CRP Raffle Items for Memorial Day Weekend Races

posted May 7, 2015, 8:19 PM by Admin RMLRA

Clegg Racing Products (CRP) has generously donated several of the high quality, super cool parts specifically designed for our Legend Cars.  These will be given away at the end of the Memorial Day weekend of racing.  To qualify for the raffle, you must race all three races during the weekend and also be a current member of the RMLRA. 

The items being raffled are shown below.  Thank you to CRP for helping make this weekend a really exciting event.

2k14 Fluidyne Oil Cooler

Main cooler, top end Oiler
Retail Price: $350.00 USD

High Downforce Air Scoop

High Downforce Air Scoop
Retail Price: $40.00 USD

Coil Mount - Standard Cut

Coil Mount Standard
Price: $45.00 USD

Draco Springs (4)

4 winners of one spring each
Choice of spring rate and height (8" or 10")