CNS Results - 9/7/2013

posted Sep 13, 2013, 10:22 PM by Admin RMLRA

Kyle Clegg wins CNS Feature September 9, 2013

Kyle Clegg was Saturday nights feature winner as he was the top qualifier and held on in the feature to beat Chris Eggleston to the finish line. This was the third feature win of the season at Colorado National Speedway for Kyle this season. RMLRA points leader Chris Cooper was involved in an rollover accident on lap seventeen and ended up with possibly his worst finish of the season. He may fall from the top spot when the points are added up. Chris Eggleston held onto his points lead at Colorado National Speedway with the help of a borrowed car.

Last Chance Race

With thirty cars in the pits Saturday, the speedway opted to fall back to the twenty-six car feature line up. This has been on the schedule for awhile but went into effect Saturday night. Several years ago we did the same thing when we used to have thirty plus cars show up to race. Three cars did not race in the feature. The last chance race was very close for several laps.

Racing at I-25 Speedway September 14

The last scheduled race at I-25 is this Saturday. The last trip there was a wash out after the trophy dash had been run. Just another reminder to keep up the maintenance on your oil lines and anywhere you can possibly keep from losing oil that gets on the track. It has been a problem this season. Several drivers were missing Saturday evening, as Kyle Ray, Ryan Jones and Josh Richard were unable to race. Several cars have blown engines and several accidents have shut a couple of teams down for the remainder of the season.

Legend Feature 25 Laps
1. 66 Kyle Clegg
2. 22 Chris Eggleston
3. 03 Darrell Stewart
4. 1 Jereme Wall
5. 15 Danny Medina
6. 3 Wayne Barlock JR
7. 07 Bill Seip
8. 14 Chappy Adkins
9. 46 Zach Witherwax
10. 20 Kynzer Riddell (R)
11. 11 Larry Pachello
12. 30 Darrell J Stewart (R)
13. 84 Mike Webber
14. 26 Christopher Brunker -1
15. 88 James Stevens -1
16. 25 Adam Pechman -1
17. 17 BreAnn Adkison (R) -2
18. 34 Chris Cooper-8
19. 06 Mike Gallegos-7
20. 6 Scotty Scott-7
21. 42 Patrick Manchego (R)-8
22. 51 AJ Canada-10
23. 71 Craig Coughlin-24
24. 31 Tim Mein (R)-24
25. 11 Jessica Savage-24
26. Sidney Ross DNS

Trophy Dash 10 Laps
1. Canada
2. Webber
3. Coughlin
4. Pachello
5. Stevens
6. Brunker
7. Mein (R)
8. Savage
9. McBride (R)
10. Castor
11. Manchego (R)
12. Rooker (R)
13. Adkison (R)
14. Ross (R) DQ

Legends Fast Dash 10 Laps
1. Eggleston
2. Medina
3. Cooper
4. Gallegos
5. Clegg
6. Barlock
7. Scott
8. Stewart
9. Wall (R)
10. Seip
11. Witherwax
12. Adkins
13. D. J. Stewart (R)
14. Riddell (R)
15. Pechman

Last Chance Race 8 Laps
2. Manchego (TRNFR TO FEATURE)
4. Rooker
5. Castor
6. McBride