Danny Medina wins at I-25

posted Sep 19, 2010, 12:17 PM by Admin RMLRA

Danny Medina wins the twenty five lap feature at I-25 last night holding off Kyle Clegg at the finish line. It was reported that Danny was making his first start of the season on the new Federal tires and had enough left at the end to win the very close race. Scotty Scott had his best Legend finish and came home in third place. Brittany Duncan fourth, and Pete Dellarco fifth. The caution flag came out on lap seventeen and closed up the field for the last eight laps.

Eleven cars were on hand for the last race of the season at I-25. Anthony Medina took the green flag to start the feature but had problems right away and pulled into the infield. Anthony was making his second start of the year. Kyle Clegg was the top qualifier of the evening with a 14.227. Danny Medina won the ten lap Trophy Dash and Pete Dellarco won the heat race.

Trophy Dash

1.       Danny Medina #15
2.       Anthony Medina #27
3.       Kyle Clegg #66
4.       Scotty Scott #6
5.       Corey Seip #7
6.       Brittany Duncan.

Heat Race

1.       Pete Dellarco
2.       Bill Seip #07
3.       Mike Morris #23
4.       Jim Ellison #11
5.       Gary Kopp 34

Feature 25 laps

1.       D. Medina
2.       Clegg
3.       Scott
4.       Duncan
5.       Dellarco
6.       C. Seip
7.       Ellison
8.       Morris
9.       G. Kopp
10.   B. Seip
11.   A. Medina.

The RMLRA will be in Cheyenne, Wyoming next week end for their final race of the season at Big Country Speedway. The RMLRA point’s season ends October 2 at Colorado National Speedway.  Visit the www.RMLRA.org web page and view the point’s race.