Darrell Stewart holds off Duncan for win at BCS

posted May 2, 2010, 3:04 PM by Admin RMLRA

Last night before the National Anthem was played a moment of silence for Legend driver  # 0 Garrett O’Neil, a young fourteen year old with a lot of racing talent, lost his life while riding his bicycle this past Thursday afternoon. Garrett, you were only with us a short time, and you made quite a good impression with all of us.  May the family get through these days of sorrow and remember all the joy that you gave them. God Bless the O’Neil family at this time. The O’Neil racing family had just spent the winter going through the car and had everything ready for a good season of racing. We will miss the # 0 Garrett O’Neil. Funeral Services will be held at the All Nations Church in Colorado Springs on Tuesday. 6540 Templeton Gap Rd. Church phone number is 719-591-1800.

After standing around in the pits for about nine hours yesterday in very cold weather, with the wind blowing, the checkered flag flew with Darrell Stewart claiming the victory.

It was cold, with weather conditions only someone from Wyoming would probably enjoy. Give those fans a big hand that came out to watch the races last night. I was inside the tower most of the day and trying to stay warm. People were walking in with t-shirts and light jackets. What a hardy group of fans that showed their support for auto racing in Cheyenne, Wyoming. When we were loaded up and pulling out of the drive way the thermometer on the truck showed thirty two degrees.

Thanks to all seventeen drivers and car owners for making the trip to race Saturday night. Hope everyone returned their transponders before leaving the pits. It makes for a long night when you have to double back to get your drivers license.

The track had some problems with their computer and some of the time trials were erased when the computer crashed. Wayne Barlock had the quick time for the night with a 14.088

The trophy dash was a six car, eight lap race with # 13 Pete Dellarco taking the checkered flag. His car would be dq’d in tech because of a wheel base infraction. # 7 Corey Seip was declared the winner as he finished second in the race. # 03 Darrell Steward, Wayne Barlock, Josh Bandstra and Phil Peconi followed at the checkered flag.

Heat races were won by #6 Scotty Scott and #78 Brittany Duncan.

  • Heat # 1,  L. Scotty Scott,  #10 Garrett Park,  #51 AJ Canada, #37 Ethan Hunter,  #4 Gary Kopp,  #1 Eric Stedman
  • Heat # 2,  Brittany Duncan, # 47 David Hondel, # 07 Bill Seip, # 84 Mike Webber, # 34 Chris Cooper

The feature race had all seventeen cars starting the feature and had problems getting the first lap completed. After many restarts the feature got restarted and went green for many laps. At this time the fans in the stands gave a big cheer to the drivers for getting two green laps without bringing out the caution flag. The lead in the race was great as Scotty Scott started on the inside pole and held off many challenges for the first part of the race to maintain the lead. Darrell Stewart finally took over the lead and had to hold off Brittany Duncan at the end to win the thirty lap feature. Give credit to Brittany, for on this night and in this feature, she drove a very strong race and almost overtook Stewart at the end.

Three cars did not finish the feature as Bill Seip sustained front end damage in contact on lap one in turn one at the start of the race. Eric Stedman a rookie had handling problems with his car and after several restarts, retired the car for the evening. Pete Dellarco ran strong and up front for many laps before engine problems took him out of the race. Wayne Barlock who ran strong all evening spun the car on the front straightaway and when he did get it started he was a couple of laps down. He also retired to the pits completing seventeen laps.

Feature results:

1.    Stewart

2.    Duncan

3.    C. Seip

4.    Peconi

5.    Canada

6.    Scott

7.    Bandstra

8.    Hondel

9.    Webber

10.   Park

11.   Hunter

12.   Kopp

13.   Cooper

14.   Dellarco

15.   Barlock

16.   Stedman

17.   B. Seip

Racing continues next weekend at, Colorado National Speedway with the following weekend May 15 as the last weekend off until the end of August.

See you in the Pits.