was the 71X of Frank Martinez Jr. Frank ran earlier in the season at I-25.  Good to meet you tonight and hope to have you with us for the rest of the season.

National Qualifier At I-25 September 12

Racing last night and with the Labor Day holiday on Monday and no races scheduled locally, you may want to sit back and try to rest for the National qualifier September 12 @ I-25 Speedway. Did you know that some of our drivers have raced seventeen straight weekends?

Even NASCAR takes a week off once in a while.

If anyone wants to take the Raceceiver for the races following our race this Saturday, please let me know. I do not plan to travel to the next two races out of town. Scotty Scott has the Raceceiver in his trailer.

September 12 @ I-25 National Qualifier
September 18 @ Hwy 92 Gering, NE
September 19 @ Big Country Cheyenne, WY
September 19 @ I-25 Pueblo

RMLRA Points

The RMLRA points standing will now bunch up in the next few races as two drivers at the top have reached twenty races. Several drivers may close the gap a little but Adam Pechman and Darrell J. Stewart should battle it out for the championship. The points for the championship that you should be interested in is, The Best 20. Scotty says that the computer automatically kicks out the low scores once you reach twenty races.

Some Negative Thoughts

The past few weekends, there has been a lot of complaining going on in the pits as to how the feature races are being lined up. Basically there is no rule as to how a race is set up. The Legends rule book says that we are racing at a track and they can set the line up as they want. Most tracks want to see the winners come from deep in the field when the green flag is thrown. We are basically Saturday night racers and not NASCAR qualifying for the pole to start a race. It is a boring race to many when all you see is a hot lap practice session. If the slow cars are up front and don’t want to be run over than they have the right to option to go to the back at the start. Drivers you are there to race not manage the race track. Until someone decides to try to set up a fair line up, let the tracks do their lineups.


All across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe, the race procedures, lineup procedures and flags vary from state to state or from speedway to speedway. With this in mind, it is nearly impossible for INEX to make any decisions concerning “on-track” incidents except for incidents involving “unsportsmanlike conduct.” All INEX- sanctioned events have been and shall remain to be governed by the on-track race procedural rules of the individual speedway where the Legend Cars/ Thunder Car/ US Legend Dirt Modified and/or Bandolero Cars are participating.

The Promoter is the person who owns or runs the facility at which the INEX-sanctioned event is held. The Promoter shall appoint the Race Director and at their sole discretion shall determine, administer and perform all racing, flagging and lineup procedures except for the bumper rule which reads: “If a bumper comes off the car or has any part of it touching the ground, or it is in a dangerous position, that car may be black flagged by the track officials and removed from the race.” If a driver should have any questions about the particular procedures at a certain track (such as starts, restarts, flags, lineups, rough driving, etc.), that driver should ask questions at the driver’s meeting or direct their questions to the Race Director. All “on-track” or race procedural disputes, protests or concerns should also be directed to the Race Director for the final decision to be settled at the track.

At some speedways, those participants with excessively long or high trailers may not be permitted in the “normal” pit area. Please understand the Promoter’s concern and abide by their request.


Our last race of the season will be October 3 at CNS. This race is known as the Challenge Cup.  Legend cars have been asked to race and it will not be a RMLRA points race. It will be a INEX points race. If your car has not been on the track for the 2015 season contact me for more information about driving your car. We are shooting for thirty cars for that race. Plan now to try to be there.

Big Country Speedway Legend Appreciation Night

Hey Legend Drivers mark this date on your calendar.
Sept.19TH at Big Country Speedway
Over $1000.00 to be given as prize money.
This is not part of the track pay out!

Quick change auto darkening welding hood – Airgas Dan Adkison
Oil cooling system- Kyle Clegg
NAPA GIFT CERTIFICATE –Glenn and Sylvia Tilton
Men’s haircare basket – Fantastic Sam’s -Dan & Carol Adkison
PEPSI stuff
Random pill draws for cash and prizes

RMLRA would like to thank these proud sponsors:
  • Fantastic Sam’s
  • Steve’s Transmission
  • H.O. Motorsports
  • B.C.S.

Preregister and be eligible for 5 gallons of race fuel.
You must preregister with Carol 307- 631-6201 to be eligible for this drawing.

CNS 25 Lap Main
1. #15 Danny Medina
2. #66 Kyle Clegg
3. #21 Ryan Jones
4. #25 Adam Pechman
5. #1w Jereme Wall
6. #3 Wayne Barlock Jr.
7. #30 Darrell J. Stewart
8. #6 Scotty Scott
9. #06 Mike Gallegos
10. #23 Austyn Radosta (R)
11. #2 Brent Cave
12. #46 Zach Witherwax -1
13. #20 Kynzer Riddell -1
14. #19 Larry Pachello -1
15. #51 AJ Canada -1
16. #17 BreAnn Adkins -1
17. #16 Travis Roe (R) -1
18. #03 Darrell J Stewart -1
19. #98 Eric Hipkins -1
20. #7 Corey Seip -1
21. #47 Jason Hulvey -1
22. #09 Terry McBride -1
23. #14 Chappy Adkins -2
24. #26 Christopher Brunker -2
25. #11 Jessica savage -2
26. #53 Luke Johnson -2
27. #71x Frank Martinez Jr. -2
28. #33 Bruce Pearson (R) & #41 Gregg Lee (R) DNS

10 Lap Legend Dash (Trophy Dash)
1. Medina
2. Scott
3. Jones
4. Clegg
5. Gallegos
6. Barlock Jr.
7. DJ Stewart
8. Pechman
9. Wall
10. Radosta
11. DL Stewart
12. Cave
13. Witherwax
14. Pachello

10 Lap Legend Dash
1. Canada
2. Adkison
3. Riddell
4. Seip
5. Adkins
6. Hipkins
7. Roe (R)
8. Brunker
9. McBride
10. Savage
11. Hulvey
12. Johnson
13. Martinez Jr.
14. Pearson