CNS Results - May 8, 2010

posted May 9, 2010, 7:49 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated May 11, 2010, 2:26 PM ]

Chris Eggleston starting third row inside battled Kyle Clegg for the lead after the green flag flew to start the twenty five lap feature last night. The car knows its way to the front and within a few laps pulled to the front. After a couple of caution flags and restarts, Eggleston took home his second checkered flag of the CNS season. Kyle Clegg drove hard but could not catch Chris in the last three laps of the race on the restart. Former RMLRA champ and CNS champion Terry Plummer drove the number seventeen car to a third place finish. Wayne Barlock who was involved in an accident in his heat race started in the next to last row of the feature finally made it to fourth place late in the race, with a great effort. The number three car looked good as it made its way towards the front. The current RMLRA point’s leader Darrell Stewart stayed in contention all through the race and finished fifth.

Heat races were won by Chris Eggleston and Kyle Clegg.

Heat # 1

Eggleston, Faatz, Plummer, Canada, McCartney, J. Stewart, Webber, B. Seip, Hunter, Cooper, Ellison, Barlock, Rusk.

Heat # 2

Clegg, C. Seip, D. Stewart, Bandstra, Peconi, Scott, Duncan, D. Kopp, G. Kopp, Hondel, Ray, Stedman, Coughlin.

Feature results, (unofficial)

1.    Eggleston
2.    Clegg
3.    Plummer
4.    Barlock
5.    D. Stewart
6.    Peconi
7.    C. Seip
8.    McCartney
9.    Scott
10.  Faatz
11.  Bandstra
12.  J. Stewart
13.  Webber
14.  D. Kopp
15.  Coughlin
16.  G. Kopp
17.  Canada
18.  Stedman
19.  Duncan
20.  B. Seip
21.  Ray
22.  Hondel
23.  Hunter
24.  Cooper
25.  Ellison
26.  Rusk

# 10 Garrett Park did not start last night but was on hand. He blew an engine in hot laps.

A very good turnout of twenty seven Legend cars were on hand last night at Colorado National Speedway as the Legends racing was very good. On hand last night was former champion Terry Plummer who has taken over the # 17 car of Bill Yeros. Terry will drive mainly at CNS and Big Country Speedways. For the first time in the car, he kept the car up front all night.

A new driver on hand last night driving a Legend for the first time was the # 58 of Kyle Ray. Making his debut last night did not come as well as expected. His new car backed into the wall in practice and was running strong in the feature and was involved with several cars on the front straightaway as the checkered flag flew. His car was damaged, and the crew will spend many hours repairing the car. Alan Duncan offered his services to help in the repairs. Kyle also showed a lot of experience on the track while racing. Give him some seat time in the Legend, and he will be moving to the front.

Jim Ellison driving the # 11 also made his Legends debut. Jim drove his car throughout the races getting some valuable seat time, and was lapped several times during the races, but kept his car down and out of the way as racers drove by. Jim did a good job and will soon be up to speed in a short time.

To our other first year rookies, all of them did a good job and for most of them it was their third race in a Legend and learning what it is all about. Ethan Hunter # 37 celebrated his fourteenth birthday yesterday and that made him eligible to race at CNS. David Hondel, # 47 had his car moving toward the front early last night but developed problems with his front brakes and that caused him to slow down and drop back.

Everyone enjoy the next weekend off and I will see you in the Pits on May 22
nd at Colorado National Speedway which is our next scheduled race.